The Graduation Letter

CATEGORY: EC/Other (Ella Greene)
ARCHIVE: yea sure
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sad but sweet
SUMMARY: It's Ella's high school graduation and she opens one of the letters that Mark had Elizabeth write for Ella.

Dear Ella:

Well, you made it to your high school graduation. I am so proud of you!! You worked hard, and I'm sorry I couldn't be here for it. I know your mother loves you more than anything and l love you too!! I was so happy and excited when you were born and sad when I realized I would not be here to see you grow up. But I know that your mom is very proud of you too and will do any and everything for you. I also know that you have TONS of people from County behind you as well. They are all proud of you too and are all there for you. Carter, Susan, Abby, and everyone else all love you very much. I hope you enjoy your day with your mom and all of your close friends and family! Also know that whatever you do and wherever you go I am ALWAYS with you. Congratulations Honey!

I Love You!,

... Ella read this after she got back home with her mom and friends. With tears running down her face she went up to her room for privacy and to change. Once up in her bedroom Ella's sat on her bed and saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked so much like her father and missed him terribly. Ella had barely known him but her mother told her stories and showed her pictures of her father. Everyone form County talked about and told her stories too. Ella loved her mom so much and talked to her about any and everything! But Ella still hurt, she missed not having a dad. Moments later, still deep in thought she could hear everyone moving about downstairs, Ella was then shaken from her revere by a knock on her door. "Who is it?" she asked, "Mum" Ella heard her mom's crisp clear British accent through the door, "Come in" Ella replied wiping her face. "Hey, you OK sweetie"Elizabeth asked her daughter with concern,"Um yea, just..." Ella responded. "I know" Elizabeth said as she hugged her daughter and rubbed her back, "I am just gonna change and I'll be down in a minute," she told her mother. Elizabeth looked at her daughter, a young woman now, "Alright but if you need me...," she told Ella with a sympathetic smile, "I know"Ella said and gave her mom a hug. Elizabeth left and Ella shut the door, changing quickly into some comfortable clothes she stared at a picture of the three of them, her mom and dad and herself. It was taken just before Mark passed away. Ella had only been one or two, but still... She smiled and hugged the picture to her chest, putting it down next to her bed Ella proceeded downstairs to join her friends and family for her graduation celebration.

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