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Anna Rousseau @ annadelamico@yahoo.co.uk

Stuck with You by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - LKn/AL - 1/1 - Archived pre
Summary Pending

Two Years On by Anna Rousseau

PG-13/NC-17 - JC/AD - 7/7 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Anna comes back and this is what happens...
Finished Jan 15, 2001

IntERactive by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (Star Trek, Voyager) - 6/6 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Torres steps into a holonovelisation of Be Still My Heart and takes on the persona of Emma Torres, third year med student, and feels very un-Klingonly emotional towards the events involving two photonic projections.

Big Brother by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Cast - 6/? - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Response to a challenge set by Monica to write a story about the ER staff.
Last Updated pre

Counting Sheep by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (multi) Cast/Humor - 3/3 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Find out what happens when our favourite ER characters cross over into the land of celluoid film...
Finished pre

At First Sight by Anna Rousseau

G - ER/Short Story - 1/1 - Archived pre
One of my friends set me a challenge: write a piece of fic with two characters who never met in the show.

Foreign Bodies by Anna Rousseau

U - SL/JC Drama/Humor - 2/? - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Something strange happens when Carter and Susan get hit by 140 volts of electricity from a defibrillator.
Last Updated Feb 2, 2001

If These Walls Could Talk by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Cast/Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
So, we get the heavy plots on the show, but what lighter moments do the ER gang experience?

The Consequences Of Klutziness by Anna Rousseau and Carrie Verkman

U - Crossover (ER/The West Wing): WW (SS/CJC/JL/DM) ER (JC/AL/KW/DM) - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
CJ, Josh and Sam have to pay a visit to the Emergency Room during a visit to Chicago.

The 'I' in FBI by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

U - Crossover (ER/The X-Files): XF(DS/FM) ER - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Mulder once again loses his gun and ends up in the ER causing quite a stir among the doctors and nurses.

The Curlers Calamity by Carrie Verkman & Charlotte Rodwell

PG-13 - Crossover(ER/Will & Grace): W&G/J&K/JC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Grace sets fire to her hair with her curlers; the whole gang's in Chicago... the cast of Will & Grace end up in the ER. Nonsensical hilarity ensues...

Emergency Rouge by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/Moulin Rouge): MR: C/S ER: LKo Humour/Tragedy - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
A glass too much of Absinthe and Christian dreams that Satine is still alive and that they find a place where she can be cured of her illness.

A Day In The Life Of A Comedian-And Other IntEResting Stories by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/SNL): SNL:JF/CK/TM ER:AL/LKo Humour/Crossover - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
An injury occurs during a taping of a special Saturday Night Live in Chicago....three men in drag end up in the ER....old relationships bring comedy to County...

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