In Sickness and in Health

AUTHOR: Alanna diAblo
CATEGORY: Friendship/Romance
ARCHIVE: yes please.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own em, but my birthday is comming up...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: See end please.
SUMMARY: Carter's sick, and it's Abby's turn to play doctor.


My head is throbbing, my bones ache and I'm about to throw up, but it's the best day of my life.

"Good morning." I hear her soft voice comming through from the doorway to the bathroom. I smile slightly before I empty last nights' dinner into the tolit.

"Or not so good...What hurts?"

She's in nurse mode as she steps into the bathroom and kneels beside me on the cool floor. Her soothing hands are running through my hair and down my back, and I close my eyes letting them soak up the heat and sweat.

"Everything." I murmer.

For a moment I'm fine, and I smile at her through my feaverish gaze, then I turn back to the porcelin god and puke again. I'm sure I look very attractive at the moment. Abby rubs my back lightly as I spit out the sour taste of my insides.


"Hmm?" She flushes the tolit, puts down the lid and sits down on it. My head finds it's way between those hands of her's again, seeking comfort in herr touch.

"God, Carter, you're burning up." I nod, and she gets up to go to my medicene cabinet, searching for a thermometer.

"Seccond shelf on the right." I croak. Abby comes back, and I stick the thermometer in my mouth, the cool metal almost stings my tounge. It beeps.

"One hundered and one. Do you have any Advil so we can get your feaver down?" I give her a look. "Sorry." Her sarcasam laces the word. Insert her eyeroll here. "Tylonol?" I nod again and she gets up and finds it, bringing me a cup of water along with two large gel caps. I swallow the water eagerly, at this point anything cold is good.

"You should get into bed, do you need to throw up again?"

I shake my head and let her help me up and to my bed.

 The sheets are tosstled around a bit from the previous night's activities. The sheets heat up under my body like I set fire to them. I have to keep rolling around to find cold comfort.  As hot as they make me, they sure  smell good. They smell like Abby. And me. Together. I enhale the scent and hold onto it, savoring it like it will evaporate under the heat of my feaver.

Abby comes back into my room with a makeshift emerson's baisin, and catches me smiling. She quirks an eyebrow up at me.


"It smells like you." I can see her blushing.

"Really?" She tries to pass it off, but I can see her biting her lip to keep from smiling. I grin at her and she walks over to me and sits at the edge of the bed, taking my hand in hers. The bowl she brought is placed on the floor.

"Are you feeling a little bit better?" I whisper a yes, and she squeezes my hand.

"Abby?" I mutter.

"Shh, you need to rest." She sits with her back against the headboard of the bed, and cradles my head in her lap. Her small fingers caress away all anguish. When she slows down a bit, I reach up for her wrist and I kiss her on her palm. It seems a little strange, but neither of us care.

"Go to sleep now. I'll be right here." I go to sleep, and I let her voice lead me there.

I wake up a few hours later, feeling better. I slowly turn my head up to see that she has fallen asleep against the headboard. I shake her thigh to get her to wake up. I figure she must me uncomforable. Her eyes flutter, the brown of them sending chills down my spine.

"What's wrong Carter? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"You looked uncomfortable. Why don't you come down here?" I pat the bed space beside me and she complies, proping herself up on an elbow beside me. Abby reaches to my forehead, feeling for my temperature.

With those hands against my skin again, I feel everything bad leave my body

"Hmm, your feaver dropped. Do you feel better?"

"Thanks to you nurse Lockhart." I say, and kiss her on the cheeck. She laughs at that, tossing her head back as she does so.  "What's so funny?" I ask.

"What would I do without you to stroke my ego Carter?" I chuckle, and she curles up to my side like a cat, her head resting on my chest. I let out a sigh of content. I'm feeling much better.

"Abby?" I ask after awhile.

"Yes?" She says, then kisses my chest.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome. I'm glad you're feeling better. It must be a twenty four hour bug." She kisses my chest again, though longer this time, and I continue to stroke her hair.
" you." I slur.

She doesn't say anything. The only response is her body bobbing up and down, as she exhales. One of her slight smiles plays across her lips.

"I really do you know. I love you."

Abby hugs me to her small frame and snuggles against me, the heat of her body penetrating through two layers of clothing and hitting my own skin.

"I love you too Carter." She mutter's into my body.

It's so natural, the way we exchange those three words, but neither of us have uttered them until this moment. All it look was a feaver for me to come out and say I love you. Maybe the next time I'm sick, I'll propose.

She looks up at me, and we smile at each other. I lean down and kiss her softly on the forehead. Her skin is almost as soft as silk under my parched lips.

We smile at each other a little longer, then her head once more finds it's way back to that familiar place, right below my neck. I don't know if she plans to lay that way, or it just is what it is.

We fit together so perfectly, both physicaly and emotionaly. Of course we both have our flaws, but they're what make everything fit together so well. I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Carter?" She sounds worried. I must have been wandering into my thoughts a little to far to hear her call from the real world. But as soon as I do hear her, I'm instantly back at her side.


"I don't feel so good."

Then again, maybe I won't be the one proposing.

__La Fin__

Author's Note: Yah, I did write this when I was sick, ain't DayQuil grand? Thanks to the makers of DayQuil. Thanks to Sara (a.k.a C's) for being an AWESOME beta. Thanks to Incubus for making great music to write to. Thanks to Noah and Maura for playing their characters so well, thanks to the writers of ER for writing their characters so well (for the most part.) ::coughLUKAcough:: Yah, alrighty I'm done now. Oh yes, feedback would be swell. :)

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