Her Inner Demon

AUTHOR: Sylvia
EMAIL: ellaspyrka@yahoo.com
RATING: PG. Sensitive topic though.
SPOILERS: Sorry, none.
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DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters, they belong to NBC and Warner Bros. I wish they were mine, but their not. I'll have to deal with it...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Many thanks to my Religion class teacher, without her boring classes, I wouldn't have the inspiration to write these!
SUMMARY: Abby fights with her addiction.

~*~ Her Inner Demon ~*~

Just one sip, he would never know, right? She meant it to convince herself. Yet is wasn't working, she felt guilty. Abby hadn't had a drop of alcohol in ages. Just for Carter, but now he was gone, with his father in some far away place. She was alone. He hadn't called in days. She felt lost and abandoned without him. The bottle haunted her. It stood there, glaring at her, calling her name. No. She wouldn't do it. Yet, as she put the glass to her lips and tasted the sweet, yet tangy substance, her will gave in. This was her demon. It won.

As she finished the bottle, which started out as a sip, the phone rang. She was scared to answer it. She knew who it would be. But yet she answered it.

"Hi, Carter."

She knew she sounded drunk. So did he.

"Abby, have you been drinking?"

Could she lie to him? Her mind was saying no, yet her body said yes.

"No. You know I haven't touched a drop in ages."

She lied to him.

"Abby, I want you to call Luka, and go with him to the AA meeting..."

Luka? No. Never.

"Carter, I haven't been drinking."

She was getting mad.

"Forget it Abby. I'm catching the next flight back to Chicago."

She didn't want that. She didn't want him to see her like this again.

"No, Carter. I'm fine."

Why did she lie? Why did she say she was fine? She knew she wasn't.

"No you're not, Abby. You're an alcoholic, and you need help."

This was it Carter. You have pushed me way too far.

"I'm not an alcoholic. What's so wrong about having a drink once in a while to relax and have a night alone? You don't live my life. You want to control me, yet you never will. If you can't trust me, then maybe we shouldn't be together... I'm sorry, I love you, but trust is more important to me."

She hung up the phone. Her inner demon had won again yet once again. Ruined her life yet once again. She looked out the window as she grabbed the bottle on the table and threw it out. Not again. Not ever.

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