It Happened One Night

RATING: PG-13, I guess (only for swearing). Nothing much happens, I'm not Scotty. As for those of you who are going to flame me for writing this because it's "promoting the gay lifestyle" or some other homophobic elitist crap, I have two words: bite me.
SPOILERS: TIMELINE: Post "Rampage" Season 7.
ARCHIVE: Sure, just tell me where.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER, or anything else of value for that matter. Draw your own conclusions
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I blame the Sims for this one. Damn game sparked a few fic ideas (If you think THIS one is bad, just wait until you see the OTHER fic I have based on my Sim ER neighborhood). I put Doyle and Legaspi in my ER neighborhood and bam! Anyway, it got me thinking, and I figured that what the hell, I'd write a story about it. <G> I apologize for any inaccuracies, I have NEVER been in a lesbian bar and I am straight. Stop laughing dammit!
SUMMARY: Kim meets up with a former coworker after "Rampage"

What a day, she sighed tiredly. First that turd, Romano, had fired her, not to mention all the shit with Kerry. Why the hell couldn't Kerry understand that she didn't want to date someone who was ashamed of her? Was that too much to ask? Kim shrugged to herself, remembering that she'd fought too hard and too long to be accepted as who she was to have to put up with someone who was desperately ashamed of her. It wasn't like they were teenagers anymore, she was an adult and she wanted to have a serious adult relationship where she felt free to go out in public with her partner. Was that too much to ask?

She thought this all over as she headed into the bar, she wasn't in the mood to pick up someone per se, but she knew that she wanted to be around people who'd understand. In particular, women who understood, women who'd been there before. Besides, there was always the problem of having to deal with men hitting on her at the straight bars and she wasn't up being bothered with horny men and their penises tonight, which was more a Kerry thing. She stopped cold at the mention of Kerry, she certainly fell for her. What was not to like? Kerry is beautiful, charming, smart, and intelligent... and in the closet, Kim reminded herself. It was over. Hell, it was probably over from the start, she should have known better than to get involved with a woman so unsure of her sexuality that she denied everything in the beginning.

She made her way into the bar and took a seat at a booth in the corner. A good stiff drink would take her mind off of things. She flagged down the waitress and ordered a gin and tonic. Had she been in a better mood she would have noticed the number of other women looking at her in the bar and probably would have smiled at one of them. Yet, losing her job and the whole Kerry mess had put Kim into a bad mood and she sat there staring off into space.

"Mind if I join you?" a voice interrupted her thoughts.

Kim looked up and saw the smiling face of Maggie Doyle, a former resident at County. She'd run into the other woman in passing at work, but hadn't seen her in over a year.

"Maggie, yeah, slide in." Kim said gesturing to the booth.

"You know, Kim, that could be taken SO many ways." Maggie said with a laugh.

Kim was lost in her thoughts again though and didn't notice Maggie's comment.

"Hey, earth to Legapsi" Maggie waved her hand in front of Kim's face. She hadn't seen Kim in a while, but was stunned to realize how beautiful she still was. Maggie had always had a slight crush on her, but didn't think it was appropriate to hit on an attending while she was a resident. Of course, it was hard enough to be gay at County as it was while not having to worry about what the staff was saying about you and your girlfriend.

"Sorry" Kim apologized. "I had a bad day, I'm not going to be much fun"

"You? Not fun? I'll believe THAT when I see it" Maggie teased. "So what's wrong Legs, did your girlfriend break up with you?"

"Well, actually, I broke up with her..." Kim began.

"Was the bitch cheating on you?" Maggie said with a hint of anger in her tone. What sane woman would cheat on Kim? God, some people were just so stupid.

"No, no, nothing like that. She was - is - ashamed of me. Didn't want to come out." Kim said sadly thinking that while she missed Kerry she needed to be able to live with herself, and what she believed in.

"Ick" Maggie nodded sympathetically. "Dating the ones who won't admit who they are is the worst."

Kim nodded in agreement and took her drink from the waitress who brought it over. Again she was oblivious to the longing look the waitress gave her, but Maggie noticed and glared angrily at the woman.

"Is there something more, Kim? You seem beyond bummed tonight?" Maggie asked gently.

"Yeah... I was fired" Kim smiled bitterly

"What??" Maggie asked, shock preventing her from bringing her drink fully to her lips.

"Romano found a loophole" She sighed.

"That homophobic bastard!" Maggie sputtered angrily. Where did the little dipshit get off? First her, then Kim, who was next, Yosh?

"Tell me about it" Kim said tiredly, then finished her drink in one gulp.

"You know you could sue him, I did." Maggie replied. "You just need a witness... and that little lapdog Corday won't be of any help. I learned THAT the hard way." She snorted when she remembered that day in the lounge when Elizabeth Corday had sold her out for her own self-serving reasons.

"What's the point?" Kim shrugged. "I sue him, let's say I win. He makes my life hell. It's not worth it; I'll work somewhere else. Force the bastard to give me a good recommendation and go elsewhere."

"You HAVE to fight, you can't let that piss ant win!" Maggie protested.

"God, you sound like..." Kim trailed off.

"I sound like?" Maggie said, arching an eyebrow.

"Never mind" Kim signaled the waitress to bring her another drink.

"No, who, Kim?" Maggie insisted, looking the blonde in the eyes.

"It's a long story." Kim sighed. She did NOT need to think about Kerry now. Kerry, who couldn't admit to a soul that she was a lesbian but, insisted that Kim go through the media circus of a trial.

Kim's second drink came and she downed it as soon as it arrived then told the waitress to bring another.

"No, she WON'T have another" Maggie told the waitress.

"You're NOT my mother" Kim said with disgust

"No, but I am your friend, and I don't think getting drunk will solve your problems." She explained.

"Yeah" Kim relented. She knew that drinking didn't solve anything.

Maggie perked up as a slow song came on the jukebox. "Come on, let's dance"

"What? Here?" Kim looked around skeptically; it was just a bar, not the kind of place where people danced.

"No, in the street. Yeah, here." Maggie got up and pulled Kim from the booth. "I'll even let you lead"

"I should be honored?" Kim said with a trace of humor

"Well, I don't just let any girl lead" Maggie said mildly.

The two slowly swayed to the slow song and Kim realized it'd been awhile since she'd danced with anyone. Kerry was always too afraid to go out in public for fear of being seen. She'd missed out on a lot while dating Kerry. Maggie was, well, nothing like Kerry, she didn't hide who she was. She seemed proud of it.

Maggie couldn't keep the grin off her face as she danced with Kim. She'd dreamed so long of holding the beautiful woman in her arms. When her residency ended and she left County, she didn't think she'd ever have a chance again. Yet, here Kim was, in her arms, and smelling wonderful. She took a deep breath, the woman smelled of lavender and vanilla. Maggie wouldn't wear such a feminine scent herself, but on Kim, it was wonderful.

The number ended and the two reluctantly left each other's arms. Kim found herself lost in a pair of beautiful brown eyes. She'd never noticed before how attractive Maggie was. Maybe it was because she made a policy for herself to never date someone lower in the medical food chain because it didn't seem right. When she was a resident and they were both at County, Maggie was strictly off-limits. Yet, now... well, neither worked at County, and Maggie wasn't a resident. Her thoughts surprised her, but she realized that they seemed right to her in some odd way.

"Well, you're a great dancer, Legs" Maggie grinned and took a glance around the bar. The place was fairly empty.

"You're not so bad yourself, Doyle" Kim found herself answering back with a slight purr to her voice. She didn't just flirt with Maggie, did she?

Maggie's face lit up with Kim's flirting. She couldn't help but beam. The past few years had NOT been wonderful for her in the dating department. Her exes were well... not right. Not one of them had felt right for her, not one of them seemed to have what she was looking for. Kim, on the other hand...

"At the risk of sounding incredibly forward and probably pissing you off, how about we go out to get something to eat and leave this dive?" Maggie asked hopefully. Please say yes, she pleaded silently.

Kim blinked. Her flirting DID work. Further, Maggie was actually asking her out. It was a huge change from her spending the past few months practically pleading for Kerry's affection. It had been a long time since Kim had been with someone who went after what she wanted. She was incredibly turned on.

"How about we get take out and go somewhere more private?" Kim said with a grin.

"Nah, I prefer to give them a show" Maggie quipped, then pulled Kim in close for a kiss.

Kim was surprised by the kiss, but thrilled nonetheless. Maggie's lips were soft and sweet against her own, and she soon parted her own and felt Maggie's tongue ravage the inside of her mouth. She felt dizzy, it was wonderful, well, actually, beyond wonderful. Words couldn't describe it.

Maggie worried if she was going too fast until she felt Kim's lips part. She thanked God and fate and everything else mystical as she finally got the chance to discover Kim. She tasted alcohol, but Kim still seemed to taste better than anything Maggie had ever tasted.

When they finally came up for air, both seemed a little surprised by the passion of the kiss.

"Come on" Kim said playfully, taking Maggie's hand, stopping just for a moment to leave some money for her drinks and leading her out of the bar.

Maggie followed along happily and made a face at the waitress who'd been checking Kim out earlier. Once on the street, Maggie took the lead and headed toward her car. Kim looked at her questioningly.

"You've been drinking, you're not driving anywhere. I haven't had a drink." She thought for a second, and then added. "And we're going to my place"

Kim smiled as Maggie opened the car door for her. Yes, she could get used to this.

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