Good Things Come With Epidemic Threats

AUTHOR: Kiersten
CATEGORY: JC/AL gotta love Carby
RATING: PG but borderline PG-13
SPOILERS: Just little parts of Season 9
DISCLAIMER: I dont own any ER characters...I wish I did
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fic so I'm sorry if it sucks. Any feedback would be REALLY nice
SUMMARY: This takes place after the kiss in lockdown and the first part is pretty much smooth sailing, some nice (but hopefully not gagging) Carby moments...

Carter slowly backed away from Abby and looked into her eyes trying to read her expression. I can't believe I actually kissed her. I've wanted this for two years, I just hope its what she wants. Her face was expressionless for a moment and Carter held his breath while he waited for her to say something. It seemed like forever until a small smile creeped up onto Abby's face. Then, choosing her words carefully, she spoke.

"You kissed me..." she said slowly, the grin on her face widening.

"Yea....I did" Carter said equally as cautious.

"Took you long enough" Abby quipped

"What???" exclaimed carter incredulously. Abby laughed. "You never made any moves either!" he tried to defend himself.

"Oh so me pouring out my heart to you and getting rejected wasn't making a move??" she asked.

Bringing up the past kinda put a damper on the moment and Abby immediately regretted it.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up" she said silently cursing herself for ruining the perfect moment they had just shared. Carter nodded at her to let her know he didnt care.

"So....what do we do now?" he asked

"I have a few ideas" Abby said while leaning into him. They began kissing passionately on the gurney. It seemed like they had been kissing forever and both of them were lost in the moment and didn't notice when Susan and Weaver walked into the room. Weaver and Susan smiled at each other before Susan loudly cleared her throat. Carter and Abby jumped nearly 10 feet. The result was both Carter and Abby on the floor looking extremely embarrassed. They both remained on the floor while Susan spoke.

"Well....we just wanted to let you guys know that it wasn't smallpox and you can go as soon as you've been tested" Susan muttered trying not to laugh. Weaver wasn't as successful...she was stifling very apparent laughter at her coworkers on the floor and bright red.

"And congrats you guys, figures it would take an epidemic threat to get you too together." said Weaver. Carter and Abby were stunned and neither moved. Carter came to his senses first and said "wait" as Susan and Weaver were about to leave. He cleared his throat then continued cautiously stealing a few glances at Abby while he spoke.

"Umm..this is pretty new to us and I...we....would appreciate it is neither of you said anything to anyone seeing as we don't know where we are right now." Abby nodded her agreement. Both Susan and Weaver nodded and left the needles for them to draw blood. They both helped eachother silently then sat back to wait for the results.

"So....uh...where are we?" asked Abby.

"Where do you want us to be?" he replied

"Your really difficult ya know that??" she said with a laugh

"Honestly Abby, I'm wherever you want to be, its totally up to you...." he trailed off. "I mean I guess I'd be happier if you wanted a relationship, but I'll understand.." Carter never got to finish that sentence. Abby leaned over and gently kissed him. Both could swear they saw the fireworks.

"Does that answer your question?" she asked in a husky voice.

"It'll do, but I may need more convincing" he said teasingly before leaning over to kiss her again. So this is what heaven is like he thought.

----------------------Half an hour later-------------------------------------

Carter and Abby had been tired and since had fallen asleep on one of the gurneys. Abby's back was up against Carters chest and he had one arm around her waist which was also intertwined with her hand. Carter awoke first and enjoyed the feeling that the woman he loved was asleep in his arms. He watched her sleep. Little did he know that she was awake too. Susan walked in quietly thinking they were both asleep. She didnt really want to wake them but she had too. As she walked over she noticed Carter was awake and watching Abby sleep. How cute she thought. Carter motioned for her to be quiet then whispered..

"I dont wanna wake her.....she's tired." he said

"I can have you told her?"

"Told her what?" Susan gave him a look

"Told her that your rich." she said sarcastically..."told her that you love her you ass!"


"Why not?"

"Because....I just got up the nerve to kiss her...I don't wanna scare her off with declarations of love already. I just got her, I cant lose her that quickly." he said glancing at Abby. "I mean look at her, shes beautiful, smart, strong, witty, and for some strange reason shes not objecting to dating me...."

"Maybe I should give her a head CT" Susan joked.

"Funny Susan...real funny" he said

"Maybe shes right." Abby said jokingly causing Carter and Susan to jump.

"Hey...your up" said Carter nervously..."How long have you been listening"

"Not long" she lied..."just around the time when you said 'for some strange reason'...and so Susan...good news for us?"

"Yea, you are both clear, you can get outta here." she said before leaving.

"Well thats good" said abby..."oh and by the way, you shouldn't find it so strange that I wanna be with you" Abby said before getting up off the gurney and grabbing her coat. Carter smiled then jumped up and grabbed his coat. As they walked out the doors and into the ambulance bay Carter mustered up his courage and took a chance

"Ya know, Abby, I dont really wanna go you wanna grab some coffee and treat?"

"No.....I need to take a shower." Carter looked disappointed until she added "care to join me?"

----------------------The following morning---------------------------------

Abby looked at the clock. 8:13 it glared. She didnt have to be on till 11. She then looked over at the sleeping figure next to her. She couldn't help but smile. He was so cute when he was sleeping. He didnt have to be on till 11 either so she figured she'd go make some breakfast. She quietly hopped out of bed and threw on her robe. She headed straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth and make sure she looked ok. The minute she got up and out of the bedroom, Carter sat up. He threw on some long pajama pants he found and put his beater back on. He then went into the kitchen, put on some coffee and started making eggs. Abby emerged from the bathroom and immediately smelled the eggs.

"Carter....what the?" she said as she entered the kitchen...."you cook?"

"Yea" he said simply not taking his eyes off her

"What?" she said self consciously.

"Nothing.." he said smiling and still staring at her

"Carter in about 5 seconds I'm gonna hit you......hard."

God I love the fire in her carter thought. "I was just thinking how beautiful you look." he stated. Abby hit him playfully. "Owww" he cried. "What was that for?"

"Can it Carter...I already slept with you." she said jokingly...but she looked up at him smiling. "Thank you" she said softly.

"Geez I'm gonna have bruises every time I compliment you.....and your welcome...but its the truth." he said. Abby blushed and busied herself setting the table and pouring coffee. They ate in silence but shared many glances throughout the meal. They finished eating around 9.

"We still have two hours till we're on." Carter said sitting on the sofa "Wanna watch some TV?"

"Sure." Abby sat down next to Carter on the couch and he immediately wrapped his arms around her and they both stretched out so Carter was propped against the end of the couch with his feet stretched to the other side. Abby had he back up against his chest and her head rested on his cheek. He had his arms around her waist holding both her hands in his. Pay-Per-View was showing Moulin Rouge and it was almost near the end, so they decided to watch it and then get ready for work. By the end of the movie Abby had tears streaming down her face. She turned her head and looked at Carter with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Sorry...I always.." Carter silenced her with a finger and gently wiped her tears away and then kissed her forehead.

"I guess I just wish someone would love me like that." Abby said quietly.

"I love you like that." Carter said just as quietly but not fully realizing he had said it. Abby was shocked to say the least. True she had heard him talking to Susan but it was nothing compared to hearing it like this. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Carter was starting to get a little nervous. Finally Abby came out of her trance and looked at Carter. Carter breathed a sigh of relief. He face said it all, but he still wanted to hear it so he waited.

"I love you too John" she breathed before leaning in for a kiss so soft that their lips were barely touching. They stared lovingly at eachother for a moment until Abby got a quick peek at the clock. It glared 9:55.

"Uhh...carter...we need to get ready." she said. They both got up and began to get ready. At 10:45 they got into Carters car and headed to work. On the way there Abby spoke.

"Carter, how are we gonna handle this today?"

"Handle what?" he said innocently

"John! I'm serious." she said through a laugh.

"Ok ok...leave it to me." he said mischievously.

"Why does that not make me feel any better?" she asked. They both laughed as they pulled in at county. As they walked towards the door, Carter grabbed Abby's hand.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yea" she said unconvincingly. Carter laughed and the walked in. A quick glance around told him who was on and he was happy about who was on. A lot of people were getting ready to go which meant a lot of people would witness his plan. Frank, Jerry, Haleh, Chuny, Susan, Luka, Weaver, Deb, and Gallant stood by the admit desk. Jerry, Haleh, Luka and Deb were getting ready to leave. Someone walked in behind Carter and Abby and a big gust of wind came in with him causing the staff to look towards the door. Carter knew this was it and before Abby could say anything he turned her towards him and started kissing her. While he was kissing her he heard the unmistakable clank of a patients chart being dropped. When he finally pulled back, he grabbed Abby's hand and led her to the lounge. He looked over his shoulder and saw the open mouthed gaps from his coworkers and he especially enjoyed the shocked look on Lukas face. When the lounge door was closed he looked at Abby who looked equally surprised. 

"So much for subtly" she said laughing.

"I'm not one to be subtle." Carter said then added "especially about you" They kissed then put their coats away and walked out of the lounge. They were greeted by clapping and Chuny's comment "Finally!" Everyone laughed and then weaver came up and said

"This is not a social event, everyone back to work!" she then walked away but not before giving a smile to Carter and Abby.

"Well, some things never change" joked Carter. They gave eachother a quick kiss before separating to start their day of work. We really are going to be ok thought Abby.

End of Part 1. I don't know if I'm going to make Part 2. I could really use some feedback cuz this is my first fanfic and I probably suck at it!!! Sorry...but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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