All Around the Town

AUTHOR: Kitchen_Sink5
CATEGORY: Dave/Elizabeth (Not a Romance!)
SPOILERS: None that I can think of!
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the ER characters. The characters belong to NBC - or whoever owns them. They aren't mine. Lord knows that I wish they were. If they were mine, the first thing I'd do is take Carter and Dave - and then get Luka for my friend and editor R.L. But sadly, that remains my dream. Really officer - I'm just "borrowing" the characters. Anyway, they don't belong to me!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Forgive me for my medical terminology. Let's face it - I have no idea what I'm talking about! Special Thanks to: R.L, my best friend and editor. She's had to sit next to me on practically every bus trip we've ever been on. She puts up with a lot! I'd also like to thank everyone who was on my bus during the 'ping pong ball affair'. You all provided much laughter, and saved me from going insane on that bus ride.
SUMMARY: This story is a Dave/Elizabeth story - it is NOT A ROMANCE! I cannot stress that fact enough.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday walked into the lounge and poured herself a cup of coffee. Taking a long sip, she leaned against the counter. It was very early on in the day, yet she was already longing to be home - warm in her bed. She wanted to go to sleep and start fresh the next day.

She knew that it was impossible, so instead she finished her coffee, rinsed out her mug and put it in the sink. She quickly pulled her hair into a haphazard ponytail, and she walked out of the lounge. She went over to the front desk, where she heard Kerry, speaking on the phone. She listened in, despite her best efforts.

"What's his status?" Elizabeth heard her say into the phone, "Yes - so they're allowing treatment? Good......How many do you want me to send? Okay, I'll get them to you - send the ambulance over to pick them up."

Kerry hung up the phone, and turned to the crowd that had gathered. Elizabeth pretended that she was going over charts, but it was pointless. Everyone at the front desk had heard Kerry's conversation, and now looked at her with interest.

"I suppose you all want to know what that was about?" Kerry paused, then continued, "There are three escaped convicts, riding on a school bus they hijacked. One man, the bus driver, was shot when they took over the bus.."

"My God," Elizabeth interjected, "Are there any children on board?"

"Yes" Kerry responded, "The bus has been circling all around town, with the convicts calling the shots. They've agreed to stop the bus to let off the injured man. A few of the children have a few minor injuries. Well, they need two doctors on scene. Elizabeth - you'll go?"

"Yes" Elizabeth nodded

"Let me see," Kerry paused as she thought "Dr. Malucci - you'll go with her. I need you two to gather up the supplies, and go out to the ambulance bay. The ambulance will be here any minute, to take you to the bus."

*Dr. Malucci?*, Elizabeth thought in disgust. Suddenly, she was once again wishing that she would have stayed home. She detested the man - if you could call him a man. And she would have to work with him. She would almost rather go with Romano, than go with that self-assured pig.

As he threw on his jacket, Dave walked over to Elizabeth and said, "Looks like it's just you and me, Dr. Corday."

She shot him a look, as she picked up the supply bag. The two walked out to the ambulance bay, where they stood side-by-side, in silence. The silence was soon interrupted by the sound of an ambulance, as it pulled into the bay. When its doors opened, they both climbed in, and soon drove off.

They pulled off into a deserted parking lot. At the end of the lot, the yellow school bus was parked. Dave, Elizabeth, and the two paramedics rushed over to the bus, and were allowed to enter. Elizabeth looked around the bus as she got on. About twenty children, from the ages four to ten, sat in the seats. Some had scrapes, bruises. All of them looked petrified - and she turned her eyes to the man lying in the aisle.

She bent down beside him, and assessed his case "GSW to the lower quadrant - start an IV - two parts saline, two of atropine." They put the man on the stretcher, and the two paramedics began to take him off the bus.

"We'll take him to the ambulance. You two - " the paramedic said indicating Dave and Elizabeth, "Check the kids, make sure they're okay, then we'll transport the man"

"Is anyone else hurt?" Dave asked "Anything other than cuts and scrapes?" When no one responded, he turned to Elizabeth "That's it."

They began to exit the bus, when a burly figure blocked their way.

"No you don't. Murray - shut the door and drive." The man, obviously one of the convicts, pushed them into a seat "Sit doctors - stay awhile. It's going to be one hell of a ride."

The bus door closed, and the bus was thrown into motion.

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