Happy New Year

AUTHOR: Lindsey
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RATING: PG-15 (strong language, pretty detailed sexual situation)
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DISCLAIMER: Don't own the characters, blah, blah, blah.... Song credit: 'Here Comes The Sun' (Harrison)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Not really a Luka Kovac fan... but this sorta just spilled out.  This may or may not be a one-parter, depending on the feedback I get
SUMMARY: The gang has a New Year's Eve party, where things get interesting....


"Here comes the sun... do do do do.... here comes the sun, and I said, it's all right..."  Susan was so wrapped up in her impromptu singalong with her copy of Abbey Road that she didn't hear her doorbell the first time it rang. 

"Hello?  Anyone home?"

Susan thought she heard voices.  Turning down the CD player, she listened.  "Susan?"

"Oh shit!"  Susan ran to the door, almost tripping over her coffee table in the process.  She opened the door to see Abby and Carter.  "Oh my god, I am so sorry!  I just had the music up too loud, I guess.  How long have you guys been out here?"

"Let's just say you have a very nice doorman," Abby said.

"Why don't you invite us in and we'll tell you?" Carter asked, dripping in sarcasm.

Susan stepped aside.  "Come on in, smartass."

Carter grinned.  "Why, thank you."

Carter and Abby stepped into the foyer of Susan's apartment.  "Here, let me take your coats," Susan said, reaching for Abby's jacket.

Handing her his coat, Carter couldn't help but give Susan a once-over.  "Ooooh, la la!  Planning on getting laid tonight, are we?" Carter smirked, eyeing Susan's figure flattering, black lacy number that was cut 'to there'.  "If I can help it," Susan shot back.

"Susan, is there anything I can help you with?" Abby asked. 

"Um, you know what?  I've actually got everything all ready to go.  Thanks, though," Susan replied.

After a few beats of awkward silence, Susan ushered them into the kitchen.  "Make yourselves at home," she said.  Just then, the doorbell rang.

"You have a lovely apartment," Abby stated.

Susan smiled her thanks as she headed for the door.  "Luka!  Come on in," Susan smiled, blushing slightly.

"Thanks," he smiled.  "I... I brought some champagne."

Susan took it graciously.  "Thanks, I'll just put this on ice.  Um... let me take your coat.  Abby and Carter are in the kitchen if you want to join them."

Susan took Luka's coat in her bedroom and laid it next to the others.  She had to stop and catch her breath.  She'd never noticed it before, but there was something about Luka tonight that made her want him desperately.  She hadn't had such a rush - especially without a warning - in years.  And she wasn't even drunk yet.

"Susan!  Some type of timer is going off in here!" Abby shouted from the kitchen.

Susan snapped back to reality and joined her guests.  "Sorry," she said.  "I-I had to make a phone call."

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Luka staring at her with those eyes.  Those eyes.  Those eyes were on her and only her.

"Um, Carter, would you mind putting some music on?" Susan asked, fixing a forgotten plate of appetizers.

"Sure," Carter said, hopping off his stool and heading toward the living room.  "Hey, Abby.  You wanna come help me?"

"Yep," Abby replied, hot on his heels.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Abby whispered, "What's with those two?"

Carter looked up from the CD holder he was sifting through.  "What?"

"Susan and Luka!" Abby hissed.

Carter glanced toward the kitchen.  "What about 'em?"

Abby let out a small laugh.  "I can't believe you don't see it," she said. 

Carter glanced toward the kitchen.  "See what?"

Abby sighed.  "Well, let's just say that if things get any worse, we're gonna need a fire extinguisher."

"Really?  Susan and Luka?"

"I don't know.  All I know is that he was definately checking her out, and something tells me that she wasn't making a phone call."

"Huh...  That's weird."

"I know, I can't really picture them together."

"No, she has every Beatles CD except for Rubber Soul.  How can you not have Rubber Soul?" 

"Oh, you're hopeless!"

"So, Susan, did you have a good holiday?" Luka asked, sipping his drink.

"Well, I guess so.  I worked all day."

"Oh," was his only reply.  With her back turned, she couldn't see him staring at her.  He'd never really thought about it before, but looking back, he'd known it all along.  Seeing her tonight confirmed his desire for her.  He didn't even hear the doorbell ring, and was caught off guard when she suddenly turned around.  "Excuse me for a moment," she said.  He nodded.

'Was he checking me out?', she thought as she left the kitchen, flashing her most flirty smile.

When she reached the living room, the door was already open and Carter and Abby were saying hello to Jing Mei.  "Deb!" Susan smiled, greeting her friend.  "Hey, Susan, Happy New Year!"  "You too," she said, reaching for her coat.  Thank goodness another guest had arrived.  She had yet another opportunity to smell the cologne on Luka's coat.  "I see you've found yourself a couple of greeters," Deb said, gesturing at Carter and Abby.  "They're the best!" Susan stated.  "Although, they're supposed to be DJs, not greeters."  "Yeah, let's get back to that, shall we?" Carter said, placing his hand on the small of Abby's back, leading her back to the entertainment center.  Susan started to walk off with Deb's coat.  "Oh, Deb, make yourself at home.  I'll be right back."

Five minutes later, Susan returned to the living room to find it empty, save for the soft jazz wafting out of her speakers.  Walking into the kitchen, all heads turned toward her.  "Takes five minutes to put a coat away, huh?" Carter asked.  Susan smiled.  "I had to use the restroom."

Throughout the night, several personal friends and colleauges came and went.  At 11:57, everyone gathered around the television in the living room to share the final 3 minutes of 2002 with Dick Clark and his 'New Years Rockin' Eve'.  "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"  Everyone kissed and hugged.  Susan and Luka just happened to be standing next to each other.  Susan felt a hand on her shoulder and two seconds later, she felt someone kiss her.  Not just the traditional 'Happy New Year' kiss, either.  A deep, passionate one.  "Happy New Year," she heard a Croatian voice whisper.  Her breath caught in her throat and she thought she'd died right there.  "Yeah... Happy New Year," she said, breathlessly.

The party began to break up around 3 AM, with everyone telling Susan how great a hostess she was and how much fun they'd had.  Luka, as Susan had hoped and expected, was the last to leave.  He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked around her living room nervously.  "I guess I'd better get going," he said.  "I don't want to outstay my welcome."  "Never," Susan said, leaning against the kitchen doorframe, smiling.  "I'll get your coat," she said.

Susan took as much time as she could getting to her bedroom.  "Need some help?"  Susan turned to see Luka in the doorway and laughed.  "No, I think I got it."  "You sure?" he asked, stepping into the dimly lit room.  "It's cold outside..." she stammered, handing him his coat.  "Yes," he replied, not-so-accidentally brushing his hand against her arm, letting it linger.  They were so close, she could taste the alcohol on his breath.  "You've gotta walk home... you don't want to catch cold and... get... si..."  Her words were lost as their lips touched.  Luka wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. 

Finally their lips parted.  "Stay," Susan whispered, trying to catch her breath.  "I'm not going anywhere," he answered, sitting on her bed.  "Come here."  She obeyed and he slowly caressed her body, moving his hands up and down the sides of her dress as she ran her fingers through his hair.  "I want you," she purred.  He slowly stood, never taking his eyes or hands off her as he slowly turned her and just as slowly unzipped her dress, letting his hands slip inside.  He kissed her neck as he found her breasts, caressing each one with his fingers.  "Oh Luka..." she moaned.  In response, he laid her on the bed and slipped off her bra and underwear.  As he began undoing the buttons of his shirt, she stopped him.  "No, let me do that."  She undid his belt buckle, letting her hand find the prize underneath.  Kissing him, she started undoing the buttons of his shirt, kissing his chest as she went.  Overcome with passion, Luka gently guided her chin so that they were at eye level with each other.  He smiled as he kissed her, slowly at first, then with so much passion Susan thought she would explode as she wrapped her legs around him, pressing herself to him.  "I want you inside me," she whispered, yet again running her hands through his hair.  Luka eagerly obeyed, leaving Susan more thrilled than she ever imagined. 

As they held each other hours later, after making love again, Luka whispered "Happy New Year."  Susan just laughed.  If the night they had just spent together was any indication, it was going to be a very happy new year indeed.

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