Dead Forever

AUTHOR: Gin Werdo
RATING: I think that anyone who is old enough to watch the show should be old enough to read this.
SPOILERS: "All In The Family"
ARCHIVE: Just tell me when you do it.
DISCLAIMER: Dave and the other characters are not mine. They're owned by Warner Bros., Michael Crichton, John Wells. Tell me if I forgot someone!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fic that I give to anyone I don't know personally, and I hope to have comments and criticism from anyone who reads this stuff, and to thank he / she who read it. It would be really important to have comments about this. I'm sorry for any misspelling here, please forgive me, I'm only 13 and Finnish, so I don't speak English as well as some of you do. I know that this is really the short one, but this was something I had to write. I really love Dave's character, I don't know why I always write him into the trouble. (You'll see it, if you'll read more of my upcoming fics, I hope getting them ready soon. But I can't make any promises about them.) Maybe I want to tell the others there's a good reason for him to behave the way he does.
SUMMARY: Lucy's dead, and Dave has to face it.

"Lucy" Chuny had given away. Everybody around the table were shaken, but nobody was as shaken as Dave was.


A bad dream. No. Not a dream. It was happening. It hit Dave so bad that he felt like he was falling from the edge, forever falling. He felt empty inside, and could only see and feel the touch of the world, touch of the chair he was sitting at.

"Dave, you want to talk or something?" Lucy would've said. Yep, she was the only one who cared. The only one who knew.

His falling stopped, and he hit the ground. The pain began to tore him slowly apart. But he couldn't cry right now, with his co-workers surrounded him. After a moment, he got up and walked away. Yes, he was dizzy, and yes, it wasn't a good thing to ride alone to his apartment and be there alone, but he didn't care right now. It didn't matter. He was lost anyway. Lost and lonely.


He let the tears run after he got away from the hospital's yard. He knew he had to face his co-workers almost every day for at least few years from now, so he couldn't admit or tell anything big to them. Not anything like this. He had overheard the whispers behind his back, and he didn't think he could stand it if the same voices that were speaking so mean right now would start to feel sorry for him.

First, he hadn't realized it was so deep. They had just been friends. But now, when he had admitted it to himself, the cry just didn't seem to have an end.

Dave came to his door and turned the key. He saw his place was just like he had seen it in the morning, and the fact that his own home would give no mercy to him and fade away, just like in the dreams, made him cry even more. He slammed the door to close and sat on the floor, on his welcome-mat. His eyes continued to search anything from the picture that would prove this wasn't true. He knew the pain wouldn't give up until it had turned him into living-breathing-human-zombie, dead at heart.


Dave heard the beating on his door, and stood up. He had been crying for hours, and now his throat was aching so badly, he could only whisper the name of the missed one out loud. He opened the door, and was totally surprised for Abby standing there behind it with a cup of… tea?

Abby was as surprised as she looked like.

"Dave?" she asked in disbelief. She had thought that Dave had been working at County General for less than a year, and she had no idea that Lucy's dead would effect him the way it did.

"Abby?" Dave asked.

"Was it you? I just moved in, and then I heard the… cry, and came here to calm whoever the crier was down. There was no name on the door, did you know?" she asked and explained and asked again.

"Come in" Dave asked her to, and stepped out of her way. Great, now he'd have to explain all this.

"Thank you." She made it to the apartment, and looked around. Dave closed the door again, wiped couple of tears off, lead Abby to small living room and asked her to sit on the couch. Abby sat down and gave Dave the cup of tea. Dave sat on the floor and sighed heavily.

"It was me." he gave away. He knew there were no turning back, so he could just tell the whole story.

Abby simply nodded.

"I loved her" he explained, and met Abby's eyes, with his eyes full of tears again.

"She was the only one in the hall wide world that cared about me. The only one." he whispered, and a tear dropped from his eye, and more came.

Abby sat next to Dave and put her arms around him, giving a gentle kiss to his forehead.

"Shh… not true. I do care about you. You cried the way I never had heard a man cry before" she told him.

"I'm so… completely lost without her." Dave looked her into the eye.

"I'll try to guide you out of the darkness and pain." Abby smiled.

"I'm glad you face this before it comes too hard to handle." She whispered him.

"Thank you" Dave whispered, and wept against Abby's shoulder until the dawn.

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