I Love Abby

AUTHOR: Dreamgirl
EMAIL: Dreamgirl_556@hotmail.com
CATEGORY: AL/SL with special guest and cast
RATING: R with adult language, adult situations and matured scenes
SPOILERS: I don't want to spoil the surprise so I'll let you read on about each character. The personalities of almost each character are different from what you've seen on "ER". This fic begins on Halloween night during "A Hopeless Wound" and from there, everything is owned by me. Dr. Nathan and Erin Harkins are excluded from this fic.
ARCHIVE: Yes, let me know where
DISCLAIMER: Just a fic about mainly Abby and another female doctor. I own no one but the special guest and patients in the ER.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is not a version of "I Love Lucy"! This is just a fic about mainly Abby just because I loooooove Abby! Gosh, I sound like her bi-polar mother when I get so excited about Abby, "ABBY, ABBY, ABBY, ABBY, ABBYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!" This is also about Susan but she comes in more often a little later.
SUMMARY: Special Guest, Dr. Jamie Howell enjoys working in the ER but there's something more that she enjoys! Then again, Dr. Howell goes through a relationship that makes her realize her real love!

Welcome aboard, Dr. Howell!

Halloween night. 9:58 p.m.

Dr. Jamie Howell was an intern transferring from Virginia to Chicago at Cook County General Hospital. She stood in front of the hospital, looking at the main entrance. Then she remembered the entrance of the ER was just behind the hospital at the ambulance bay. She walked around the hospital. It was a calm ambulance bay. Doctors and nurses were walking in and out. No ambulances were around. It was a cold windy night. The ground was icy. Chills went up Jamie's spine and started crawling up her skin as she entered through the entrance doors that opened automatically for her.

Jamie Howell walked into the ER. It was busier inside than it was outside. "Hmm, people must've walked or drove themselves here," she began to think, remembering there were no ambulances in the ambulance bay. Right in front of her was the admit desk as she walked forward. Jamie approached a big man, head almost shaved and he had on his reading glasses, reading a book. He looked up to her.

"Hi there, I'm Jamie Howell. I'm an intern and I'm supposed to be meeting Dr. Susan Lewis."

"Oh yes, I've heard of you," the desk clerk replied, standing up from his seat and putting down his book. He turned his back to scan quickly behind him. "Dr. Lewis is on call to trauma and she's working so -" Just then, a young woman with blond hair who was about in her mid-30s walked in.

"Hi Frank. If anyone needs me, I'm in the suture room with Carter."

"Dr. Lewis, this is Jamie Howell, she was looking for you."

Jamie came to the other side of the desk to face the female doctor directly then she reached out her hand. "I'm Dr. Howell. I'm an intern from Virginia. We spoke on the phone last night."

Susan Lewis took Jamie's hand and shook it. "Oh, yes. Hi, Jamie. I'm Dr. Susan Lewis."

"So I've heard."

"Listen, I have to go see a patient in the suture room so why don't we go in the lounge and I'll show you your locker."

"Ok." Jamie picked up her bag, swinging it over her shoulder while she followed Susan to the lounge as she showed her around.

"Ok, so this is the place where we make ourselves at home," Susan started.

"Does it have a bathroom?" Jamie teased to impress Susan with her sense of humor.

"Oh, so you're not only an intern, you're a smart aleck," Susan said with a grin. Jamie chuckled when Susan pointed towards one direction, "It's down the hall. We have a coffee maker, mugs, bring one of yours if you'd like, sink, fridge, table, couch, telephone and TV. And here is your locker."

Jamie went to the locker at the end. "Mine?"

"Yep, all yours."

"How long has this been empty?"

"Few months. We lost a doctor."

"Lost? You mean he died?"


"Oh, I'm sorry." With that, Jamie put her bag down on the floor and opened her locker. "Hey, where's my combination? It just opened!"

"Sorry, no combination. You just lift and pull, that's all there is to it. The doctor we lost, he had a brain tumor and he was married to one of the surgeons here at County."

Jamie nodded, putting her stuff in her locker. Then she looked up at a framed picture of a doctor who had short receding hair and glasses dressed in green scrubs and a white lab coat. On the bottom of the frame, it read "Dr. Mark Greene, M.D. 1964-2002."

"That's him," Susan pointed at the framed picture.

"Dr. Mark Greene?"


"Is his wife still working here?"


Just then, a woman in a white old-fashion nurse uniform and cap came in.

"Hello," she said. "Just getting some coffee. Carter needs you."

"Hi, Abby. Oh, Abby, this is Dr. Jamie Howell, she's an intern from Virginia. Jamie, this is Abby Lockhart, she's the head nurse."

"Hi, Jamie. Welcome to County."

"Thanks," Jamie said, giving the beautiful nurse a big grin and just watched her leave the lounge. Then a redhead woman walking with a crutch came in.

"Susan, Dr. Carter, needs you in suture room three," the redhead said to Susan.

"Ok, I'll be there. Dr. Kerry Weaver, this is our new intern from Virginia. This is Dr. Kerry Weaver, our chief resident."

"Oh, right, Jamie Howell, right?"


"Hi, nice to meet you. You settled in yet?"

"Just about. I even know where the bathroom is."

Susan smiled as Kerry turned to her.

"So you her supervisor?" Kerry asked Susan.

"Guilty as charged," Susan replied, teasing with her hands in her white lab coat pockets.

"Good. Stick with her," Kerry pointed at Jamie. "More sense of humor, less sarcasm."

Jamie snickered. Kerry smiled and winked at her.

"Susan, don't forget. Carter needs you in the suture room."

Susan jumped up on her toes. Oh, right, right, ok. Um, Jamie, why don't we go in the suture room and start a tour from there?"


Susan and Jamie headed to the door with Kerry leaving. "Do you want some coffee?" she asked.

"No, thanks," Jamie replied gratefully. Susan pulled open the door and let her out the lounge first.

"Ok, so you've seen the lounge and you saw Dr. Weaver, Abby and you saw Frank, one of our desk clerks, didn't you?"

"Yes, he stopped you to see me."

"Right, now we have three suture rooms. You know what it is and how to suture, right?"


"Ok, great."

Susan and Jamie turned to suture room three and found a young doctor suturing up an older woman, who obviously had a cut.

Susan said with a sigh, "well, it looks like we already got started. Maybe next time?"

"Sure," Jamie replied with a nod.

The young male doctor looked at Susan and stood up. "Hi, Dr. Lewis. Don't worry, I got her all stitched up," the doctor said. The doctor had his bottom part of his green scrubs on but a skeleton shirt on.

"Oh, great. This is Dr. Jamie Howell, an intern from Virginia. Dr. Howell, this is Dr. John Carter, the attending," Susan introduced us.

"Oh, so you're the John Carter I keep hearing about all night. You popular or something?" Jamie asked.

"Something like that," Carter grinned at her.

"Yeah. Nice costume."


Dr. Lewis turned to the old lady. The old lady had her hand on the table next to the suture kit with a drape over her hand.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Lewis. I'm sorry, I was supposed to help Dr. Carter but I had to stop for someone."

The older lady smiled. "Oh, that's all right. He is such a sweet man now. He fixed me right up."

"What happened?" Jamie asked the lady.

"Wasn't watching my finger while cutting a Halloween cake for my granddaughter. I used a knife too sharp."

"How old is your granddaughter?"

"She's eight."

Just as Carter was about to say something, two beepers went off.

"Called to trauma," Carter announced.

"Me, too," Susan nodded. Loud clamoring echoed in the halls.

"Sounds like more than just one. Maybe from a Halloween party. Happy Halloween, everybody," Susan said.

"Jamie, her daughter and son-in-law are in chairs. Why don't you run and get them? Bring them here," Carter told her. Then he asked the lady, "I'm sorry, what are their names again?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Brooks," the old lady replied.

Carter nodded. "Right, right."

Susan touched Jamie's shoulder. "Oh, right, and Jamie, after you do that, you have your own beeper. Go to Frank and tell him your name and you're an intern and he'll give you a beeper. Then just a pick an exam room to sleep in. Good night."

"Wait, that's it? No work?" Jamie asked, puzzled.

"No, it's late and you had a flight tonight. You don't want to get jet lagged in the morning. Tomorrow's a big day. Get that beeper and go to sleep. Someone will come in, wake you, and tell you what's on the agenda. Good night."

Carter and Susan left as Jamie heard Susan calling out to doctors. She left, too, to get the sutured lady's daughter and her husband and she escorted them all out. Turning her back around, Jamie called to Frank to at the admit desk.

"Hey, Frankie!" she yelled.

Frank looked up with a grumpy look on his face.


"He doesn't like the name Frankie. He was always called that as a little boy," a Chinese woman doctor said, putting a chart on the counter.

"Oh, sorry," Jamie said apologetically. "Um, Dr. Lewis said that I could get my beeper here. My name's Jamie Howell, an intern from Virginia." Without a word, Frank handed her a beeper and stepped away.

Jamie watched him step away. "Gee, it's just a name," she thought. She sighed.

The Chinese woman doctor held out her hand. "Hi, Dr. Howell, I'm Jing-Mei Chen."

"Hi, Dr. Chen," Jamie reached out to gently shake her hand. Then she had her eyes on Abby Lockhart, who was reading some papers.

Jamie leaned and spoke to Dr. Chen in a low tone. "So, what can you tell me about Abby Lockhart?"

Dr. Chen looked at the nurse behind her. "You met her?" Dr. Chen asked.

"Yeah, in the lounge. We didn't talk."

"What brought you here in Chicago?" Chen asked Jamie first before she forgets.

"Nice windy city. Lots of gays and lesbians than in Virginia."

"Oh, really? Well, you should talk to Kerry Weaver sometimes. She's very nice. I mean, a little temper but she's not bad."

"Yeah, I met her right after Abby in the lounge. What can you tell me about Abby?"

"Um…. well, she's the head ER nurse. She used to be an OB/Gyn nurse upstairs. Started out as a med student."

"Is she married?"

"Divorced." That was all Jamie needed to know with a smile as she leaned back off the counter.

"Well, I need to catch some z's. See you tomorrow."

"See you," Chen smiled. Jamie walked on, still watching Abby read her papers. Jamie had just bumped into an EMT who was pushing a gurney. Abby heard the thud and looked up with a smile.

The embarrassed doctor looked back at Abby and chuckled, waving. Abby waved back. Damn! She was beautiful! Jamie opened the door of an exam room. It was empty, dark and a cool, empty bed, covered with clean, white pearly sheets. She laid there on the bed and a second later, she heard a man and a woman talking loudly. Jamie had thought there was an argument going on then she got back up to see between the blinds of the window on the door.

Abby was walking after Carter, talking about his skeleton costume.

"Carter, I got my uniform all on now. All people can see on you is the top. You still have your scrubs pants on."

Carter turned to Abby. "Ok, hey, Abby. Want to see my whole costume?"

"No," the nurse replied, turning back to the admit desk.

"Here you go." Carter quickly pulled down the bottom of his scrubs. "Hey, look at me, I'm a skeleton, I'm going to get you!" he yelled out with his arms stretched out, walking like a zombie and growling. Abby laughed aloud and went back to the admit desk.

Jamie smiled and shook her head, turning back to the bed with a sigh.


It was a little early morning after Halloween. Jamie was just coming out of her sleep when she heard a click.

"Hey, Jamie." A woman's voice sounded into Jamie's ears. She was so exhausted from the plane the night before, meeting a few people and watching people run around the ER. Yet, it was still dark in the room as she felt cool air run through her body as if she was standing out in the ambulance bay. Jamie remembered it again when she first came in the ER. She turned her body over, from her right side to her back and with eyes still closed and tired, Jamie covered her eyes with her arm. Jamie moaned then when she remembered the voice she heard say, "hey, Jamie," she thought about Abby and hoped it was her, waking her up.

With eyes closed and arm slumped over them, Jamie searched with her other hand for the string to turn the light on. She groaned, half-asleep.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Hey, Jamie, good morning. It's Dr. Weaver," Kerry said. Jamie rolled her eyes with her eyelids closed in disappointment it wasn't Abby. "Oh, shit," Jamie mumbled under her breath so Kerry couldn't hear a word.

"Is it morning yet?" Jamie asked, arm still covering her eyes.

"You'll get used to it."

"What time is it?"

"It's ten after 8:00. Dr. Lewis told me it's your first day as an intern and you came in late last night and said not to wake you up too early."

"Remind me to thank her," Jamie said sarcastically.

"I'm heading off to Doc Magoo's. Want to come?"

"What's a Doc Magoo's?"

"It's a small diner right across the street. The staff and I always go there. Want to get breakfast?"

At first, Jamie didn't answer. Kerry shook her elbow.

"Hey, hey, I said sleeping in a little is fine but not that late. It's a big day."

Jamie moved her arm and sat up on the bed. "Ok, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Walking out of the exam room, Jamie looked at her waist to make sure she had her beeper on. She looked around the ER, saw people pouring in the place, and heard two sirens outside. As Kerry and Jamie exited the ER, Jamie hoped to find Abby. The attractive, petite woman any man could dream of was nowhere to be found. Kerry and Jamie stepped outside finding only one police car and one ambulance. Doctors came out as two paramedics opened the back doors of the ambulance.

While a doctor with a thick accent pulled out a victim on a gurney, he yelled out to Kerry, "hey, Kerry, your shift over?"

"I'm on till noon. I'm taking an intern to Doc Magoo's," Kerry called back and walked closer to Jamie.

"Have you met the whole staff yet?" Kerry asked.

"No. Who was that?"

"Dr. Luka Kovac."

"Interesting name and accent, can't be from around here."

Kerry smiled at the human figure on her side. "He's from Croatia."


The street was icy, cold, and busy with noisy traffic. It seemed like cars passed by endlessly. Across the street from them was a small diner with the name, "Doc Magoo's" on top. They could see through the windows people eating breakfast, having coffees and talking.

Going up the steps of the diner, the couple of colleagues entered in with people behind them, rubbing their shoes on the rug before stepping all the way in. Kerry led Jamie to the booth by the window while a waitress there handed them menus. Not paying much attention to the menus, Jamie looked through the window and saw a perfect view of the ambulance bay but the window was covered with cold air, looking like fog on the window.

Jamie finally paid attention to the waitress. "Hi, my name is Julie. I'm your waitress this morning. Would you like something to drink?" the petite, young waitress asked.

"Yeah, cup of coffee, cream, no sugar, please," Kerry replied then looked at Jamie.

Jamie looked up from the menu. "Ditto!" Jamie agreed in confidence. Julie smiled and walked away to give Jamie and Kerry a chance to chat.

Kerry put her arms on the table and leaned forward. Before saying anything, Jamie asked her, "So, any other international doctors or nurses in the ER?"

"Yeah, Dr. Corday, she's a surgeon upstairs."

"And the Chinese doctor, it's Dr. Chen, right?"

"Jing-Mei Chen, right," Kerry nodded. "No, she's an U.S. citizen, born here."

"Where is Dr. Corday from?"


"Hmm." Jamie nodded, slightly.

"So, what do you like to do?" Kerry leaned in more closer.

Jamie smiled, glancing out the window again. "I don't know. I just got here so we'll see."

Kerry chuckled in a way that it seemed like she was flirting. She gave out a quiet sigh as if she was thinking, "wow! She's cute."

"I met a nurse last night, Abby Lockhart. What's she like?" Jamie asked, sounding interested.

Kerry's smile slowly faded while almost looking disappointed that Jamie wanted to talk about another woman which reminded Jamie to question Kerry about her sexuality because of a hint Chen gave her the night before.

"Oh, she's nice. She's a good nurse," Kerry answered Jamie's question.

"Do you know of any gay or lesbian clubs here in Chicago?" Jamie asked nervously in case she was wrong about Chen's hint.

Kerry's smile returned. "Oh, yes, yes, of course, we have some here." A beeper beeped and Kerry immediately looked at hers. "Oh, shit, what do you want?" Kerry muttered under her breath.

Kerry sighed heavily. "Well, that's chief of surgery so I better go. He wants to talk to me now. If you know him, he gets all uptight when you don't give him something he wants."

"Oh, we don't want that then," Jamie said, leaning back, stretching her back.

"Ok, I'll see you around, Jamie."

"Ok, see you."

Kerry got up to leave, swinging her purse over her shoulder and grabbing her crutch when Julie returned with two cups of coffee.

"Hi, where's your friend?" Julie asked with a smile as Abby just appeared next to the waitress. Jamie's heart jumped.

"Hi, Jamie," Abby grinned.

"Hi," Jamie said to Abby. "Um, Kerry got paged, so it's just me and her," she said to Julie, pointing at herself and Abby back and forth.

"Will she be right back?" Julie asked, wondering what she should do with one of the cups of coffee.

"I don't know," Jamie told the waitress, still looking at Abby. What Jamie really wanted to say is, "I hope not."

"Well, what do we have here?" Abby asked, pointing at the cups of coffee.

"Coffee. Cream, no sugar," the waitress answered.

"Hmm. I'm sure Kerry won't mind. It'd be a waste to throw one in the sink and I don't think that Jamie should have two cups of coffee before work."

Jamie smiled. "Thanks, you're a life-saver."

Abby took the coffee from the waitress.

"Um, your order?" the waitress reminded Jamie, putting the other cup in front of her.

"Oh, I think I'll just stay with coffee. Nothing to eat."

Julie nodded with a smile and picked up menus from Jamie and Abby.

Abby raised her eyebrows. "So, no breakfast? Shame on you to start on a day like this."

"I'll get an early lunch. How'd the trauma go? Dr. Weaver and I saw Dr. Kovac and others bring in a victim."

"Oh, the patient will be fine. She fell off her footstool at home, trying to get to her cupboard. Sprained ankle, bruises on her knee and face. She's stable and Dr. Kovac is taking care of her," Abby explained, sipping a cup of coffee.

"Oh, that's good."

"So, you met Dr. Kovac already?"

"Well, not formally. Dr. Weaver told me who he was. He's from Croatia?"

"Yep. He's been through a lot. He lost his family in a war down there."

"Oh, he must be lonely sometimes."

Abby shrugged. "Well, he stays on top of his work. So, have you met the whole ER staff?"

"I pretty much doubt it. I only met you, Kerry, Susan, Kovac, Carter, Chen and Frank," Jamie told Abby.

Abby chuckled. "So just the doctors. I'm the only nurse you met. I have on my nurse staff, Haleh, Connie, Lily, Chuny, Yosh and Malik. If you were here a year ago, you wouldn't recognize Haleh. She lost some serious weight. Did a good job on it."

"Cool, have I met all the doctors?"

"Well, there's Gregory Pratt, Michael Gallant, Elizabeth Corday, and Robert Romano, he's Chief of Surgery and Staff. What a jackass."

"So that's why Kerry left quickly. Romano's the Chief of Surgery."

"Yeah, he's the biggest jerk here at County but we always put up with him."

Jamie remembered Dr. Mark Greene's picture framed above her new locker. "What about Dr. Greene?"

Abby looked at Jamie with a sad look on her face. "You mean the one who passed away? Did Dr. Lewis tell you?"

"No, no, I mean his wife. She said that she's a surgeon. I assume she works with Dr. Romano?"

"Oh, you mean Dr. Corday!" Abby anticipated. "Yeah, that's Dr. Greene's wife. We still call her by her maiden name, Dr. Corday."

"Oh, ok, I understand."

Abby nodded while sipping more of Kerry's coffee.

"So, you used to be an OB nurse."

"Yeah, who told you?"

"Dr. Chen."

Abby took another sip. Jamie listened while she sipped her coffee.

"Yeah, I started out as an OB nurse and then I was medical student down in the ER. I was one year short from graduating then problems with my tuition and ex-husband so I decided to go after a nursing career. So, Dr. Lewis' your supervisor?"

"Yeah, Dr. Weaver just pulled me out of bed this morning and I didn't see her then when I came down, she must be wondering where I am."

"Oh, I'm sure Dr. Weaver told her."

Jamie nodded.

"Drink up now. You have a big day today. You never know what's ahead of you."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's my flight, long night and I'm not used to sleeping in an exam room."

"You're not a medical student anymore. You're an intern now and you will be sleeping here a lot watching T.V., gulping coffees. You will basically be living here!" Abby exclaimed. Now Abby was beginning to sound like a boot camp leader.

Jamie looked at her as Abby was almost making a serious look on her face. Jamie laughed, almost choking on her coffee. Abby broke into a smile, laughing along.

"Well, I guess it won't be so bad," Jamie smiled. "Lewis and Weaver never told me. In fact, I think Dr. Weaver was flirting with me."

"Really? Well, she's like your boss now. She's gay, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know. I'm not very crazy about her. Don't tell her that."

Abby raised a hand. "Oh, I won't. Don't worry."

Jamie finished her coffee and sighed. She was glad to see Abby in the diner and talking to her.

"Well, Chen's the only one who knows."

"Know what?"

Jamie was about to tell her but Abby's beeper sounded. Abby looked at her beeper and looked out the window. Now three ambulances showed up in front of the ER across the street.

"Well, page to trauma," Abby sighed.

"And I've never been paged before just yet," Jamie replied in a little jealous tone. Just then, her beeper beeped, too. She bowed down her head.

Abby chuckled. "Spoke too soon."

Jamie looked at her new beeper and nodded. "Trauma here, too."

"Let's go. Time for you to work."


Abby grabbed her bag while Jamie left a tip on the table. Running out of the diner, they passed by the ambulances, went into the ER, and turned to the lounge to put their coats away quickly.

"You seen the trauma rooms yet?" Abby asked as they exited the lounge.

"Nope," Jamie answered.

"Ok, just follow me. Susan, what do we got?" Abby yelled out, following the third stretcher coming in.

"Jamie, where have you been?" Susan asked her, handing her and Abby yellow trauma gowns and gloves then grabbed one side of the stretcher with Kerry on the other side.

"Dr. Weaver took me out to the diner," Jamie replied.

With a sigh, Susan looked at Kerry, who heard Susan but avoided eye contact and changed the subject.

"Multiple traumas. MVA," Kerry started. "Mom and dad with a 14-year old-boy here. His name is Rodney. Rodney was in the backseat. No seatbelt. BP 110/91, pulse ox 88. No intubation, paramedics said the throat's swollen."

"Probably a cold or allergies," Susan suggested. "Jamie, no intubation, what's the alternative?"

"Uh, a crike," Jamie answered her supervisor.

"You know how to do it?" Just then, the four of them of them turned to trauma three.


A nurse was already in the trauma room as she stood on one side of the trauma bed.

"Ok, let's get him on the bed, intubation unsuccessful, Jamie will do a crike. Ok, on my count, 1, 2, 3!" Susan shouted. All five women grabbed the sheets Rodney, who was unconscious, was lying on and transferred him to the trauma bed. Two paramedics took the stretcher away so doctors could work on the patient.

"Crike tray!" Jamie called out. A nurse immediately handed her a crike tray and Jamie yelled out instruments to the nurse to do the crike. Susan and Abby exchanged impressive glances, observing her quickly.

"Ok, I got it!" Jamie announced. "Abby, ten of Hismanal, IV push now." Jamie walked over to Rodney's arm. "Uh-oh."

"What's wrong?" Abby responded.

"He's bleeding in the arm in the IV."

"His IV came out. Haleh, another IV, please. This one is no good."

As Jamie took out the old IV, Abby asked if she knew how to start a new IV.

"Yeah, I've done two or three," Jamie answered.

Kerry looked up. "Susan, take over the IV."

"She's done it before," Abby told her.

"Two or three isn't enough. This is not a teaching case."

"Kerry, she'll get it!" Abby shot back. Jamie looked at the two ladies then Abby looked at Jamie.

"It's ok, Jamie, go ahead," Abby said softly. Kerry looked back down, ignoring them.

At Jamie's first attempt, she got the IV in. "Got it!"

Abby smiled. "Good job!"

Susan asked Jamie, "Ok, so what do you want to do?"

"Get a CBC, Chem 7, crit, blood type. He's slammed in the lower abdomen; I want an ultrasound to check for any internal bleeding. Abby, how's the vitals?"

"Steady. Swelling in throat going down."

Jamie looked at the black nurse who brought over the ultrasound machine.

"What's her name?" Jamie whispered to Abby. "Black nurse with the ultrasound."

"Haleh," Abby answered.

"Haleh, turn on the monitor and turn it where I can see it!" Jamie ordered. Haleh put jelly on the radar as Jamie put it on Rodney's belly.

Susan watched the monitor. "What do you see?" she asked Jamie.

"A lot of bleeding in the spleen. Liver looks damaged. To confirm it, I want to use a tube to see if any blood drains. In the meantime, get a surgical consult. His liver is damaged, anyways."

Another nurse turned to call for a surgical consult as Jamie got started to see if there were any bleeding through the tube. It took a few minutes, which gave a surgeon time to come down. Blood started draining.

"He's bleeding internally. He needs surgery! Where's the surgeon?"

"I'll page again," the same nurse said. Before reaching the phone, the doors flew open and a woman with red curly hair and British accent in blue scrubs and cap bursted in.

"Need a consult?" the British surgeon asked.

"Dr. Corday, this is Jamie Howell, an intern. This is Dr. Corday, she's a surgeon," Susan said.

"Dr. Corday, 14-year-old Rodney's been criked, intubation failed. IV's in and his throat was swollen due to allergies. Ten of Hismanal was pushed. BP is 120/90, pulse is 92 now. Bleeding in the spleen, no clots indicated and liver seemed to be damaged."

Dr. Corday nodded. "So he's stable?"


"Sounds good. Let's go upstairs to the OR. Lily, tell them to clear up an OR. We're on our way. Thank you, Dr. Howell." Elizabeth Corday grabbed the trauma bed and dragged the unconscious patient out of the trauma room. Susan and Weaver followed Elizabeth out of the trauma room.

"Thanks, Jamie! Great job!" Susan grinned. Abby and Jamie were the only ones left in the trauma room. Letting out sighs, they took off their gloves and gowns.

"Yeah, nice job," Abby agreed.

"Thanks…. and thanks."

"For what?"

"For standing up to Dr. Weaver about that IV."

"Oh, I knew you could put it back in."

Just then, Carter and Luka appeared in the trauma room.

"Hey, guys," Abby said.

"Hey, how's the boy?" Carter asked, noticing the room was empty.

"Stable. Jamie fixed him up and he's up to the OR. Bleeding in the spleen."

"Oh, I see. He's the only one who survived then."

Abby paused before speaking. "The parents are dead?"

"Yeah, both of them," Luka said, with a sigh. He started remembering how he had lost his own family in Croatia. It just wasn't fair to him that someone would lose most of his or her family.

"Luka, this is Jamie Howell, she's an intern from Virginia."


Jamie nodded. "Uh, yeah, that's a state on the east coast."

"Oh, I see," Luka nodded also.

Abby looked at Jamie. "Um, Jamie, do you want to go and see if you can catch up with Dr. Lewis and tell her about the parents?"


"You know where the elevator is?"


"Ok, then come back. I got time for showing you around. You have time?"

"Uh, I think so. I'll ask Dr. Lewis but I think so."


Jamie walked out, tossing her gloves and gown into the trash then ran to the elevator. The day still had just started but it felt like a long morning to her so she managed to drag her slow feet over to find Susan. Susan came walking back from the elevator.

"Hey, Jamie!" Susan had a big smile on her face.

"Hi. Rodney make it to the OR?"

"Oh, Drs. Weaver and Corday just took him. I just watched him get on the elevator."

"Um, I talked to Drs. Carter and Kovac, they worked on the parents. Both of Rodney's parents are dead."

"Oh, no."

Jamie put her hands on her waist. "What are we going to do with Rodney?"

"Well, I've asked Dr. Corday to page me as soon as he gets out of surgery. I'll talk to him when he's out of surgery."


"Oh, I'm sorry… about Dr Weaver. I don't know what's gotten into her."

"It's ok. We've had our bad days. Abby wants to give me a tour but do I need to do anything first?"

"No, go ahead. We'll take care of everything. Take your time."

Jamie nodded then she turned around back to trauma three. Abby and Carter were standing there then he reached her waist and kissed her. Jamie's heart was full of disappointment and pain.

Fades out…

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