After the Kiss

ARCHIVE: Sure, tell me please
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fan fiction story, so any feedback and I do mean any (even if you want to tell me never ever to write another story) is good feedback so please, please tell me what you think. Itís a bit on the short side, but I was afraid that if I made it longer it would be overkill, so I hope you like it.
SUMMARY: Abby and Carterís kiss at the end of LOCKDOWN

"Itís going to be okay," He told her. He didnít know if she believed him, he didnít even believe himself. So he stood before her, he looked deep into her soul, and he kissed her. His lips were dry and salty from sweating, hers tasted of fruit, perhaps from lip gloss. Abby relished the kiss which was not only a kiss, but an exchange of souls and hearts. They trusted one another to take such delicate matter as one anotherís soul and safeguard it from any hurt.

"John, Iím afraid," Abby breathed, barely moving her lips.

He knew, he wanted to kiss away her fears, to have her kiss away his, but neither could, and perhaps fear was good in most situations. It could bring people together and it made them understand the true power of a love that was deep and beyond their comprehension. He also knew that her fear did not stem from their present situation, that being the outbreak of smallpox, but from the inability of both to maintain a stable relationship.

"I will never let you-let us fall," he told her.

Neither had ever felt such a connection to another person. It was a connection that surpassed physical as well as spiritual. In that very moment, in that solitary kiss, they knew that they would never find a love greater than this here on earth.

He caressed her neck with his soft lips, and she sighed happily. It was one-hundred degrees but they no longer felt the all encompassing heat, rather an all encompassing love. They were alone, not in a hospital with a child with smallpox, rather in a beautiful little hideout. They could escape any problem now that they had each other. A loud rapping on the door startled them out of the lovely world they had created for themselves and pushed them harshly back into reality. Susan smiled sheepishly as she pushed through the swinging doors into the room.

"Sorry guys. I just wanted to let you know that the disease has indeed been identified as smallpox."

John frowned "I had been telling them that all day," he said in an attempt to cover his embarrassment with knowledge. Abby gently squeezed his hand.

"When are they going to begin vaccinating patients?" she inquired, failing to make eye contact.

Susan smiled. "It wont be long. You guys should be fine waiting." With that she left. Abby let out a nervous laugh "That was pretty pathetic," She muttered, gently caressing Carterís face.

He smiled. Then he realized what had happened.

"Abby, we kissed," he told her, suddenly bewildered.

She nodded happily in reply. "That single kiss was better than any sex I have ever had," she mused truthfully. John nodded in agreement gently pulled her small face towards his and he kissed her, his best friend, his confidant and his soul mate.

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