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Kristen @ kdarganin@hotmail.com

Broken Thoughts by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 6/6 - Archived pre
These are the journals of Peter Benton and John Carter that take place after the events in "May Day". They are written as realistically as possible conveying the often turbulent and confusing emotions experienced by both men.

Burden of Guilt by Kristen

PG - JC/PB/MG friendship - 7/7 - Archived pre
Things don't go as planned on the way to Atlanta.

Lessons Learned by Kristen

PG - JC/PB/LKo/RR Angst - 15/15 - Archived pre
What happens when John Carter thinks he's having a bad day? It gets worse.

Maybe Hope: A Post Scene to Homecoming by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 1/1 - Archived pre
A late night visit after Carter returns to Atlanta.

Atlanta Heat by Kristen

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Written in response to a challenge: You must write a Carter story where the word "hot" is used three times.

What You Don't Know Can Scare You by Kristen

PG - JC/PB Creep Story - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2001
John has a frightening night in the ER during Halloween.

Snowball Effect by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
A what if scenario for the things that took place during the episode.

Random Acts of Kindness by Kristen

NC-17 - JC/KW/PB Friendship AL/LKo RST Post-Episode - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
Closure scenes for several characters at the end of the episode.

Shifting Through the Ashes by Kristen

PG - JC/PB Angst - 4/4 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Carter. Benton. A collapsed building. Angst is all that can be said.

Rats in a Maze by Kristen

PG-13 - JC/DM/MG/PB Friendship/Angst/Action - 7/? - Archived Mar 3, 2001
When Carter takes on a personal challenge to finally heal himself some of his friends decide to come along to help. Unbeknownst to them all is that the journey of one man gets them all entangled into a more complicated encounter then anyone ever expected.
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