If Tomorrow Ever Comes!

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Not to give the game away, but this is my own little homage to "Groundhog Day". I've been rolling this around for a while but am still a little unsure so feedback will of course be appreciated to let me know whether to keep going or not.
SUMMARY: John Carter is experiencing the longest day of his life…over and over and over, until he realises who he is meant to be with.

Part 1

The alarm rang incessantly, waking John Truman Carter up with a start. He sat up quickly in bed and shot his hand out of the covers to hit the snooze button with force. He blinked rapidly and rubbed his hand across his eyes as he tried to focus on the numbers that were flashing on the display.

*6.30 a.m.*

He groaned and fell back against his pillows. He didn't remember setting the alarm last night: it was Sunday and he had the day off, so he had been planning a long lie-in and a healthy dose of self pity over the fact that Susan had dumped him the day before. He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes and then sighed in frustration at his inability to get back to sleep. He decided to get himself something to drink from the kitchen so he dragged himself up to a sitting position and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

As he made his way towards the kitchen he started to think about the sexual harassment seminar yesterday and the reason Susan had dumped him in the first place. She was right, of course, there wasn't really any spark between them. It had just been convenient for both of them to be together at that point in time; it was never going to be anything long-term or one of the great romances of all time. As for the other thing she had said, about him being in love with Abby, he wasn't so sure about that. Of course he "loved" her. She was his best friend, or at least she had been, but was he "in love" with her? If he couldn't admit it to himself he was certainly in no position to say it to her as Susan had suggested. He didn't want to ruin what they'd had for something that might be nothing. No, he'd wait and see how things developed.

He shook his head and gave a little laugh at how complicated his life was becoming as he entered the kitchen. He looked up and was shocked to find that he was not the only one awake early. He stopped short at the sight of his mother sitting behind the counter, fully dressed, with a cup of coffee in one hand and the other turning the pages of the early morning paper. She looked up from the paper over the rim of her glasses and smiled at him:

"Good Morning, John."

"Mom? What are you doing here: I thought you had to fly to Boston for a fundraiser?"

"I do. My flight leaves in an hour."

"It wasn't yesterday?"

"No, its today. I'll only be gone for three days so tell Millicent not to get her hopes up…Is something wrong?"

He shook himself out of his little reverie. "No, no nothing, its just I could have sworn you left yesterday. Maybe its just lack of sleep. I'll grab a glass of water and go back to sleep. I'm sure I'll feel better later."

"But don't you have to go to that ridiculous little seminar today?"

"No that was yesterday."

"But you said it was Saturday?"

"That's right"

"Then its today. Honestly John, I'm starting to worry about you if you don't know what day of the week it is! Well, I'd better be moving along if I don't want to miss the plane," she walked over to where he stood frozen by the sink and kissed him on the cheek, "and you'd better hurry or else you'll be late. Good-bye darling."

She breezed out of the kitchen and got into the car outside where Alger was waiting to take her to the airport, pausing only to collect her coat from the table in the hall. John remained where he was for a few minutes, trying to digest the information she had given him. He checked the date on his watch and, sure enough, it was Saturday. Wow, he thought, this is weird. I must have been dreaming. I lived the whole day. His heart rose at the thought that the whole day was a do-over, and that he had the chance to avoid the jealous confrontational behaviour that Susan had told him he had exhibited in his dream. At this his heart sank a little: Susan. If "yesterday" had just been a dream then they were still together. He wondered a little at why this did not make him as happy as it should have done. If anything he was disappointed, which only made him feel guilty. He checked his watch again and instantly snapped back to reality. He bolted up the stairs and headed straight for the shower. He had to be at the seminar hall for 8 o'clock and he barely had time to get washed and dressed before heading across town for the seminar. He wouldn't have time to collect Susan, but he gave her a quick call to say he was running late and they arranged to meet there. He got in the shower but immediately jumped out again as the water was freezing. He remembered something from his dream about the same thing happening, something to do with the pipes cracking due to the bad weather, but he brushed this off as co-incidence. He quickly finished getting ready before heading out the front door with 20 minutes to spare.

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