AUTHOR: Carrie Verkman
EMAIL: carebear1025@juno.com
SUMMARY: Have you ever wondered what the characters of ER dream about? This is what their dreams would be like.

Elizabeth Corday-Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men.

Elizabeth threw her tired body onto her bed. It had been a long day for her. The ER was full of patients needing some sort of surgical attention. Robert Romano had made yet another pass at her, even though he knew that she was with Mark. And speaking of Mark, Rachel came by for a visit and Elizabeth knew that she didn't like her.

Trying to clear all that out of her mind, Elizabeth put on some music and she soon fell asleep. Elizabeth began to snore as a dream began to appear.

"Good morning Elizabeth. My your angel wings look absolutely darling today." Kerry Weaver said.

Elizabeth smiled. "Thank you Kerry."

"Just for you, I've made sure that there is no gang-bangers today." Kerry replied.

"Good. It's awful to see such young people fight."

Elizabeth made her way to the lounge. She saw Luka and Cleo arguing.

"It was the patient's choice, not yours!" Cleo said.

"He would have died!" Luka said.

"All you care about is what you want!" Cleo said. She sat down on a chair and pouted like a child.

"Now, now, now." said Elizabeth. "There is no reason to fight. We all have our differences. Now apologize and hug."

Cleo stood up. "I'm sorry I got in the way Luka."

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." Him and Cleo hugged.

"There. All in a day's work." Elizabeth said satisfied. "After all I am the angel of this hospital!"

"Look there she is!" said John Carter. He fixed his hair and put a breath mint in his mouth. "Hello, angel."

"Hello Car-tah." Elizabeth smiled.

"Did I ever tell you that I love your British accent?" He said. I love the way you say Carter. It's like, 'Car-tah!"

"Thank you. Where is Malucci?" she asked. "He promised to shine my Halo today."

Just then Dave Malucci came up. "Sorry I'm late! I was breaking up a fight and I know you don't like that kind of stuff. Here is your golden Halo! I even buffed it!"

"Ooooh! I can see my angelic self!" Elizabeth said. "Thank you so much." Elizabeth put her Halo on and began to play her harp. Everyone smiled and listened to her play.

Just then Mark, her lovesick boyfriend, came up to her. "I need to talk to you."


"I knew that you were an angle the first day I met you. Your peaceful acts have made this world a better place to be, and you are so sweet and kind. Will you marry me and be my angel for life?"

"Of course! I love you!"

Mark and Elizabeth kissed. Everyone cheered, "Hooray!"

Elizabeth turned over to the other side of her bed to shut off her beeping alarm. The sun was shining and she smiled.

"It looks like the angels are on my side today." she said.

The End.

Part Two
By Carrie Verkman

Mark Greene-King of the World.

Mark hung up the phone angrily. Jennifer just called to tell him that Rachel wouldn't be coming to visit him this weekend. She was going to spend the time on her stepfather's Greg's yacht. Mark didn't have a yacht. He didn't have a BMW or a snowmobile or a whole water park for God's sake for Rachel. He had quality time, which is what she needs like every other child.

Mark sat on the couch to watch TV. He turned to a show about doctors in an ER. That's so phony, he thought. Mark continued to watch until he was fast asleep.

The car rolled down the street smoothly not to jerk its passengers inside. People crowded the sidewalks hoping to catch a glimpse of this wonderful doctor. Sounds of cheers echoed throughout the crowd of people. Confetti, balloons and streamers of all kinds of colors showered down on the doctor. A marching band began to march along in the parade behind the car.

"And here comes Doctor Mark Greene along with his beautiful fiancée Elizabeth." said a reporter. "What a remarkable man living and working right here in Chicago. Let's see if I can get a word with Dr. Greene."

The reporter, along with hundreds of photographers, walked up to Mark's car. "Dr. Greene, how does it feel to be the doctor to perform the first ever hair transplant?" asked the reporter.

Mark smiled. "It feels great knowing I can help other men who had the same problem as me. I'm so honored!" Mark ran a hand through his full head of brown hair.

"What do you think Elizabeth?"

"Mark looks about ten years younger with his new hair! I'm so proud of him!" Elizabeth answered; she gave him a small peck on the cheek.

Just then Susan Lewis came running up to Mark. She had heard about the events surrounding Mark and she immediately flew from Phoenix to see him.
"Mark! Mark! It's me Susan! I'm back!" Susan hugged Mark. "I realized that I've always loved you and I want to get married and have your children."

Mark looked confused. "Boy, you really picked a good time to show up in my life again."

"What's wrong with that? I thought we could spend our lives together. Everyone wanted it that way!" Susan asked.

"Yeah, but I'm with Elizabeth now. Let's just be friends." Mark put his arm around Elizabeth as if he was showing possession.

Susan walked away angrily. Suddenly Jennifer, Mark's ex-wife, appeared on the scene. "Mark, did you ever think that our divorce was wrong? I imagined our lives together. Isn't that what you want now?" she said. Jenn stuck her bottom lip out to pout.

Mark rolled his eyes. Not another one. Another woman from the past trying to claim him again. "Well I just did the first hair transplant, gained honor and respect from everyone, and what I want now is to spend time with my fiancée and for you to leave me alone." Jenn looked hurt. "Anything else, your majesty?"

"Hmmm, well I do feel like king of the world. It would be nice to see Rachel more often." Mark said.

Jenn agreed and left. Mark took Elizabeth's hand. "Let's get out of here before Cynthia Hooper comes back!"

The ringing phone awoke Mark from his dream. It was Elizabeth. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Thinking about you, and only you, and how I don't ever want to see anyone else other than you." answered Mark.

The End.

Part Three
By Carrie Verkman

Dave Malucci-Ladies Man.

Dave Malucci's Saturday night's often consisted of this: a can of beer, a phone and his little black book. How he managed to collect so many girls' phone numbers was a mystery. Dave was feeling kind of low, (Jing-Mei had rejected him once again) so he decided to give some girls a call. The first one was Melissa, who he met at a health club. He called and got her answering machine.

"Hello, this is Melissa. I'm not here right now, but leave a message and I'll call you back. Unless your Dave Malucci, I'll call the police. (Beep)"

Dave hung up. "Strike one." he said to himself. Next, he dialed Christina's number.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Christina. It's Dave. You know if I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put U and I together. Hello? Are you there?" Dave heard a dial tone. He tried again; calling some woman named Jennifer.

"Hey Jennifer, it's Dave. If you're not busy, do you want to go out with me tonight?" Dave was desperate.

"Dream on!" Jennifer said.

"Fine then I will. Tonight I'll dream of something a little nicer!" Dave snapped back. It was hopeless.

Dave finished the last of his beer. He reclined his chair and he soon fell asleep.

Dave walked in through the ambulance bay doors. He was in a good mood and he even walked while whistling. Randi, at the admit desk, was the first to see him.

"Good morning Dr. Malucci. I had your blue scrub top dry cleaned, pressed and ironed." she said, handing him a plastic bag.

"Thanks Randi. But you didn't have to do that." he said.

Randi sat on the desk in a very explicit position. She undid a few buttons on her shirt revealing a lot of cleavage, and began to twist a strand of her hair. "I'd do anything for you, doctor."

"Oh-kay." Dave said. He was about to walk into the lounge, but he heard Abby and Jing-Mei talking so he gave them some privacy. But when he heard his name, Dave stayed outside the door to listen.

"Yesterday I saw Dave with a little boy. He was pretty scared so Dave kept doing magic tricks and playing with him, it was so sweet. Dave is really sensitive and compassionate." Abby said.

"Yeah, not to mention he tells great jokes. He always makes me laugh." said Jing-Mei.

"And you know what else is great about him?" said Abby. "That body of his. I bumped into him during a trauma and I felt his rock hard pecs. He is so buff you could iron clothes on him!"

Dave decided to appear on the scene so he pushed the door of the lounge open. "Good morning ladies!"

Abby and Jing-Mei turned red. "Hi Dave." Jing-Mei said shyly. "Um, I was wondering, if you're not busy, if you'd like to go out with me tonight."

"Why Jing-Mei." Dave said, pouring some coffee. "I'd be delighted!"

Abby jumped in. "But Dave, wouldn't you rather do something fun with me?" She walked up to Dave closely and began to run a hand over his chest.

"Hey! I had him first!" Jing-Mei said, pushing her aside.

"Ladies, there's enough Dave Malucci to go around. Abby I'll go out with you tomorrow night."

Abby sat down and crossed her arms. "I had him first!" She mocked Jing-Mei.

"I heard that! You wanna take it outside?" Jing-Mei stood up to Abby.

"Yeah! Let's go!"

Both girls left the lounge. "Gee, I didn't know I could be so much trouble." said Dave. He picked up some charts and left the lounge.

"Malucci! I need to see you." Dr. Weaver said. She was waiting for him at the admit desk.

Oh boy, I'm in trouble again, Dave thought. "Yeah, Chief?" he asked.

"I was wondering if you'd like to get a cup of coffee with me." said Kerry. "Also we haven't ever really talked and gotten to know each other."

Dave noticed the tone in her voice was thick with passion. "I'd love to, but I've got a lot of patients today." Dave said. "Another time, maybe?"

"Okay." Kerry said, her hand moving past his waist. "I will be waiting for you." Kerry ran her hand over Dave's ass as she walked away.

Dave stood there looking confused. Carter walked up.

"Hey man, did Weaver just touch your ass?" Carter asked. He had seen the whole thing.

"I-I think so!" Dave said. He had a goofy smile on his face.

"You are so lucky. I don't know what I would do if Weaver." Carter noticed Dave staring at him. Carter turned bright red.
"I, uh, I think they need me in Trauma One." Carter scampered off, embarrassed.

Dave couldn't believe it. Every female in the ER was crawling over him. All the nurses had been flirting with him too. However Dave liked it. He could gain a reputation as the Ladies Man of the ER. Dave headed to the lounge at the end of his long day. He was greeted by Luka, who was also leaving. Dave sat down on the couch.

"Whew! What a day! I don't know what I did, but every girl in this hospital wants me now." Dave rubbed his tired eyes.

Luka chuckled. "Good for you Dave."

"Yeah, nobody doesn't like Dave Malucci."

Luka took a seat next to Dave on the couch. He was very close to him. "That's so true. It's hard to resist someone like you Dave." Luka moved closer to Dave. He began to kiss Dave's cheek.


Dave woke up screaming. His body was covered in sweat. He soon realized he was at his own apartment. Dave recalled the recent dream. It would be nice to have so many women after him, but could he handle commitment to just one? The exact thought scared Dave. And the thought of a man, especially Luka Kovac, making a pass at him, terrified him even more.

Dave got up and held his little black book, filled with girls' phone numbers, in his hands. He opened a window and threw the book outside into the darkness of night.

The End.

Part 4
By Carrie Verkman

Peter Benton-The Fly.

Peter slammed down his phone. He couldn't handle another rejection anymore. The search for a new position at a new hospital was unsuccessful. He tried every hospital in Illinois and in the even in the Indiana area. Peter jumped as the phone rang. He hoped it was someone calling to tell him he had a job. "This is Dr. Benton."

"Peter, it's Cleo. Were you waiting for a call?" Cleo asked.

"Oh, no. It's just that I'm having a hard time with all this." Peter said. "I've been pleading with hospitals to jobs and on top of that figuring out daycare for Reese."

"I wish I could help. Maybe you could talk to Romano. You should give it a try." suggested Cleo.

"Yeah right. Romano is the pest of the universe. What an arrogant little prick."

Cleo laughed at his remark. But since she had to be at work early, she finished her call to Peter. Peter decided to call it a night. He settled into bed and closed his tired eyes.

A typical day in the ER. Malucci flirting with nurses, Weaver being a control freak over everyone, Mark and Elizabeth fondling each other at every free moment they had, Abby completing everyone's demands, and Carter just trying to make it through the day.

What was unusual was that Romano was nowhere to be found. It was like he had disappeared. Peter walked into the ER searching for him.

"Hey Peter! I need your help!" Mark called from the ambulance bay.

"I don't work here anymore. Have you seen Romano? I've got to talk to him to see if I can get my job back."

"Nope. But good luck though." Mark said as he headed into Trauma One.

Peter went up to the surgical floor. He saw Shirley and decided to ask her where Romano was. Shirley was battling a pesky fly.

"Geez, who let a window open? This fly has been all over me. Oh, can I help you Dr. Benton?" she said.

"Please. Where is Dr. Romano?" asked Peter.

"I have no idea. He's probably buzzing around somewhere." Shirley answered.

Peter thanked her and decided to wait in Romano's office. That annoying little fly was there again, resting itself on Romano's desk chair. Peter grabbed a newspaper and was about to smash it when he heard a tiny voice say, "Peter!"

Peter looked up. "Who said that?"

"It's me you idiot!" said the voice.

Peter grabbed a magnifying glass on the desk. "Dr. Romano, is that you?"
"Of course it's me!" said Romano in his tiny high-pitched voice. He sounded like he had sucked in helium. "I changed my body to a fly's so I can travel around this hospital faster."

"Um, okay. Well, anyway, I wanted to talk to you about getting my job back here at County." Peter asked.

"Oh really? Just because I'm small doesn't mean I don't have little power over you."

"I'm aware of that."

"Well Peter I like you. I like you a lot. You can kick ass in an operating room. Plus you have helped out the hospital in many ways." Romano said. "Okay, you can have your job back. But don't screw up again. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Peter thought for a moment. "Yeah, hold real still." He lifted up the newspaper that he had been hiding behind his back. Squish!! Romano had always wanted to make front page of The Chicago Tribune. He finally had his chance. Peter threw the paper in the trashcan. He left Romano's office satisfied.

Peter woke up and rubbed his eyes. He smiled at the fact that he "squished" Robert Romano. Maybe there was hope of him getting his job back. It would take some fighting, but he was ready for that. Peter then reached into his nightstand drawer. He pulled out a fly swatter, set it on the nightstand, and went back to sleep.

The End.

Part Five
By Carrie Verkman

Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway-Soul Mates. (I am aware that these characters are gone from the show, but they are not forgotten!)

Doug Ross tossed and turned as he tried to fall asleep. He hated sleeping alone and he especially hated it since he had a king size bed and no one to share it with. Doug turned on his light. He looked at the picture of Carol Hathaway on his nightstand. I miss her so much, he thought. Doug tossed his head onto the pillow. He lay awake thinking of Carol and his daughters, Tess and Kate. Doug felt terrible since he hadn't been there when they were born. He hadn't even seen what they looked like. Doug wished he could see them growing up.

He finally fell asleep with the thought of Carol and him together, along with their daughters, in his mind.

Doug had come back to Chicago for two reasons. He wanted to spend Thanksgiving with Carol, and hopefully be there when she went into labor since it was close to her due date. His plane had arrived at O' Hare airport early, so he took a cab straight to Carol's house. He got out and knocked on the door. No answer. Well, she probably has trouble getting up, thought Doug. Okay, so the thought of Carol really pregnant made him smile. He knocked again, and no answer. Doug figured she was at the hospital, and that's exactly where he went.

Doug arrived at the hospital. He saw Carter, Kerry and some doctor with greasy hair outside in the snow. They were kneeling to a patient on the ground. Doug ran up to help and nearly fainted when he saw a very pregnant Carol being resuscitated.

"Carol!" Doug kneeled beside her.

"Doug? What are you doing here?" asked Kerry.

"Yeah," said Carter. "Did you plan on getting here at the exact moment she went into labor?"

"Whoa! Carol's in labor?" he asked.

"Yes," said the greasy haired doctor. "Who are you?"

"I'm the father of her twins." he said. Kerry and Carter nodded in agreement.

The greasy haired man looked confused. "We can talk about this later. Let's get her inside." said Kerry.

All four of them rushed Carol into Trauma One. Carol woke up and saw Doug. "Doug, why are you here?" she asked.

"I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and possibly see the birth of my children." he answered.

"Oh Doug, I'm so glad you're here!" Carol said. "You don't know how much I've missed you! Please stay with me!"

Doug nodded and followed her into Trauma One. Kerry called Mark and told him he wouldn't have to be Carol's coach, since Doug was there. Mark wished Carol good luck and told Doug a quick hello.

After kicking Carter out of the trauma room, Carol had her first baby. A girl named Tess. Soon after that Carol, survived a critical c-section and had another girl named Kate. Doug went down to the ER to share the news. He noticed the greasy haired doctor wasn't there with all the other doctors. Doug found him in the lounge.

"Hey." he said.

"Hey." The doctor said back.

"You were helping Carol, right?" Doug asked.

"Yes. I'm Luka Kovac. I'm pretty new here."

"Okay. I'm Doug Ross. Carol's baby's father. I used to be a pediatrician here. Now I practice in Seattle."

Luka nodded. "I think Carol has mentioned you before. How is she doing?"

"Oh she's fine. She's upstairs resting. We've got two healthy baby girls. Kate and Tess." Doug answered.

"Well congratulations. You are so lucky to have a family. I wish you all the best." Luka said.

"Thank you. Although sometimes I don't think I deserve it. I've done some naughty things to Carol. First of all being, abandoning her when she was pregnant." Doug confessed.

"No, you should be thankful." said Luka. "A family is a joy to have."

"Do you have any family?" asked Doug.

"No I do not. Not anymore. They were killed in a war."

Doug sighed. "Oh man. I feel terrible. You know, me bragging about my family when you lost everything."

"It's okay. But let me give you some advice. No matter what happens, a family should always stay together." Luka said.

Doug knew Luka was right. "Thank you. It was nice meeting you Dr. Kovac. But I have to get back to Carol."

"Of course. Tell her I said 'hello'." Luka said.

Doug woke up. He thought it was weird how a man whom he'd never seen before, gave him great advice. "No matter what happens a family should always stay together." Doug thought about it again. Maybe it would be a good idea to go back to Chicago.

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. He answered it. "Hello?"

"Doug, it's Carol." said the voice on the other line.

"Hi. I was just thinking about you." Doug said.

Carol hadn't been asleep for more than five minutes, when Tess started to cry. Carol got up and went into the babies' room.

"Don't cry Tess." Carol said soothingly, while picking her up. "You'll wake up Kate."

Tess continued to cry. Carol carried her around the house to see if she could get her back to sleep. As they reached the living room, Carol stopped to look at a picture of her and Doug together. Memories filled her mind. If only you were here Doug, I wouldn't be having such a hard time with these two, Carol thought.

Tess was finally asleep. Carol put her in her crib and then tucked herself into bed. She fell asleep thinking of Doug.

"Just a few more blocks Carol. You can make it." said Luka Kovac. If he hadn't have found Carol, in labor, on the EL, she could have given birth on the train.

Carol winced in pain. "I need to sit down Luka." She sat down on the steps of the EL platform.

"Okay Carol, but we are almost there. Carol?" Luka noticed she had passed out. Using all his strength, Luka picked up Carol and carried her the rest of the way. As he approached the ambulance bay doors, he called, "I need some help!"

Carter and Kerry rushed out to help. Luka set Carol down and they worked on her until they got a gurney. Little did Carol know that Doug was out there with everyone else trying to help. He had showed up for Thanksgiving and came to the hospital to look for her. The next thing she knew she was on a gurney being wheeled into a trauma room. She looked up and saw Doug. "Doug, why are you here?"

Doug explained his appearance and that's when Carol began to cry. She was terribly afraid of having to go through this alone, but now that Doug was here, everything seemed to be just fine.

Carol delivered her first baby in the ER with Kerry's help. Although it was hard work, she felt all her strength coming from Doug, who was by her side the whole time. He even stayed with her during that terrible c-section in which she barely survived. In the end, they had two beautiful baby girls, named Kate and Tess. Doug ran down to the ER to share all the news. Carol stayed in bed and rested. It was all over. No more morning sickness or constant back pain. In the end she had pulled through, but would she have been able to do it if Doug wasn't there?

That's when Carol woke up. She had been able to make on her own, through birth and everything, but she needed her girls to have Doug back as a father and so that Carol could have him for herself too. Carol picked up the phone and dialed for Seattle.

"Hello?" said Doug.

"Doug, it's Carol." she said.

"Hi I was just thinking about you." answered Doug.

"Me too." Carol said.

The End.

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