A Birthday To Remember

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RATING: R (femslash! You have been warned!)
SPOILERS: if you know who Sandy is you should be fine
DISCLAIMER: no characters are mine. My fics can be a little graphic because of my polluted mind, so if you have a problem with gay innuendo, don't read.
SUMMARY: Sandy and Kerry have some fun!

I slowly awake, coming to my senses.
Someone is sucking on my breast; she is lapping it with her soft, pink tongue.
I arch my back and moan. I am giving and offering myself to her. She takes me away with pleasure.
I open my eyes to the sight of soft, long, beautiful, curly, chocolate brown hair draped across my chest.
She places slow kisses down my belly as she makes her way down to my most sensitive area.
I moan and arch my back once again as she latches onto my clit like she did with my breasts.
She sucks and bites. I moan and cry out her name. I do this to show her how much I love her, and how much I love what she is doing to me.

She has showed me what it is like to be loved. She loves me so much. I have been loved, but it lasted for only a few moments. I have made so many mistakes and broken so many hearts. I am afraid to love, but what am I to do when I am loved. I will love back, but be careful not to hurt or get hurt. That didn't last long because I had already hurt this woman. She had taken suck good care of me, and loved me, but I refused to admit my love for her. I loved her, I did, but I didn't know how to show it.
We worked that out and are now more bonded than ever.

She slips a finger inside me. I moan and lift my hips up. I am begging for more. She slips another finger inside me, then another. Until I have three of her mocha colored fingers inside me. Her fingers are thrusting and curling inside me. I cannot take this much longer. I have never felt so full. I cry out and ride the powerful waves of my orgasm, hoping that my lover would show some mercy, but she didn't stop then. She kept going. She was going to drive me mad. I came for the third time and collapsed, completely spent.
The woman slowly removes her fingers from me. She secretly licks them of my essence and lies down next to me. She nibbles and kisses my neck. When I came to she was watching me. I smile and she says "Good morning Kerry, and trust me, there's more than that planned for you day off." "God, I have never had such a strong orgasm than that. How on earth did you do that? If that's what will happen every time I get a day off I need to take more." "I have my secrets Kerbear." Kerry smiled and started to attack her lover's breasts. Her lover stopped her and said, "No, today is for you." "Well happy birthday to me then!" her lover chuckled and said the four most simple words she could find, "I love you Sandy!"

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