Baby Gone

SPOILERS: season 9 "Tell Me Where It Hurts" and "A Little Help From My Friends"
DISCLAIMER: none of the characters are mine, even though I wish they were.
SUMMARY: Sandy and Kerry are crushed be an unfortunate event

"Kerry, I can walk you to the "L" now." Said Abby "OK, shift over?" "Yes, and considering the fact that you are my boss do you think that I would leave early without asking you." "Very funny Abby." Said Kerry as the two headed toward the "L" station. By now Abby was practically dying of curiosity of how the chief of staff, the queen of mean, the CCGH bitch, got pregnant. "Spill it Kerry" Abby said without noticing. "What?" Kerry said in reply. "Spill it." "Ugh, you are not going to leave me alone about this so I will "Spill" as you say." Abby let out a small chuckle as her boss started to spill her guts to her on the "L" train. The conversation ended with Kerry crying and Abby giving her the "Things will only get better." Speech.

It was Kerry's stop and she wiped the tears from her eyes as she stepped off the train and said "Thanks Abby" and headed off for the depressing walk home. Kerry now had the most difficult task in the world to complete. To tell sandy that she lost their baby. What would Sandy think? Would she be mad, hurt, sad, crushed, she didn't know? Kerry didn't know what to think. So she just collapsed onto the steps of her and Sandy's townhouse. She couldn't do it. She just couldn't. Alls he wanted to do was walk into the house, get into bed, be alone, and sleep away her sorrows. She started to cry. She fought the tears as hard as she could, but the just came and wouldn't stop.

Sandy had seen her crying from the outside window. She rushed outside and scooped Kerry into her arms, as she would do to a child caught in a fire. Kerry looked at sandy and just said it. "I lost the baby. One of the nurses told me I had blood on my coat. I thought I was just spotting, but I did and ultrasound, and not matter how much I tried, I couldn't find a heartbeat."

Sandy was in shock, she and Kerry both cried as they went inside the townhouse. Sandy had tried to get her to eat, but she was too depressed. Kerry had gone up to bed and Sandy was left alone. She sat and did the only thing she had the energy to do. She drank a couple beers and watched ESPN on the couch.

She finally got bored of that and headed up to bed. Being very careful not to wake Kerry, she got undressed, pulled down the covers, and slipped into the somewhat welcoming bed. Sandy carefully scooted over and spooned Kerry's body as she put her arm around Kerry's chest. The last time they were like this they had made love for hours on end. Taking each other to their very limits, but Sandy knew that this wasn't going to happen this time. Not with what had happened. She wanted to make love to Kerry. Cheer her up, maybe make her feel better, but she knew in her heart it wasn't right. Kerry was hurting. She needed love and comfort, not sex and a whopping headache.

Sandy woke up the next morning to hear Kerry say" Sandy, are you mad at me, for loosing the baby?" "God Kerry, how could I be mad at you for something that wasn't your fault. I am sad and upset, but not mad." Kerry reached out and kissed sandy. She pulled her into her arms, intending to never let go. She was loved, and it felt good. Sandy broke off the kiss and with Kerry's permission, pulled of the sea- green scrub to Kerry was wearing. She buried her face between the deep valley between Kerry's breasts. She loved how perfectly her face fit there.

The two made love and when it was done, the purred with content. Kerry laid her head on top of Sandy's tummy. Her read hair spread across the breast it was near. Kerry had fallen into her own unique dreamland, a land that contained her most precious dream. The one of having a child with the woman she loved. Sandy let Kerry stay where she was but shifted around to get comfortable. Praying she wouldn't wake Kerry from the dreams she was having. She knew what they were about, and with that she fell into her own personal dreamland. She was dreaming the same thing as Kerry. She wanted a baby, just as much as Kerry, but she wouldn't want it unless it was with the one she loved, her Kerry. Her dream faded off, but not without leaving Sandy with the familiar voice of Kerry saying "Chicago's toughest female firefighter braves burning buildings and dirty diapers." And with that, She sighed and fell into the deepest sleep she had ever had.

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