Don't Want You Back

AUTHOR: Lockhart
CATEGORY: Susan Lewis/ Mark Greene/ Elizabeth Corday
SPOILERS: Contains minor spoilers for Season 7
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SUMMARY: After a four year departure Dr Susan Lewis returns to County as an attending. How will her arrival affect the relationship between Mark and Elizabeth and what major secret does Susan hold from her time spent in Phoenix.

She stepped out of her car and removed her sunglasses. Cook County Hospital still stood and looked exactly like it had four years ago when she had left for pastures new. Having spent half of her life in Chicago she had found it extremely hard to adapt to living in Phoenix and working in a smaller hospital with srange, new faces. Chloe had made it quite clear that she resented having her sister around, especially disliking the amount of time Susan wished to spend with her little neice. It's all in the past now, she thought locking the car door and heading towards the entrance of the hospital. I wonder if John, Carol and Doug are still there. I even missed Kerry's persistant screams and shouts. What will Mark say when he sees me? I've missed him so much, but after my abrupt departure, will he even want to talk to me? Susan was so caught up in her worries and fears she did not even see the large car heading towards her.

"Watch where you are going!" shouted Robert Romano hiting the steering wheel with his clenched fist.

"Oh sorry, I was in a world of my own" Susan apologised moving out of the car's way.

"You should be sorry" Robert muttered under his breath, parking beside Susan's car. "In future watch where you are going"

I don't need a lecture on road safety, she thought glaring angrily at the man.

"I haven't seen you around County before" Robert said throwing his car keys in his briefcase.

"No I've just started working here, well I left a few years ago but now I'm back" Susan answered.

Oh gawd, I didn't ask for your life story, Robert thought trying to show some interest into the woman's words.

"Susan Lewis, a new attending in the ER" she smiled.

"Dr Robert Romano, chief of staff" he replied shaking her hand.

"Chief of staff?" Susan loked surprised.

"Yes, head of the hospital"

"I know what chief of staff means" she growled. "I thought Dr Anspaugh was in charge"

"Well yes he was until over a year ago". With those last words Robert entered the hospital via the large double doors. Susan just stood there, a little lost for words. Obviously a lot had changed since her departure.


"Dr Lewis?" asked a very familiar voice.

"Hello Haleh" Susan greeted, hugging the nurse.

"Well I never expected to see you again. Are ya back working at County?"

"Yeh I'm an attending now"

"Wow an attending. Must be about four years since I last saw you. Time sure does fly."

"I know" Susan laughed. "I just met the new chief of staff".

"Oh Rocket Romano. Watch him cause he's an arrogant, moody little toad. Nothing ever pleases him."

"Reception sure has changed" Susan sighed looking at the new look plan. "Everything seems so different"

"You didn't expect County to remain the same as it did four years ago did you?" Haleh laughed before leaving for an exam room.

Susan walked through reception but all she came across were strange, new faces. Was the decision to come back here a mistake? I certainly can't go back to Phoenix now. Maybe I should never have left Chicago to begin with. For four years I've been miserable and unhappy, and the time has come for me to change that and move on with my life. So why am I moving back to the past?

"Hey Susan!" John exclaimed, very surprised to see her but none the less very happy at her return.

"Hi Carter" she smiled turning around to face the doctor. "How are you?"

"Me, oh I'm fine. What are you doing back in Chicago?"

"To cut a long story short I'm working here again"

"That's great! Mark's gonna be so....." John stopped halfway through the sentence. Mark probably would be happy at seeing Susan again but how would Elizabeth react if she found out that he once had very strong feelings for this other woman.

"Is Mark still here?" Susan asked.

"Yes...."John replied nervously.

"Thank goodness" she sighed with relief. "I can't wait to see him again. Anyway I have a meeting with Weaver, heard she's head of the ER, I'll catch up with you later"

"Great to see you again" John replied dashing off to warn Mark. Susan's return would no doubt cause some sort of trouble.


Elizabeth stood at the sink scrubbing in for an appendectomy on a forty year old man when Romano walked in.

"Good morning Lizzie" he grinned, knowing how much she hated to be called Lizzie.

"Is it?" she asked. That morning she had had a silly argument with Mark about where they should hold the reception for their wedding. Elizabeth had wanted to hold it in a different hotel from Mark and their discussion had escalated into a petty fight.

"What's wrong, had a fight with lover boy?"

"No" she lied.

"I can see the wedding of the year not taking place at all" he smirked.

"Well you'll not want an invite then" she replied bitterly, annoyed at his sarcastic comments.

"Lizzie I'm hurt, I thought I would have been at the top of your guest list"

"Mmmmm" she muttered to herself. I'd rather invite Hannibal Lecter than you.

"Have you seen the ER's new attending yet?"

"No, should I have?"

"Susan Lewis, quite a looker actually. Nice, long legs."

"I'm sure she'll be glad of your compliment" But the name, Susan Lewis........... It seems to ring a bell as if I've heard it somewhere before. Maybe Mark has mentioned her, I'll enquire later.


Susan ran through the icy rain to the ambulance bay where the EMT's were just rolling up with a patient. The cold droplets of rain soaked her chestnut brown hair and fell freely down her cheeks. Every tiny raindrop felt like a bullet to her chest and she was soon freezing cold and extremely wet. "What have we got?"Susan asked trying to make herself heard through the whistling wind of the brutal storm.

"21 year old woman, stab wound to the abdomen, BP 110/80, pulse 70"Zadro informed her.

"Randi what's free?"Susan asked passing reception with the gurney.

"I think Trauma 2 is empty" the receptionist replied glancing through a fashion magazine.

"Thanks Randi" Susan said as she wheeled her patient into the room. "Okay gently on my count, 1, 2, 3. Alright let's get an abdomen series, start a round of atrophine, 10 of morphine, get a CBC and a Type and cross match."

"Need a hand in here?" asked Luka putting on his gloves.

"Uh sure"

"Okay start an IV of saline, hook her up to an EKG, get a peritoneal lavage and page surgery down here"Luka ordered.

"Oh my goodness, Natalie!"screamed a woman standing outside the doors.

"Lydia can you show her to chairs?"Susan asked.

"Sure" the nurse replied leading the hysterical woman away from the scene.

"Lavage is positive" Luka said worringly.

"BP's falling 90/60!"Abby shouted. "She's loosing blood as fast as we give it to her"

"The knife must have sliced her liver" Susan sighed. "We need to operate quickly to stop the bleeding"

"BP's still falling, she's bleding out!"

"There's too much blood, I can't see to operate" Luka groaned.

"Did someone page me?" Elizabeth asked entering the room, watching the two doctors frantically recing against time to save their patient.

"21 year old. stab wounds to the abdomen and liver, BP's 80/50 and falling" Abby told her whilst putting another two units of blood.

Suddenly the EKG started bleeping madly.

"She's in V-Fib!"

"Paddles!" demanded Susan. "Charge to 200, clear!"

"Still in V-Fib" Luka noted.

"Charge to 300, clear!"


"Mark, Mark!" Carter shouted as he ran through reception.

"Uh John I'm a little busy, I've got patient reports to catch up on" Greene replied taking off his spctacles and cleaning them with a piece of cloth.

"No Mark it's very important" John continued, desperate for his friend to listen.

"Okay but make it quick"

"It's about Su.........."

"Twenty two year old male, unconscious from MVA" Pickman said wheeling a patient through the doors.

"Gotta go Carter, we'll talk later" Mark told him before leaving.

Carter sighed loudly. Sooner or later the pair would meet and when they did fireworks were sure to fly.


"Charge again, clear!"

"Still in V-Fib"Abby shook her head.

"Okay lets call it"Elizabeth said sadly pulling off her gloves.

"No we can't just give up"Susan protested.

"She's been down forty five minutes!"

"There's still a chance"

"A very small chance" the surgeon replied defiantly.

"Another five minutes isn't going to hurt" Susan replied.

"She has been down for too long. Call it and end her pain"

Susan stared at Elizabeth but the Englishwoman returned her hard stare.

"Time of death 10.04" she bitterly said, throwing away her gloves and storming out of the room. Abby and Luka meanwhile gave each other very concerned glances.


John had searched nearly the whole hospital but still couldn't find Mark. he pushed the door open to the staff room where he found Susan making a fresh pot of coffee.

"Want some?" she asked, flashing her usual friendly smile.

"Sure"he replied taking a seat. "Are you okay Susan, you seem a little upset?"

"No not really" she sighed. "I had a little argument with a surgeon in trauma just there. Elizabeth I think her name was"

Oh great, Carter thought. Sparks are already flying between the pair.

"Oh I don't know John. My life is a mess. I left all my friends to live in Phoenix but now I just can't adapt to living back here"

"What happened in Phoenix?" he asked.

"Uh.....nothing, nothing at all" she mumbled.

"Why did you come back then?"

"Things just didn't work out, that's all"

"Don't get me wrong I think it's great that you're back but I thought the whole point of moving was to be closer to Susie"

Susie, she thought. Little Susie.

"It was" Susan replied.

John looked at Susan waiting for her to speak again. he knew something big had happened in Phoenix to prompt Susan in moving back to Chicago.

"Look John, nothing happened" Nothing I want to talk about anyway

"Are you sure?"

"Oh for goodness sakes John, stop the questions!" she snapped. Susan suddenly realised she had just screamed at one of her few and closest friends, immediately filling her with guilt. "Look I'm sorry" she apologised running out of the staff room. "I'm very sorry"

Susan walked quickly to reception, picking up speed with each step. Grabbing a chart she glanced behind her, only to be met by Mark Greene's stare.

Author's Notes: Okay I know, I'm mean for leving it there, tee hee hee! So what did reaaly happen in Phoenix and what will happen now that Mark has found out about Susan's surprise return? Oh and about the trauma scenes, i don't know if the medical terminology is correct because I'm not a doctor but if anyone is good at medical scens please lt me know how I'm doing. Thanks for reading and as always feedback is gratefully accepted.

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