AUTHOR: Lucia Lafee
EMAIL: cecilialaferriere@hotmail.com
CATEGORY: Drama.Lkn.Barbara Knight.
RATING: Some violence. PG
SPOILERS: some from be patient
DISCLAIMER: Those characters are not mine. Belongs to Warner, est. wrote this for fun.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: A sad story with a good end
SUMMARY: Lucy's mother point of view.

Barbara Knight was about to sleep. She didn't know why, but she though all the day about. Lucy, her daughter, who left home five years ago, she was a medical student.

Barbara fell asleep and went into a dream. She dreamt with Lucy, when Lucy was a baby. Barbara could feel the little body in her arms. Suddenly, the dream became a nightmare. She was in a big house with a lot of doors, she could listen her daughter's voice:
-Mum, help me, please -she begged-. Make him stop. It hurt's. Mum...
She tried to find her and when she did she saw Lucy's body covered in blood. She woke up in a shriek that echoed throughout the night. Barbara tried to calm down -It's just a dream- she thought, but she knew it was more than a simple dream.
The phone rang. She answered. It was Dr Weaver chief of residents at the hospital that Lucy worked and studied.
Dr. Weaver had some bad news for her.

-"My baby girl has been stabbed. I ran out and went to the airport. When something happens to your kid, you go into a trance".

When she arrived at the hospital Dr. Weaver was waiting for her, she lead her into a lounge.

-Please, sit down Mrs. Knight -Barbara could felt there were something very, very wrong.
-Mrs. Knight -Dr. Weaver began to say-. Lucy was attacked by a psychotic patient, she was stabbed four times, her wounds were very serious, she lost a lot of blood, she were went into arrest twice. We did everything we could, but she died. I'm sorry. We are so sorry.
Barbara began to shake and sobbed uncontrollably. Dr. Weaver stayed with her.
-Can I see her? -Barbara asked.
-Yes, in a minute.
They took her to a morgue there it was Lucy's body. Unbreath, unlife, too pale...
After the first shock she stroked tenderly her hair, and took her in her arms rocking back and forth like a baby. She cried very hard.

-"When people loose their couple this is call widow, when people loose their parents, this is call orphaned, but when people loose their sons, this doesn't have name.
This doesn't make any sense. My daughter is dead. My entire world felt down. How can I live without my Lucy?"
Slowly Barbara left her daughter, she couldn't say goodbye.

Barbara walked out. She browsed from the hospital halls. She topped with the room where Lucy's life dragged away. She realized the too pools of blood. Everything around her fadded away and she passed out.
She woke up in a recovery room a nurse still with her. When she was better she went out, looking for someone or something, she felt very numb. She saw two cops at the end of the hall; she went there and saw a man tide on a bed, talking alone with a horrible expression on his face. -It's he-. She thought, I heard the patient stayed at the hospital- Barbara looked at his face, she could fell the scare that Lucy could be felt. -"This is the man who ruined my life, he stole my daughter's life, cause him my Lucy will never graduate, she will never see another sunrise, she will never fall in love, she will never laugh or cry, she will never be.
She was about to tell something, trough the pain, told what she felt but she realized the man was crazy, he couldn't understand anything so he couldn't understand what he did.


"This morning is very cold, one year ago my Lucy has been murdered, and I can't believe this. Sometimes I wondered about the last thoughts of Lucy, What did she feel? How much pain she felt? Could she feel the stabs? In what she thought? She realized about the attack? I'm still trying to find the answers. Sometimes when the phone ring I believed for a second is was Lucy, but I know this is not possible. There are no cards anymore, no e-mails, and no calls. The house is very quiet and empty. I miss her so much, I can fell the pain, a sharp pain in my chest, I cried very hard above Lucy's clothes, and her room is exactly when she stayed here.

Last night I had a dream, a very strange dream. I dreamt with Lucy she told me that I couldn't be sad because she is an angel and she is going to stay with me forever. I woke up with a peacefully sensation, a very brilliant light stayed in my room. I wondered it was a dream or a vision? I don't know yet, any way, in that moment I had an idea, I thought, I'm still in pain, this is the worse thing could be happen to a mother, but, why not help other people with the same problem? I am a psycologist after all, I know exactly the way of this experience, I know how the feelings of lost are, and that's, maybe give me a sense of Lucy's death".

Barbara Knight opened a place to help people whom lost their sons. She called it: April.

For a lot of years Barbara worked to help people, and finally she could calm her own feelings of lost.

"I see a fallen angel
In my bedroom window
and I thought there was Lucy
and she goes to the sky
she dried my tears
with a gentle caress
whenever you needed her
she was always there
I remember her kindness smile
her laughthing blue eyes
I can't forget the day that
her live has dragged away
now dream in peace, my sweet Lucy
I will pray for you."

Cecilia Laferriere
Nickname: Lucia Lafee.

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