Knight and Dave

AUTHOR: Koistin
DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned dave, but I can't. Can I own lucy? cus, technically, she's dead.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is set in the current season, except lucy lived, and she and Carter aren't together anymore.
SUMMARY: Dave asks a girl out, and they actually say yes! hehe! (the first in a series)

"Ugh! I feel like my head's been put in a blender!" moaned med student, Lucy Knight.
"You'll get used to it!" smiled Dr. Dave Malucci, a young Hispanic doctor. "A few more parties with me, and you won't even get a minor headache!" he chuckled.
"I think I'll give the parties a miss for a while, Dave." With that, she picked up a chart, and headed of to see her first patient.
Dave gazed after her in awe of her beauty, until his train of thought was interrupted by Dr. Weaver shouting at him from the other side of the admit desk.
"Malucci! Quit staring at Lucy's ass, and GET SOME WORK DONE!" Dave cringed as the whole ER started laughing. *Thank God Lucy wasn't here to hear that* he thought, slinking away, like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.

Lucy checked her watch - it was almost time for lunch. *I think I'll go ask Dave if he wants to join me* she thought. So, she went into the Staff Lounge, and asked if anyone knew where Dave was. Nobody knew, so she decided to page him, and ask him to meet her at Doc Magoo's when he got a lunch break. She had just sent the message, and hadn't even managed to get her coat on, when a slightly out-of-breath Dave appeared at the door of the Lounge.
"Ready to go?" he asked.
Lucy just laughed, and walked through the door he was holding open for her.

When he was finishing his shift that night, he noticed that Lucy was just finishing as well. *I wonder if she would like to catch a movie tonight? * He thought. *Only one way to find out* He waited a few moments until she was alone, and approached her.
"Hey, Luce!" he started. "I was you a movie tonight? He stuttered, nervously.
"Yeah, um, sure!" Lucy said back, equally nervous. *Did Dave Malucci just ask me out? * She thought. *It's about time! *
The two young Doctors gathered their coats, and headed outside, into the pleasant Chicago summer evening.
"I'll pick you up at 8?" Dave asked.
"I didn't know you could drive" Lucy said, surprised.
"I don't. I mean, a cab with me in it will pick you up at 8!"
"OK! See you then," with that, Lucy walked towards the El station, and Dave hopped onto his bike, and cycled away.

True to his word, Dave picked Lucy up in a cab, and took her to the movies. Despite Lucy's protests, he paid for the cab, the tickets, the popcorn, and ice cream at a small ice-cream parlour near to the movie theatre. Lucy was impressed. No guy she'd ever gone out with had done that for her. When Dave was walking Lucy to the nearest El station (She'd insisted she get the train home - Dave had done enough) he told her that he couldn't let her walk home alone from the station. So, he got the train home with her, and was going to walk her home, and get a cab from her apartment to his. That was the plan, but he only got as far as her apartment...

"Didn't you wear that yesterday?" Carter asked Dave as he walked into the Lounge the next morning for his shift.
"Yeah. So?" Dave asked.
"Nothing" Carter said.
"Do you know where they keep the extra scrubs?"
"Yeah, I'll just get you them. Oh, by the way, where's your bike? Decide to get a cab?"
"No, I got the El" Dave replied.
*He lives nowhere near an El station* Carter thought, as Lucy came into the lounge.
"Hi, Dr. Carter. Hi, Dave" she said, grinning at Dave.
"Oh. OH!" Carter said, winking at Dave. "I'll just get those scrubs"
When he was gone, Lucy said to Dave, "What was that all about? Carter was acting really weird."
Dave, thankful for Lucy's attack of dumb blonde, said "Oh, nothing. You know Carter, he can be a bit weird at times." Changing the subject, he said, "I had a great time last night. We should go out again."
"Yeah, I had a great time too. Next time lets go to your place afterwards. I don't think my neighbours were to pleased about the noise we made, going to work at 6 am on a Saturday," she laughed, pulling Dave in for a deep kiss, just as Carter returned with Dave's scrubs.
"I've got patients to see" Lucy said, making a speedy exit.
"Well well well! I see you got some action last night!" Carter teased.
"You would know all about it, wouldn't you. You slept with her too. Just, please don't tell anyone about us. You know they'd gossip about us having sex on the first date."
"The FIRST DATE? Man, you move fast!" Carter laughed as he left the lounge, leaving Dave to get changed.
*I wonder where we'll go on our next date?* Dave thought, as he got changed.

At that same time, Lucy was talking the elevator up to x-ray. *I wonder where we'll go on our next date?*

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