A Dying Love

AUTHOR: Carrie Verkman
EMAIL: carebear1025@juno.com
DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER, but I am working on owning Noah Wyle...just kidding.  And Samantha is me, I mean mine.  Okay, I've done some Mary-Sueing.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: My first fic writen about 2 years ago...so be nice.
SUMMARY: John Carter begins to pull his life together after the incident on Valentine's Day. He then meets Samantha, a patient he falls in love with. Can John keep his relationship a secret while also trying to save her life?

John Carter was always very dedicated to his job as a doctor. It was his brother Bobby's death from Leukemia that inspired him to save lives. He started out as a surgeon, but quickly changed his mind to work in emergency medicine. John overcame many obstacles such as family, friends and even women to keep his career going. After a traumatic accident in the ER where he was stabbed by a psychotic patient, John found the strength to move on. Even after his co-worker and friend Lucy Knight's death.  Now as John moved on he realized that he wanted to find someone to spend his life with. 

"I'm telling you, she is perfect! Do you care if she has a glass eye?" asked Dave Malucci.

"Um, thanks but no thanks. Listen Dave, I can find my own dates." Dr. Carter replied. 

"Well okay," Dave continued," but what about someone who works in the hospital? Like Dr. Chen, or Kerry Weaver?"

"No!" said Carter.  "Don't you have somewhere you need to be?" Carter sighed. He regretted opening his mouth to everyone at work about him finding a girlfriend. He knew that finding someone wouldn't be easy. Someone at work, he thought. For a while Carter had a crush on Susan Lewis. What if I called her, in Phoenix, Carter wondered. His thoughts were interrupted by someone calling his name. 

"John!" called Dr. Weaver," We need you over here!"

John ran to the trauma coming in. "20 year old female fainted at a friend's house. Complains of headaches and dizziness. Vitals are weak. B. P. 90 over 30." The paramedic announced. Along with the young woman on the stretcher, was her friend.

"Are you the one who called 911?" asked John. 

"Yes. My name is Christine. Will my friend be all right?"

"We'll do everything we can." Weaver said, "Get her into Trauma 1. Do you know if your friend is allergic to any medications?"

"No she's not allergic to anything!  Is she going to live? She faints a lot. She gets headaches too. I'm so worried about her constant headaches!" Christine panicked. 

"Weaver please take her out of here." John asked.

"Come on. Let's go to the waiting room." Dr. Weaver lead Christine out of the trauma room. The woman on the stretcher was very weak, but conscious. 

"Can you tell me your name?" John asked as he shinned a light into her eyes.  

"Samantha." she whispered. 

"Okay Samantha, we're going to take good care of you. Have you fainted before?" John asked. 

"Yes, a few times."

"And you have constant headaches?"

Samantha nodded yes. 

"I'm going to get Dr. Weaver back in here and go talk to your friend. Hang on. Chuni, get her vitals again." John said. 

As John left the trauma room he repeated the name to himself, "Samantha." Despite the fact that Samantha was pale and tired, John found her to be quite attractive.

End of Chapter One

A Dying Love
Part Two
By: Carrie Verkman

Later on Samantha was stable and moved to her own room. She was tired, but was okay for now. It was hard for her to remember exactly what happened, but Samantha did remember a man with shinning brown eyes and brown hair that was messy in a sexy kind of way. The Doctor did have a cute appearance. 

"Samantha?" Carter poked his head in her room. "Your friend Christine wants to see you." He turned to Christine, "Don't stay too long, she needs her rest."

As Carter walked out, Samantha couldn't help but check him out all over.

"Samantha are you okay?" asked Christine. Samantha starred blankly. "Samantha?!"

"Tell me that is the hottest doctor you've ever seen." Samantha replied.

"You had a near death experience and all you care about is the hot doctor who worked on you?" yelled Christine.

"Christine I'm fine. He saved my life," Samantha said, "Oh but he is just so cute."

"Well he is kind of hot." said Christine.

"He is drop-dead gorgeous! What's his name again?" asked Samantha.

"Um, I think it was Dr. Carter."

"Oh Dr. Carter," sighed Samantha,"I want him to charge my paddles STAT!" Samantha and Christine both laughed. "Shhh, he's coming!" Samantha said.

Dr. Carter walked into the room. "Christine, I'm sorry but you need to leave now. We need to do some tests on Samantha. 

"Okay. Have fun with your new boyfriend Samantha." Christine said as she left. 

Samantha sat up quickly, "Christine!"

"Whoa, calm down. I didn't hear anything." Carter said as he pushed her back. He smiled at her. Samantha knew right away she liked his smiles.

Samantha was in heaven. It wasn't her medication. She loved seeing Dr. Carter. She loved it so much she thought of grabbing the pen out of Carter's coat pocket and stabbing herself with it knowing Carter would take care of her. But that was a bad idea. 

Carter was feeling the same way. He couldn't believe he was attracted to a younger woman. He was 29, she was 20. It couldn't happen between them, could it?

"I've got to take some blood. Do you know your blood type?" Carter asked.  

"Yes. O negative. Oh but I hate needles. Do we have to do this?" Samantha asked worriedly.

"Yes we do. I don't like needles myself. It will be over quick. Hey I've got O negative blood also." Carter answered smiling again. "We seem to have a lot in common."

Samantha smiled. "Will you stay with me while the nurse takes the blood?"

Carter was a bit surprised by her remark, but he stayed. Samantha held Carter's hand. She felt so much better knowing he was there. After the blood was taken Carter said,"You can let go now." 

"But I don't want to."

Carter eventually let go. "Samantha we need to do a cat scan."


"Because you've had lots of dizzy spells and headaches. We want to do the test just to be sure you're okay." Carter explained. 

"Thank you Dr. Carter." said Samantha. 

"No problem. Just doing my job. But please, call me John." he flashed Samantha a killer smile. John left the room. 

End of Chapter Two

A Dying Love
Part Three
By: Carrie Verkman

Samantha just couldn't get enough of Dr. Carter. Or John. She could call him John. Since she was back in her room after the cat scan and felt much better, Samantha got out of bed and went looking for John. As she walked out of her room she saw him help an elderly woman with a cast on her leg. But John saw her. Samantha hid behind a gurney.

"Samantha? What are you doing out of bed?" John asked.

"I... uh, well... I wanted some water." Samantha lied. 

"Samantha," John said as he put his arm around her leading her back to her room, "Come back to your room with me. I'm going to show you something." They returned to the room. "See this button here? Press this and one of the nurses will bring you anything you need." 

"Oh right. Sorry to bother you." Samantha said. However she refused to listen to John. She snuck out again. This time she bumped right into John. 

"Samantha what did I tell you? This is real juvenile of you." demanded John. "I wanted to make a phone call." She lied again. 

"Samantha if you even think of leaving your room again, I will have to restrain you." John warned. He brought Samantha back to her room and tucked her into bed.  

"Why the restraints?" asked Samantha.

"Because there was an accident here about five months ago involving a patient who got way out of hand, killing and injuring two doctors." John explained. He hated bringing up the subject of Lucy's death. 

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Samantha said quietly.

John turned around to leave but he stopped in his tracks. "You weren't going to get water or make a phone call, were you?" 

"No." confessed Samantha. 

John pulled up a chair beside Samantha's bed. "Let's talk." 

"Okay," Samantha took a deep breath, "The only reason I got out bed was to see you because I think you're really cute and I've got this crush on you now."

"Well," John said amused, "I don't know what to say.  But... since I saw you come into the ER I've found you very attractive." 

Samantha was surprised that an older man found her attractive. She was speechless. It was at that point their true feelings for each other were revealed. John looked into Samantha's dark brown eyes. He gently pushed her short brown hair behind her ear. John leaned over and kissed Samantha. 

"Doctor, I think you've cured me." she said breathless. 

"Wow," John said," I think you can go home now. You seem to be just fine!"

"But what about the cat scan results?" Samantha asked.

"Oh well, radiology has been having some trouble with those. I can call you when they come back. You're not in any danger now."

Samantha got dressed. John politely turned his back toward Samantha.

"Would you like to have dinner tomorrow night?"

"You're asking me out?"


"I'd love to."

"That's great. But... um," John nervously ran his hand through his hair.


"You can't tell anyone we're together. I risk losing my job by dating a patient. I want to be with you and I'm sure you feel the same way, but let's keep it a secret for now." John said. 

"Fine then. I'll see you tomorrow night!" Samantha kissed John on his cheek and left. 

End of Chapter Three

A Dying Love
Part Four
By: Carrie Verkman

The next day at work, John was unusually in a good mood. He was excited that he finally met someone. "Hey Dr. Greene!  How's Rachel?" John called to his co-workers, "Carol, I bet those girls of yours are getting so big! Dr. Weaver have you lost

"John what is all this?" asked Weaver.

"Nothing! I just thought everyone deserves a compliment! And doughnuts!" John presented a box from behind his back. 

"You met someone didn't you?" asked Dr. Greene as he grabbed a chocolate doughnut from the box. 

"Yes I did. By the way, Dr. Weaver, can I get off work early tonight?" John begged.

"Fine. You deserve it. Now get to work." Weaver said. 

That night John and Samantha dined under candlelight at a fine Italian restaurant. Samantha thought John's brown eyes looked beautiful under the dim light. "John thank you for such a great night." Samantha said as John walked her home. "That was a great restaurant."

"You're welcome. It was either that place or Doc Magoo's by the hospital." John  said with a little chuckle. "I'd love to see you

"Yeah I would too. Do you think we can get away with it?" asked Samantha.

"I think so. But it will be okay. Don't worry about anything." John said as he kissed her good night.

End of Chapter Four

A Dying Love
Part Five
By: Carrie Verkman

Over a short period of time John and Samantha's love bloomed. They were still able to keep it a secret. John almost got caught by accepting a personal call from Samantha at work. Yet they saw each other very often.

One day Samantha wanted to see John at work. But she couldn't just waltz her way in to the ER. So she came up with an excuse. "Dr. Carter your headache patient is back with abdominal cramps in room one." said Dr. Greene. 

"Oh, okay I'll go see her now." John took her chart and left. He knew Samantha was here and was worried something was wrong. Still he remained acting professional. "Samantha, when did the pain start?" asked John.

"This morning." she answered.

John began to run his hands over Samantha's abdominal area. "Does it hurt here?"

"No." she said. 



"What about here?"  Samantha moaned out loud. 

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" asked John. 

"No, that feels great! Don't stop!" Samantha moaned. 

John smiled, "You feel fine don't you?"

"Yes, I only wanted to see you though."

John laughed. He then pulled the curtain around them, around the bed Samantha was on. John began to take of his white lab coat. 

"Oh John, take it off. Take it all off!" Samantha said. She began to unbutton her own blouse. 

"Allow me." John said as he undressed Samantha. Samantha worked furiously to get John's shirt off then his pants. John had Samantha completely naked in less than ten seconds. Samantha pulled John on top of her. He passionately kissed her soft lips and then moved down onto her neck, then to her breasts. Samantha moaned with pleasure, but not too loud remembering that they were in a hospital, not in the comfort of their own bed.

"John, don't stop!" Samantha cried out as John began to enter her starting a rhythm that was slow then faster. 

"Dear god, you are the best patient I've ever had." John said. 

Meanwhile Dr. Romano was roaming about in the ER full of hot air, ready to critique anyone doing anything that was not to his liking. He walked past the curtain where John and Samantha were. John put his hand over Samantha's mouth. They were both upset, for John was nearing his climax as was Samantha. The two of them could see Romano's shadow outside. Please, please  go away, John thought. Dr. Romano scratched his bald head and then left. 

"That was close." John said. 

"Too close." Samantha agreed. "Maybe we should stop." 

"Yeah, I guess. Let's finish this at my house tonight." John said as he got dressed. Samantha got dressed and left the hospital. 

End of Chapter Five

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