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SPOILERS: A few, so watch out!
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Another challenge sent to me by Jennyfur Graybull, an avid reader of my fanfictions. Jennyfur, thanks so much for your support and continued praise of my work, you have really helped with some writer's block I've had as well as interesting ideas for me to work with. Her challenge was this:

+ A reunion of the cast, seasons 1-9, started by Haleh and how they are reunited is left up to my own imagination. So what this does is tells the story of a reunion of people from seasons 1-9, and therefore has some spoilers or events that have or will happen in season 10.

SUMMARY: One year after the demise of Cook County General, Haleh brings back the staff to pay a final goodbye to the hospital as well as some loved ones lost along the way.

Chapter One

They had barely escaped the fire. 

Cook County General Hospital had endured its share of chaos over the years with everything from enraged shooters to knife-wielding schizophrenics to tanks being driven into the ambulance bay.

The fire was the final battle for the run-down county hospital. 

It was followed by an explosion that rocked the entire city of Chicago. 

No one was really sure how it got started.  The ER was, as usual, having an incredibly hectic day and everyone's concerns were focused on the patients.  Some say it was a doctor dropping their used cigarette butt that started the spark.  Others say it was a gas leak due to a maintenance mistake.  A few others went as far to say a patient with a psychiatric problem started the fire in revenge to the staff on duty that day. 

No one cared.  Everyone was thankful they were alive. 

It was Abby Lockhart that first smelled the faint scent of something burning.  She looked outside and saw John Carter dropping a cigarette butt onto the ground.  I wish he'd give that up already, thought Abby as she rolled her eyes.  Carter entered the ER and walked into the lounge. 

He had also noticed the smell.  Carter, still reeking of tobacco, knew that it wasn't him.  It was almost as if it was gas. 

"Randi," Carter said as he walked out of the lounge, "call maintenance and tell them there might be a gas leak." 

"I smell something too," Abby said looking at Carter. 

"It's not me," Carter said. 

"Sure it isn't," Abby said with a teasing tone in her voice. 

"I know I shouldn't be smoking," Carter retorted. 

"Did I say anything?"  Abby said with a smirk on her face. 

Carter rolled his eyes, "Look I- "

Just as Carter prepared to give a convincing argument, Luka Kovac ran from Trauma One, and then ran back into the room with a fire extinguisher.  Abby and Carter, as well as other nurses in tow, ran to the trauma room to see a small fire starting as well as a large cloud of billowing black smoke.

The fire alarms began to sound. 

With its headache-inducing cry, the alarm sounded while other alarms and sensors went off.  The sprinklers were activated, soaking everyone, including patients, in the ER.  Patients began to panic as other people not in Trauma One tried to calm them down and evacuate them. 

Kerry Weaver was returning from a small coffee shop when she approached the ambulance bay and saw that it was being filled with patients. 

"What the hell happened?"  Kerry yelled. 

"There's a fire in Trauma One Dr. Weaver!"  yelled Haleh as she wheeled a man in a wheelchair outside to safety.  There was soot on her clothing and her voice was raspy from smoke inhalation. 

Kerry scanned the scene quickly.  Her heart began to race and she broke out in a cold sweat.  She heard the piercing sirens of fire trucks in the air and knew help was on its way. 

Meanwhile, Luka, Carter, and Abby were desperately trying to contain the fire in the trauma room.  Abby scurried around desperately trying to shut off the oxygen and remove other flammable things as quickly as she could.  Her hands were shaking, tears were forming in her eyes from the smoke and it obstructed her vision.  Carter and Luka were just blurred images.  All three of them were drenched from the sprinklers. 

Just then, an explosion from next door knocked Abby, Luka, and Carter to the floor.  Glass flew out from the doors and windows and Abby felt a shard slice her forehead.  Ignoring the pain she struggled to find Carter and Luka. 

"Abby get out of here!"  Luka's voice cut through the noise of the alarm and the thick smoke filling the room. 

"I'm not leaving without you two!"  Abby said, slipping on the floor as she tried to get up. 

Carter walked over to Abby and helped her up, "Are you all right?" 

"Y-yeah I'm fine.  Are you guys okay?"  Abby said. 

Carter nodded, "Yeah.  We've got to get out of here.  Luka!  Let's go!" 

"I'm stuck!"  Luka's lab coat was pinned to the mattress of the bed in the trauma room by a large piece of glass. 

"Just take the coat off!"  yelled Carter. 

"I can't!  My arm!"  Luka cried. 

Outside Kerry watched in horror as County, now completely engulfed in flames, slowly burned to its death.  Fire fighters ran in and out of the hospital carrying out patients as well as hospital staff.  The streets were lined with ambulances and the entire hospital population. 

Susan Lewis ran around trying to account for everyone that was supposed to be at County that day.  She almost fainted when she realized Carter, Abby, and Luka were still inside.  Trapped. 

"Kerry I can't find Carter, Luka, or Abby!"  She cried, tears forming in her eyes. 

"Hey!"  Kerry yelled to a firefighter, "There are two doctors and a nurse still in there!" 

"Dr. Weaver I need your help!" 

At that moment, Carter, Abby and Luka emerged from the ER doors, coughing, struggling to breathe, and barely standing up.  Carter was covered in soot and was barely breathing.  He coughed with every painful step he took.  Abby's scrubs were covered in blood from her cut as well as Luka's blood from his arm injury.  Luka's arm was severely cut and bleeding profusely.  He was holding his arm and looked very pale.  Kerry and Susan, as well as a few paramedics, rushed to their side. 

As they worked, Kerry jumped at the sound of another explosion.  Her and Susan looked to the sky and saw the top floors of the building slowly falling to the ground. 

"MOVE!"  Kerry yelled as she picked herself up with Abby, Carter, Luka, and Susan following her. 

They hobbled away as quickly as they could, knowing the inevitable was about to hit. 

With three loud explosions, Cook County General crumbled to the ground as if it had been imploded.  Everyone watched in sheer terror as the building fell.  Glass flew everywhere, steel beams dropped to the ground as if in defeat, medical equipment was crushed, fire and smoke billowed out in cloud after cloud as the ground shook from the weight being thrown upon it.  Nearby buildings uneasily rocked back and forth from the vibrations and dust and debris filled the air.  Everyone outside coughed and gagged with the remains of their workplace. 

After the smoke cleared and everything had settled, a large part of the sky was now visible for all to see.  What was left was the remains of a hospital that had been burned to the ground. 

Kerry Weaver looked around to the shocked faces of her colleagues and her patients.  Looks of disbelief were displayed on everyone's face.  Kerry sighed knowing that unbelievably no one had died from the entire ordeal.  Injuries were being taken care of and patients were soon being transported to other hospitals. 

"Did.that just happen?"  Susan asked. 

"County finally met its match," Kerry replied.

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