Anywhere for You

AUTHOR: Celina
SPOILERS: Union Station
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Here's the last part of this series. Hope you'll enjoy! Songs I've used on this piece: Wish that I was there" ( Hanson) , "Save Me" (Hanson)  and "Anywhere for you" ( BSB). Comments and thanks in the end of the story.... and here goes ....
SUMMARY: It follows "Gone"

"I’d look half- way around the world

For just one kiss from you

Far beyond the call of love

The sun, the stars, the moon

As long as your love is there to lead me

I won’t lose my way , believe me

Even through the darkest night, you know

I’d go anywhere for you

Anywhere you ask me to

I’d do anything for you

Anything you want me to

Your love as far as I can see

Is all I’ll ever gonna need

There’s one thing for sure I know it’s true

Baby, I’d go anywhere for you"

(Anywhere for you – BSB )


Mark opened his eyes drowsily, as he snapped out of his deep sleep on the airplane seat.Looking around at the people making their way out of the plane, he felt a hint of fear down his conscience. It was too late for questions, it was too late for fear. There he was, Phoenix International Airport. He had finally hit the ground of the place he considered sacred, the place where she lived. For the first time in a long time, maybe his whole life, he had done something spontaneous and impulsive. ( well, not really spontaneous, since he had spent nights thinking whether it would be a good idea to show up or not ). But the point was that he was there, willing to do anything to get her back, willing to win her love once for all. Of course insecurity was a large part of him at that moment, but he couldn’t allow himself to keep living with the privilege of the doubt. At least if it didn’t work out, he would be able to look back with no regrets, knowing he had done everything possible to be with her. With no big thoughts in mind, just hope, he made his way down the plane, trying to focus on Susan. He was afraid of her reaction. He was sure she would welcome him, but he didn’t know how his visit would affect her truly. He didn’t want to hurt her or play with her feelings. No, this was the last thing he would do. Truth be told, he didn’t even know what to expect from that trip. Mark knew he could complicate their situation even more, but he didn’t care. He just *needed* to see her. He knew he could get completely lost at the sight of her, and that was part of the reason he had traveled miles across the country to get to Phoenix. No one could do to him what Susan did. She had this power to enchant him, like a magic spell. Thinking of her, he remembered a song he had heard before getting into the plane, while he was at the waiting area of the Chicago International Airport. " You were falling/ Now I’m coming ‘round again/ I was calling/‘Cause without you it’s the end/ I just want to see you a little more/ I just want to dream of you some more/ I just want to see you a little more/ I just want to be with you some more/ And you make me feel/ Won’t you take me when you’re not here/ It’s been raining here/ And I just want you to be near."

Mark shook his head as a voice broke into his thoughts.

_Wanna hail a cab Sr.? _ a young man asked as he reached the entrance of the airport.

_Uh, yeah.

The young man pointed the car and Mark got in it. The driver started the engine and looked at him.

_To where? _ the man asked.

Mark looked down at his hand and the little piece of paper he was holding.

_Phoenix General, please. _ he replied.


As the car pulled away, he prayed quietly that she would be there. And that she would be happy to see him. Resting his head on the taxi window, he remembered the confused look on Doug and Carol’s faces when they found out about his suddenly trip. He hadn’t told them where he was going, he just said he had some unfinished business to take care. "What kind of business? And since when you have business outside the Chicago area?" Doug had asked. "It’s just some old business, nothing to worry about" Mark replied. "Nothing to worry about? You go to Boston to a medical conference and comes back as miserable as I ever saw you. And then you go away again,to take care of an old unfinished business... Oh, please Mark, give us a break! What happened in that damn trip?" Doug had asked out in curiosity and confusion. Mark said nothing, he just shrugged and turned around. He knew that if he told them about Susan, they would all make a big deal out of that. And that was the last thing he wanted. His own questions and doubts were enough to deal with.

Meanwhile Dr. Susan Lewis wandered through Phoenix General’s main hall, in the direction of the elevator. She stood in front of the elevator, tapping her foot on the floor while she wrote something on the chart she was holding. She got in the elevator and surprinsingly it was empty. "Thank God" she thought. She was in the middle of a 14-hour shift, feeling already tired and stressed. Well, it made sense, since she wasn’t getting enough sleep and wasn’t feeding properly. Plus she carried the burden of that day: november 21 st, the third anniversary of her departure from Chicago. Thank Goodness she was working, otherwise she would be home, wallowing and crying her eyes out at the memory of that unique afternoon, the one that had changed the course of her life forever. The day when her former best friend confessed his true feelings towards her, the day he finally admitted he loved her. And, of course, the day she confessed her feelings towards him too. It should have been a happy day, an "once in a lifetime experience". It should have ..... if she hadn’t turned him down, if she hadn’t turn her back to the opportunity that sprung ahead her. She left, she boarded the train and ran away. The elevator door flew open and two nurses joined Susan. She just gave a weak smile and went back to her reverie. She missed him. She missed him badly. The pain of not having him was so strong that sometimes she needed to gasp for air. Oh, if only she knew about all that at the time. If only she was certain about her own feelings. But she didn’t knew and she was naive to think that whatever it was that she felt for him, it would go away within the time. On the contrary, at each pasing day she loved him more. And after all that happened in Boston, it was impossible to forget or get over him.

The door opened again, it was her floor. Walking quickly she got where she wanted, the cafeteria. She got herself a small sandwich and some orange juice. Sitting down alone at one table, she couldn’t help but notice a song that was playing softly on the background. She wasn’t a very big fan of depressing love songs, at least she didn’t used to be. But lately she liked to listen that kind of music, since it was the only thing that made her realize that there were people in the world feeling as bad as she did in the love field. There were some songs that touched her deeply, that really spoke to her spirit. And that was one of them:

"Loving you like I never have before

I’m needing you to open up the door

If begging you might somehow turn the tides

Then tell me to

I’ve got to get this off my mind

I never thought I’d be speaking these words

I’d never thought I’d need to say

Another day alone is more than I can take

Won’t you save me

‘Cause saving is what I need

I just want to be by your side

Won’t you save me

I don’t to be just drifting through the sea of life"

Yeah, she needed to be saved, she needed an urgent rescue. But the only one that could do that was too far away and mostly, not willing to save her. In her mind, Mark had bailed out. He was more worried about moving on and focusing on his own well-being. "Jerk" she mumbled. "C’mon, what am I saying? I was the one that cut him off when he tried to suggest something more between us back in Boston. I’m the jerk here." She told herself while taking as sip of her drink. "Well, he could have suggested once again.... but no, he said we had to do what was best for us. No more contact, so we would be okay. Geez, can’t he see that * he* and only he is the best for me?! Damn!" she cursed.

"Won’t you

Listen please

Baby, don’t walk out the door

I’m on my knees

You’re all I’m living for"

Well, nothing left to do but try to put him behind. Apparently he had done that. Couldn’t he be a little more sensitive and realize how much she was suffering and how much that situation was killing her inside? "Get over yourself, Susan. Be a grown up about it. He’s in Chicago, you’re in Phoenix. Nothing else to mention. It’s over" she told herself.

Barely she knew what expected her when she came back to the emergency section.......

Mark drew in the cold air of that chilly afternoon as he stared at the front of Phoenix General. It was a big and well- preserved hospital, it almost reminded him of County General. Almost ... if it wasn’t for Susan.

"I’d never thought I’d be speaking these words

Heaven though I’d find a way

Another alone is more than I can take

Won’t you save me

‘Cause saving is what I need

I just wanna be by your side

Won’t you save me

I don’t wanna be just drifting through this sea of life"

There was it. He was where he wanted, where the woman of his dreams was. Now or never ... he couldn’t let her slip away this time or ever again. He had come all this way to say how much he needed her. So, he would overcome his fear of rejection, and his shaking legs so that he could look at those deep sparkling brown eyes, so that he could caress that soft skin and kiss those sweet tender lips.... Mark took a few steps ahead and entered the hospital. Imeddiately he headed for the emergency area. Finding the admission’s desk, he looked around, and leaned over the counter. A tall brunette in her mid 30’s was on the phone and made him a sign to wait a little bit. Around the desk, nurses and doctors worked in a hurry.

_Yes? _ the woman asked after a short while.

_Uh, could I speak to Dr. Lewis?

_Are you a patient of hers?

_No, just some old friend.

_Well, she’s on her break now, but you can wait around there _ she said pointing to the chairs.

Mark nodded and turned around slowly, suddenly aware that his hand were damped with sweat.

"Suddenly the sky is falling

Could it be it’s too late for me

If I never said I’m sorry, then I’m wrong, yes I’m wrong

Then I hear my spirit calling

Wondering if she’s longing for me

And then I know I can’t live without her"

Just when he was about to reach the chairs he heard a soothing familiar voice.

_Hey, Meg! Any traumas coming in? _ Susan asked as she aproacched the admission’s desk.

_Nope. This place is strangely quiet today...

_Just give me anything to fix...

Mark turned around to look a her. She had her back to him, just a few feet separating them both. He walked in her direction quickly and said:

_What about a broken heart that needs to be fixed?

Susan was paralized by that sound. That voice, she could recognize that voice anywhere. She turned around, suddenly afraid of what she might find. Was that really him? Or was just her heart playing tricks on her again? No, it had to be him! At the sight of him holding a big bouquet of white roses, she just smiled.

_Mark _ she whispered.

He walked in her direction, his eyes never leaving hers.

_What – what are you doing here? _ she asked still incredulous of what she was seeing.

_What I should have done a long time ago. _ he paused _ I love you Susan, not only that but I need you and I want you by my side for the rest of my life.

Susan opened her mouth to say something,

_No, enough of that crap of moving on. I don’t care about the consequences, I don’t care about the future if you’re not included in it. I’m not willing to let you go and I won’t let you run away this time!

Susan was in tears, overwhelmed by his words.She ran to his arms, jumping wildly on him, wrapping her legs around his waist, envolving his body in a warm embrace. Mark almost fell back with Susan’s weight on him, but there was no reason to complain, on the contrary, he couldn’t be more pleased with such a welcome. He ran his fingers through her hair, his heart pouding inside with the contact of her skin against his.

"Won’t you save me

‘Cause saving is what I need

I just wanna be by your side"

Most of the hospital’s staff, by that time was gathered around them both, curious about the outcome of that unexpected declaration of love right in the middle of the ER..It was those kinds of things that just happened on movies...

_I thought you didn’t want me anymore... _ she said, her voice full of pure emotion, her face buried in his shoulders.

_I love you. How could I not want you when all think about is you, when I have to hold on to our memories to get up every morning...

_When all you can feel is this ...

Susan placed a passionate explosive kiss on his lips, which he enjoyed deeply. She stroked his face and his neck, her body longing for that touch. A pure and simple touch that could make every single inch of her body shiver with passion. Mark kissed her back intensily, he was hungry for her sweet desirable lips. For nights all he could think was that kiss,his heart ached without her presence. But not now, she was there now, he was holding her tight and would never let go. After some moments, they broke apart reluctantly. Susan looked deeply into his eyes, their gazed locked up for a moment that seemed to last forever, a moment when heaven was all they could feel.

_I love you Mark, too bad I didn’t notice that sooner. We could have saved ourselves a lot of suffering....

_Shh! _ he whispered placing his fingers over her lips._ Let’s forget about that. We’re together now, aren’t we? That’s what matters....

_But what are we gonna do about ...

_The distance?

_Yeah _ she said, already standing up in front of him, tempted to hold him close again.

_If that’s ok with you, I can move here.

_Really? Would you do that? _ she asked teary.

_I’ll do anything for you, to be close to you.

Susan hugged him.

_Wait, let me make this right ... _ he said as he tried to get himself together after that whirlpool of emotions.

Mark ducked his hand into his pocket, searching for a thing that could change his – their - lives forever. Quickly finding what he wanted, he held her hand gently and looked intensively into her eyes, those eyes that could burn him up, those eyes that could set his soul at ease, those eyes that made him feel alive. Now they were full of tears, but not those painful tears that he was so used to see. Tears of joy, that made her look even brighter. And the wide smile pasted over her face made him cast aside all the fear, all the uncertainty, all that loneliness that had become his uninvited and loyal friend for the past days. Yes, he was sure of what he was doing. It was her, it had to be her. He knew nobody else in this world could make him feel that way. She was the one! The one he loved truthfully, the one he respected and cared more than anything else. The only woman he had cried for, the only woman he had grieved for, the only one he couldn’t live without.

Susan’s eyes lingered, but unwittingly they casted a look towards his hand. Could that be a ....? She didn’t want to anticipate anything, she didn’t want to think anything... her suspects were confirmed when he finally raised his hands, holding a little box.

_Susan, will you marry me? _ he asked, opening the little box, revealing a beautiful ring inside.

Mark trembled, his heart was thudding so loudly that he was afraid that everybody would hear it. That was it, he had asked! It was up to her now. He looked at her closely, a hint of fear haunted him for a brief second, as he saw her face go blank.

Susan was definitely taken aback by that, *all that*! Mark coming back, showing up, making her a huge surprise, declaring his eternal love for her, in front of the whole staff that watched them both as unreal characters in a soap opera, asking her to marry him .... marry....! And he had a ring! What was she supposed to do?! There he was, with those fascinating brown eyes, gazing her as she was some kind of godess, breathing soundly, expecting some answer. She knew she could lost herself completely in him, in his warm embrace, in his kiss. No other man could be compared to him, no one came close to him, to what he was and what he meant to her.

"Stay, we belong together!" "Tell me you don’t feel the same" "I’m sorry" ... No, no sorry this time. She had abandoned him, with no explainable reason, afraid of her own feelings. And then she had had the chance to make up to him, she had had the chance to be in his arms and realize what she had turned down once. And then, again, she let him go, they went their separate ways one more painful time.

But, now, oh now she had him, she had him right there in front of her, the man of her dreams, his soulmate, the man she had loved forever, the man she needed to feel complete. And he was willing to give up his life to be with her, his whole life to begin a new one by her side. Did she have any doubts left? No, never. It wasn’t illusion, it wasn’t a simple crush, it wasn’t fascination. It was love, just love, the most pure and the most beautiful state a human being could reach. The kind of love that made her wake up at night and gasp for air, the kind of love that made her feel like she was dying without his presence. It was almost unbearable ... She loved Mark, she needed him, she lusted after him, she wanted to get older by his side, and no one but him could make her feel that way.

Looking back at the things she had done, speacially things that had hurted him, she cursed herself for being so blind. Three years ago she had done the most stupid thing of her life, on that same day with that very same man. And she had regretted that since then. November 21 st, that day wouldn’t be a burden anymore. Yes, it was the day she left him in the past, in a past she now preferred to forget. But now, now it would be the day she would accept him to be her parter throughout eternity. I would be the day that she would open up her heart to Mark, the day she would put her life in his hands.....

Susan gave up to the tears, as she glared at him. In his eyes, she found what she needed, the certainty of a happy ending. So many obstacles they had faced, so many lonely nights, so many cried tears....

_Yes! As many times you want ....I’ll marry you, Mark! I love you!

Mark smiled sincerely, tears of joy streaming down his face. She had said yes! Destiny wasn’t so cruel after all. They had a chance to be together forever and they wouldn’t waste it for nothing. Mark reached for her left hand and placed the beautiful ring in her finger. He looked at her once again, it had just dawned on him that she was going to be his wife, and he didn’t know if he deserved such happiness. He stroked her face tenderly and moved closer for another passionate kiss. Susan relaxed in his embrace, she knew she wanted those arms to envolve her forever. The crowd applauded, but they didn’t even notice. They were together finally, after so much suffering and emptness, they had each other, and they would stay like that for the rest of time. No more good-byes, they would never part again. And they remained kissing, falling in love with each other more at each passing minute. Outside, the sun started to go down, and the world seemed to remain the same. But no, nothing would never be the same again, Mark and Susan were together, and they would remain together eternally untill the rest of their days...nothing could be more right than that, and that was a clear sign that the world had become a better place to live ......



(ok, guys, that was it, the end!! A happy ending for Mark and Susan, of course, I guess as you all wanted. As it was the first real ending I wrote, not counting the stand –alones stories, I’ll really like to know your opinion. Do you think this end was right, or did i miss something. To all of you that followed this series, thank you so much for reading! A special thanks to everyboby that sent me feedback, I love you guys! Please send comments, critcisms, suggestions, anything at all to )

ps: This story is dedicated to Kim ( KAW), Márcia and Laura, my loyal M/S friends, that always encourage me to keep writing! You guys are awesome!

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