Friends And Lovers

AUTHOR: Carrie Verkman
SPOILERS: Season 8
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a little fic written after I saw "Never Say Never".  I could be jumping to conclusions, but I have a feeling that Carter and Chen might be hooking up.  Another inner-ER relationship.  However, there's a surprising ending!
SUMMARY: This is a little fic written after I saw "Never Say Never". Another inner-ER relationship begins to form, however, there's a surprising ending!

Jing-Mei Chen stood on the roof of Cook County General weeping softly.  She couldn't believe that Kerry Weaver.  First firing Dave, and now trying to cover her own ass.  A month off with no pay, and a year's probation.  She didn't need this, and that's what caused her to resign.  She could find work somewhere else. 
"Is it true what they say?"  asked John Carter. 
Jing-Mei turned around.  "Oh John, don't scare me like that." 
"I'm sorry."  John said.  "So is it?" 
"Yeah, I quit."  Jing-Mei explained. 
"The chief residency or did you quit all together?"  asked John. 
"Everything.  Kerry was just trying to cover her own ass.  She really is a bitch."  Jing-Mei said. 
"Jing-Mei..." John said.  "Don't quit now." 
"We really need you.  You're an excellent doctor."  John said, hoping to bring her confidence back. 
"That's not what the hospital thinks."  Jing-Mei said.  "They even had to bring up my guide wire mistake.  I was in medical school then!" 
"Well if it counts, I think you're a good doctor."  John said. 
Jing-Mei wiped a few tears from her eyes.  "So I'm guessing Weaver gave you the chief resident position?" 
"Yeah, she did." 
"Did you take it?" 
"I don't know."  said John.  "I might take the chief resident job over at Northwestern if Susan Lewis doesn't beat me to it." 
"Mark hired her today."  said Jing-Mei. 
"Oh.  Well then I don't know." 
"Take the job."  Jing-Mei begged.  "Don't let Kerry ruin the ER anymore than it's been ruined." 
"Well that's a big responsibility."  John said.  "Are you sure you don't want it?" 
Jing-Mei gave him a sarcastic look.  John laughed.  "I was kidding.  I understand." 
Jing-Mei nodded and started to cry.  John wrapped her in his arms as she let out her tears. 
"Thank you so much."  said through her tears. 
"Shhhhh..."John said, rubbing her back to calm her down. 
John held her close to his body as she cried.  Jing-Mei buried her head into John's chest.  She ran a hand on his chest, which excited John.  Oh no, he thought, don't get excited now. 

However, that was a little hard for John.  He had always been attracted to Jing-Mei, but now, seeing her hurt, and crying, all he wanted to do was hold her and comfort her.  He was attracted to her more now than ever before.  John could smell the scent of flowers coming from her long dark hair.  He couldn't help but lean to kiss her hair, and take in the wonderful scent.  Jing-Mei moved closer to John.  He hoped she couldn't feel his arousal in his pants, but then again, his mind turning dirty for a minute, he wanted her to. 

Jing-Mei moved her body closer to John's.  She desperately wanted him to hold her in his warm arms forever.  All she needed was a friend like John now.  But her mind turned back to a time, when she wanted him more than a friend.  Now wouldn't be a good time for that, she thought.  She breathed deeply and breathed in the scent of John's aftershave and cologne.  It made her want him right there and right now. 
"John?"  asked Jing-Mei, meekly.  "Do you mind staying with me tonight?" 
John was surprised.  ", not at all.  We could go back to my grandmother's house." 
"That's fine." 
"Meet you by my Jeep in five minutes?"  John suggested. 
"Okay.  See you in five."  Jing-Mei said. 

The ride to John's grandmother's house was silent except for a few shuddery sighs from Jing-Mei, still trying to calm down after crying.  John pulled into the garage and led Jing-Mei to his room. 
"You have a really big house."  Jing-Mei said.  Oh what a great remark, she thought. 
"Thank you.  But you came from a rich family, you should be used to this."  John said. 
Jing-Mei just smiled.  "Yeah." 
John sensed the tenseness in her voice.  "Jing-Mei, are you okay?" 
"I'm fine.  You just called me Jing-Mei, not Deb.  Are you okay?" 
"Yeah I am." 
For a minute, John and Jing-Mei just stood there silently.  John was the first to speak.  " about we go up to my we don't wake Gamma." 
Jing-Mei nodded.  She followed John up the stairs to his room. 

When they arrived John, being the perfect gentleman, took her coat and offered her a drink, but Jing-Mei found John's lips and planted hers on his.  John was taken by surprise. 
"Jing-Mei!"  John said.  "What was that?" 
"I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me."  she said shyly.  "I'm just so confused right now, I don't know what made me do it." 
John's comforting smile faded into a frown.  "What did you think was going to happen?" 
"I don't know!"  Jing-Mei said. 
"I wasn't going to sleep with you if that's what you thought."  John explained.  "I thought about it too, but I didn't want to do something regrettable." 
Jing-Mei frowned.  "Then I should go." 
"Maybe you should."  John said, showing her the door. 
Jing-Mei dragged her feet as she left.  John shut the door to his room.  He slid his body down on the floor and banged his head against the door.  "Nice, John.  You just saved yourself a couple months of sex."  John got up, but then stopped. 
"Are you still there?"  he called out. 
"No."  said a voice. 
John opened the door once again for Jing-Mei.  "I'm sorry."  he said.
"No I'm sorry."  she said kissing him. 
"Less talk, more kissing."  John said, shutting the door with his free hand. 

Jing-Mei loosened John's tie and began to undo the buttons on his shirt.  John ran his hands up her blouse as he kissed her.  Her skin was soft and warm.  John carefully guided her to the bed and continued to undress her.  Jing-Mei finished undressing him and soon the both of them naked, nestled underneath the sheets of John's large bed. 

Jing-Mei moved on top of him and ran her fingers through his soft hair as she began to kiss each nipple tenderly.  John sighed with pleasure.  Jing-Mei slowly moved her hands down his body.  However John wasn't responding too well to Jing-Mei's busy hands, now moving closer to John's hardness. 
"Jing-Mei...stop."  John said. 
"Oh do you need something?  I've got a condom in my purse."  she offered.   
"No."  John rolled her off of him.  "I have to tell you something." 
Jing-Mei looked worried.  "Go on." 
"I can't do this.  I can't sleep with you." 
"Why not?  You started it when you let me back in your room."  Jing-Mei demanded, while pulling the covers over her body.  If John wasn't willing to sleep with her, he didn't deserve to see her body this way. 
John sat up.  "I'm just not...I don't think...I love someone else." 
Jing-Mei was puzzled.  "Who said anything about love?" 
"Jing-Mei, you're one of my closest friends."  John said.  "I don't think we should do anything, like sleep together, to ruin our friendship.  I love you a lot Jing-Mei, but not like I love this other person.  I'm sorry." 

Jing-Mei nodded.  "Well if that's how you be it.  Who is this other person?" 
"I'd rather not say."  John said, as he was getting dressed.  "We've just started to see each other." 
By this time Jing-Mei, had gotten herself dressed and ready to leave.  "Good night John." 
"Good night Jing-Mei.  Good luck with whatever path you choose."  John showed her the door. 
"Thank you.  Good luck with the person you love."  Jing-Mei said. 

John watched her leave.  He sat on his bed wondering if he had been too hard on her.  His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. 
"Hello?"  John said. 
"Hi John, it's me."  said the voice.  "Is this a bad time?" 
"Oh no, not at all."  John answered, with a smile on his face.  He was happy over the phone call.  "I've been thinking about you a lot." 
"Me too."  the voice continued.  "You've been the greatest thing so far about my return." 
"Thank you Susan."  John said.  "I'm glad you're back." 
"Me too."  said Susan Lewis, on the other end. 

The End!

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