Interactive: Paging Dr. Torres, Holosuite 2

AUTHOR: Anna Rousseau
CATEGORY: Crossover (Star Trek, Voyager) (Don't be put off, please)
RATING: PG-13 (language)
SPOILERS: Be Still My Heart
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DISCLAIMER: All these characters do NOT belong to me...but if TPTB at WB are reading, it's a month till my birthday...
SUMMARY: Torres steps into a holonovelisation of Be Still My Heart and takes on the persona of Emma Torres, third year med student, and feels very un-Klingonly emotional towards the events involving two photonic projections.

This is a shortie to set the scene :-)

Lt. B'Elanna Torres walked up to a wall mounted control panel outside the Holo Deck on the USS Voyager. It had been a long day in the Delta Quadrant: afew anomolous nebulae here and there, the obligitory alien attack and the seemingly daily hour long briefings with Captain Janeway in her dull but functional ready-room

What she needed was a few hours R & R in the holosuite: all those saved hours where going to give her a little fun. Torres scanned her personal preferences only to find most of her programmes deleted after the orbital skydiving incident, a matter she really didn't have the energy to think about at the moment.

She recalled that The Doctor had recommended a series of his favourite holonovels, something medical, based on a 21st Century television drama...what was it IR? OR? After searching the database for the programme she pulled up a list of holoprogrammes for a show called 'ER'.

"Hmmm, what to start with...?" Torres muttered as Lt. Tom Paris crept up behind her, unaware of her boyfriend's presence, "'Blizzard', 'Obstruction Of Justice'...who comes up with these titles...'Last Rites'...sounds like a Klingon ceremony to me..."

"Be still my heart!" Tom boomed as B'Elanna jumped in surprise, "If it isn't Miss Chief Engineer actually relaxing...take a hint though, watch out for that Kerry Weaver, think Janeway without caffeine and multiply the angst by Voyager's potential warp capabilities."

"You've tried this?" She asked, but he had disappeared.

B'Elanna turned back to the screen and looked at a familiar tiltle, "Computer, run programme Alpha Gamma 177121 section 06-13. Authorization Torres- Delta Psi Omega."

The computer's lifeless voice acknowledged her comand, "Programme running in Holosuite 2." B'Elanna downloaded details of the characters onto a PADD and studied the personas.

"Computer. New character, Emma Torres, medical student." She ordered a few costume specifications. She entered the holosuite, in a crisp short white labcoat, not sure of what was about to happen.


a) Our intrepid Chief Engineer walks into the ER and straight into the arms of one Dr. Dave Malucci.

b) Torres slips on some ice and is rushed into the ER.

c) Walks into the ER and into the middle of that fateful Valentine's party where we do a bit of getting to know the trauma team.

d) Torres gets pelted in the middle of Mark and Elizabeth's snowball fight and tries to calm her Klingon temper.

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