He Doesn't See Me

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: My first ER fic I have ever written! Please enjoy and send me lots of comments!
SUMMARY: Lucy reflects on the event after her death.

When he passes me, he's ray of light
Like the first drop of sun from the sky
And I know he's a king, who deserves a queen
But I'm not a queen.
And he doesn't see me.

When he dances, he moves me to a smile
And I see everything near him shine
There's a grace in his ways that I can't contain
I haven't that grace
Oh I haven't that grace.

I've watched you John. If I can't be at your side now, I can at least pretend that I am. I am sorry. I wanted to survive, my spirit lived. But my body was too weak. I saw you in the recovery room, and my heart broke. I saw you trying to recover, and I wished I could lend you my hand. I saw you struggling, and I wanted to lift you up. I saw you start to overdose and I wished I could tell you to stop. I saw Abby catch you with the drug, and I started to cry. I saw you fight with Benton, and I screamed at you. I saw you fly to Atlanta, and I joined you on your journey. I saw you struggle for a second time, fighting the addiction, and I wanted to save you from the pain. I sat next to you when you returned to Chicago. I held your hand when Dr. Greene and Dr. Weaver gave you the terms of agreement when you went back to work. I saw you continue your life. But you don't see me. I've been with you in spirit ever since I left you in body. I am so sorry. You were always there for me. Now it's my turn. I love you and I will never leave you. Even if you can't see me.

When he passes me by he's a ray of light
Like the first drop of sun from the sky.
And I know he's a king who deserves a queen.
Someone other than me.
So different from me.

He doesn't see me.
He doesn't see me.
He doesn't see me.

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