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  A.L.S- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(Lou Gehrigís Disease)- a progressive wasting away of certain nerve cells of the brain and the spinal column. It is a debilitating disease that affects movement, swallowing, speaking, breathing, and sometimes vision. There is no cure and the prognosis is death.
  This story is dedicated to the memory of one of my favorite actors who passed away from the disease. Michael Zaslow, I miss you.
WARNING!!! I know some people are going to hate me for the way I present Carter, but he is definately my least favorite character and even if this doesnít seem like the Carter you know just remember itís fanfiction. This is how I see him.
SUMMARY: Putting closure to an unfinished story. Dave's past and present,

The ER was at its busiest today. It seemed like everyone had something to do, even Randi who usually just sat at the admit desk chewing gum and giving directions. There was a multiple car crash that kept most of the staff busy through the morning. When that was just about over, the ER staff started to relax at the front desk when over the radio they heard about a fire breaking out in a prison. They were to take most of the minors and some majors. Within minutes the ER was up and running again. This time overrun by cops, security guards and correctional officers.

Carter took one prisoner with first and second degree burns and mild smoke inhalation. He was still fully conscious and well aware of Carterís presence and comments.

Carter: I didnít mind working on the crash victims this morning, but to waste valuable time treating guys who not only deserved to be in jail but would more likely fry in the end anyway.

Kerry: These prisoners are people too. They deserve the same treatment as anyone else without prejudice. You are starting to sound like a certain Italian doctor that was fired for that same attitude two years ago. Letís not go down that path again.

Carter: I just meant that these guys started the fire and we shouldnít make them a priority over any accidental cases that came in. They werenít worth it.

Just then the prisoner, who was unrestrained so he his hands and wrists could be treated for burns, jumped up and grabbed Carter around the throat.

Prisoner: Do you know why Iím in jail, rich boy!!! Itís for killing some smart ass like you. I could snap your neck right now and it wouldnít make a difference to me, Iím on death row anyway.

Luka and Peter heard the noise and ran in and it took the two of them plus another guard to get him off Carter. Kerry grabbed a syringe full of haldol and stuck it in the patient and he loosened his grip. Carter fell to the floor and gasped for air. As Kerry helped Carter into another exam room to excess the damage to this throat, Luka and Peter put the prisoner on the gurney and Luka quickly treated his wrist burns so they could apply restraints before he woke up.

It took hours but they cleared out the ER and sent most of the prisoners either back to jail or up to the OR or to the burn ward. Unfortunately two correctional officers died from their injuries, but all the prisoners made it, which made everyone wonder why this happened.

Jing-Mei: Sometimes bad things happened to good people and good things happen to bad people and thatís just the way life was. There was nothing they could do to change it...

Before she had a chance to finish it, Romano came off the elevator and could be heard down the hall.

Romano: If you guys are done jeopardizing all my surgeonsí time, I have some unique plans for them. You see, there are these sick people upstairs that need to be cut into and I got this crazy idea that since we have these things called surgeons that maybe they could help out in that department. After all thatís why they make the big bucks.

Both Peter and Elizabeth followed Romano up to the surgurical ward, and Mark rolled his eyes and thought out loud to the others.

Mark: After the day we had today, the last thing we needed was a cocky lecture from Romano.

Abby: Yeah, could this day get any worse.

Within minutes the paramedics wheeled in a gurney with their next patient.

Kerry: Give me the bullet!

Paramedic: 34 year old male- end stage A.L.S- respiratory distress.

Carter: Vitals?

Paramedic: BP 90 over 68: Pulse 63: Respirations at 10 on full 100 Oxygen.

Luka: Put him in exam 1.

Carter: (Sarcastically)Well, this was a perfect way to end such a great day. Multiple car crash, prison fire, Romano screaming and now they had to work what energy they had left trying to keep a guy alive who wasnít going to see tomorrow. Why bother?

Luka: Because itís our job and no one is dead until we pronounce them and we do our best to keep that from happening. No matter how bad a patient is they deserve everything that can be done for them.

Haleh: Heís only 34 years old too. So young for such a horrible disease to be taken his life.

Kerry realized the patient was barely conscious on the gurney and went over to ask him a few questions, knowing that this disease tends to rob a person of their voice as well as their mobility especially this close to the end.

Kerry: Sir, are you still able to speak?

Then with a quick gasp and deep breath she noticed the patient on the gurney.

Kerry: What the hell!!! Malucci??!!!

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