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Carrie Verkman @ carebear1025@juno.com

A Dying Love by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC - 10/10 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
John Carter begins to pull his life together after the incident on Valentine's Day. He then meets Samantha, a patient he falls in love with. Can John keep his relationship a secret while also trying to save her life?

Father's Day by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC - 6/6 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
As Father's Day nears, memories of John's childhood relationship with his father come in to play as he helps a boy abused by his father.

Twas The Night Before Christmas by Carrie Verkman

G - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
In the end of the episode "Homeless for the Holidays", John Carter and Abby Keaton are in bed together reciting lines from "Twas the Night Before Christmas". That's where I got the idea to change the poem a little to match the everyday life of the ER. It's read by Kerry Weaver.

Baby Sitter by Carrie Verkman

PG - JC/SL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
This takes place when Susan Lewis was still a regular on the show, and also at the same time taking care of little Suzi. It also involves John Carter since he has a little crush on Susan. I'm only going to say this once...this is not a romance story

Union Station by Carrie Verkman

PG - EC/SL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
I don't usually write stories with Elizabeth and Susan, but this was a challenge sent to me by Anna Rousseau. Two people, who have never met, share one thing in common.

Anna's Song by Carrie Verkman

PG - JC/AD - 1/1 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
John Carter's feelings after Anna Del Amico's departure to Philadelphia with Max Rosher.

Carter's World by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD/DM - 1/1 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
One night, I watched "Wayne's World", and then I got the idea for this fic. Dave appears in this story too.

Baby Boom by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/LKo/MG/DM - 5/5 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Somehow all the men in the ER get pregnant. Except Peter Benton and Robert Romano, because they're surgeons. A comedy piece!

Sophie by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 6/6 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Anna leaves for Philladelphia, but comes back later with a big surprise for Carter.

Dreams by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 9/9 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Have you ever wondered what the characters of ER dream about? This is what their dreams would be like.

The Consequences Of Klutziness by Anna Rousseau and Carrie Verkman

U - Crossover (ER/The West Wing): WW (SS/CJC/JL/DM) ER (JC/AL/KW/DM) - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
CJ, Josh and Sam have to pay a visit to the Emergency Room during a visit to Chicago.

The 'I' in FBI by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

U - Crossover (ER/The X-Files): XF(DS/FM) ER - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Mulder once again loses his gun and ends up in the ER causing quite a stir among the doctors and nurses.

The Curlers Calamity by Carrie Verkman & Charlotte Rodwell

PG-13 - Crossover(ER/Will & Grace): W&G/J&K/JC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Grace sets fire to her hair with her curlers; the whole gang's in Chicago... the cast of Will & Grace end up in the ER. Nonsensical hilarity ensues...

Friends and Lovers by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/JMC - 1/1 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
This is a little fic written after I saw "Never Say Never". Another inner-ER relationship begins to form, however, there's a surprising ending!

The Way It Should Be by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 8/8 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
I always wanted Anna and Carter to hook up on the show, so this is what I think would happen. This is how I wanted it to be, hence the title. It takes place in Season Four with a few minor changes. There's also a sequel to this story, please read it!

There To Catch Him If He Falls by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 8/8 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
A long awaited sequel to "The Way It Should Be." Anna and John seem to be living the American Dream, but the accident on Valentine's Day, a drug addiction, and a painful recovery tear the happy family apart.

Emergency Rouge by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/Moulin Rouge): MR: C/S ER: LKo Humour/Tragedy - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
A glass too much of Absinthe and Christian dreams that Satine is still alive and that they find a place where she can be cured of her illness.

A Day In The Life Of A Comedian-And Other IntEResting Stories by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/SNL): SNL:JF/CK/TM ER:AL/LKo Humour/Crossover - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
An injury occurs during a taping of a special Saturday Night Live in Chicago....three men in drag end up in the ER....old relationships bring comedy to County...

The Reunion by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Susan Lewis starts a trend when she comes back to the ER. See who shows up!

Labor Pains by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Women of Season 7 - 5/5 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Every woman in the ER is expecting twins in the hottest summer of Illinois history, except Kerry. What could possibly happen in a busy and hot hospital with four overly hormonal women?

Farewell by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 3/3 - Archived Mar 28, 2004
One year after the demise of Cook County General, Haleh brings back the staff to pay a final goodbye to the hospital as well as some loved ones lost along the way.

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