Best I Ever Had

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Yes, it's getting steamy... Right now, it goes into pure sex. This is the final chapter of THIS part... however, there'll be a sequel, which I am already planning. Enjoy!

Forget the bed. Forget going to the bedroom, I wanted him, I NEEDED him now. He started to kiss my neck again and I brushed my right hand against his chest. I grazed his nipple and the gasp from deep in his throat was all the incentive I needed to keep going. His left hand had begun to inch its way down my abdomen as I began to play with his nipple. I couldn't hold back a moan, as his hand slowly began to inch between my legs. I felt my knees go weak and I grabbed onto Carter and pulled him down to the floor with me.

He landed on top of me and didn't seem to mind the interruption of the fall as he continued to lavish my neck with kisses. He slowly kissed his way down my neck and started kissing his way across my breast. I had lost my grip on his nipple when we fell, but I quickly found it again and began to roll it between my fingers. He moaned but then silenced himself by taking my breast in his mouth.

My god, Carter has a talented tongue. As he focused his attention on my nipple I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. How I could ever have decided to NOT have sex with him was now beyond me. With my other hand I reached down and began to stroke my way down the shaft of his penis. I decided to set my mouth in action by lavishing attention on his ear. I blew gently into his ear and was satisfied to see goose bumps rise on his flesh, and then I began to gently nibble and suck on the lobe.

His hand then found my clitoris and I nearly blacked out.

"God, Carter... yess...." I breathed.

I lowered my head and captured one of his nipples in my mouth. "Susannnn", he moaned eagerly.

I grabbed him by the shoulders then and rolled us both over so I was on top of him. I began to kiss my way down his body, starting at his earlobe, then his neck. I planted gentle kisses on both nipples, down his chest, his abdomen, and I swirled my tongue inside his navel. He wriggled when I did that and I continued working my way down his lovely body. I grinned up at him, then took him in my mouth and began to work on him. In seconds he was breathing heavy, he soon began to moan.

"Yesss... Susannnn... turn around", he panted.

I knew what he meant and I turned my body and he soon began to repay the favor. It took every ounce of restraint I had to keep going as his tongue licked and sampled me. I forced myself to concentrate but it got harder when he began to nibble at my clitoris. I couldn't go on any further, not with Carter doing what he was doing.

I got close to the brink and my mind went completely blank. I ended up stopping and started to moan and cry out.

"Oh Johhhhnnnn..." I purred, when I could finally form actual words again. I blushed then. "Sorry, I tried to keep going."

"It's okay" Carter said easily. "I wanted to come inside you anyway"

I shivered, that was definitely appealing. Before I knew it Carter on top of me, with my legs wrapped over his shoulders. I'd somehow managed to direct him to a drawer where I kept a stash of condoms. Carter grinned down at me as he separated my folds then slowly slid into me. I nearly cried, I'd wanted this for so long and now it was happening. Carter and I... together, him wanting to be with me.

"Are you okay?" Carter asked, concerned.

"Much better than okay" I replied smiling. I was fantastic. He was fantastic. This was... Oh my god! As Carter began to thrust into me, I was getting close again. Carter seemed to watch my reaction, and then with one swift thrust sent us both over the edge.

He cried out with relief, I nearly blacked out. The man was incredible.

Exhausted, we cuddled up next to each other on the floor, not wanting to make the effort to make it to the bedroom. My last thought as I fell asleep was that I could get used to this.

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