Labor Pains

AUTHOR: Carrie L Verkman
CATEGORY: ER Women of Season 7
SPOILERS: Season 7, 6 and some for 8.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own know the stuff.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: A challenge brought to me by Jennyfur Graybull.
SUMMARY: Every woman in the ER is expecting twins in the hottest summer of Illinois history, except Kerry. What could possibly happen in a busy and hot hospital with four overly hormonal women?

This was a challenge sent to me by Jennyfur Graybull.  She asked me to write a story similar to my one called Baby Boom.  Here's the challenge:

*Must be Season 7 women only excluding Kerry.
*Every woman is pregnant with twins.
*Illinois is having the hottest summer they ever had. 

Labor Pains
By Carrie L Verkman
Chapter One

Nine months ago...

Elizabeth Corday stared at the pregnancy test she was holding.  Only one pink line appeared.  Disappointed, she threw the test and the box into the trash, quietly cursing to herself.  Taking a deep breath, she exited the bathroom to face her husband. 

"Well?"  asked Mark. 

"Nope.  Nothing.  We're not pregnant."  Elizabeth said, giving Mark a hug.  "I'm sorry." 

"Oh honey, don't be sorry!  Look, we can just try again."  Mark said. 

Elizabeth groaned.  "We've tried for over 6 months!  We'll never have a baby." 

"Not unless we use fertility drugs."  Mark suggested. 

"Are you serious?"  Elizabeth asked. 

"It's worth a try."  Mark explained.  "Come on, we both want a baby." 

"Okay.  One try and if I'm not pregnant, we're adopting one of those nice Chinese babies."  Elizabeth said. 

"Why Chinese?"  asked Mark. 


"Luka wait."  Abby said.  "Do you have--oh that feels so good--protection?" 

Luka paused and thought for a moment.  "No I'm fresh out." 

Abby looked at her boyfriend in disappointment.  "Well.oh what the hell?"  Abby kissed Luka harder and he moaned.  Soon the two of them were involved in noisy lovemaking that could probably be heard throughout Chicago. 


"When are you off?"  asked Jing-Mei. 

Frank, a.k.a. Super Nurse, looked at Jing-Mei and smiled.  "Right now baby." 

"Ooooh."  smiled Jing-Mei.  "Did I ever tell you what a nice body you have?" 

"You don't say it enough."  Frank quipped.  "Did I ever tell you about the time I was blessed by Monks after I climbed Mt. Fuji?" 

Jing-Mei was surprised.  "Was that before or after you went scuba-diving in the Mediterranean and found that necklace?" 

"After.  Then I went skydiving."  Frank flexed his muscles and Jing-Mei nearly hit the floor. 

"Oh take me now!"  Jing-Mei pushed him on an exam room bed and kissed him. 

Cleo Finch was bored.  Her boyfriend Peter was stuck in surgery, again, and was going to be late for their special anniversary dinner.  They were celebrating the anniversary of their first date, which was supposed to be at jazz club, but it ended up being talking over coffee. 

Cleo sat on her couch flipping through magazines while she waited.  Soon she thought of a great way to get Peter out of surgery.  She hadn't thought of this until now because she wasn't sure she was pregnant. 

"Can I talk to Dr. Benton please?"  asked Cleo. 

"He's still in surgery."  said a nurse.  "I can take a message for you if you'd like." 

"Tell him Cleo is pregnant, that's all."  Cleo smiled and hung up the phone. 

About 15 minutes later, Peter ran through the door of Cleo's house.  "Cleo, are you serious?" 

"Yes!"  Cleo wrapped her hands around Peter's waist.  "We're going to have a baby!" 

End Of Chapter One

Labor Pains
By Carrie L Verkman
Chapter Two

"Did you hear that Dr. Finch is pregnant?"  asked Haleh to the other nurses. 

"Are you serious?"  asked Lydia. 

"Mmm-hmm."  Haleh explained.  "And the new rumor is that she's got two buns in the oven." 

Just then Abby walked into the lounge where all the other nurses were sitting.  "Who's got two buns in the oven?" 

"Girl, didn't you hear?"  Haleh asked.  "Dr. Finch!" 

"Really?  Her and Dr. Benton sure are busy."  Abby said with a slight giggle. 
"Oh and you and Luka aren't?"  Chuni teased. 

Abby frowned.  "That isn't your business." 

"Why not?"  Chuni asked.  "We promise we wont tell.  We'd all love to hear what Luka is like in bed!" 

Abby gave the other nurses a sarcastic smile.  "Well...Luka and I...we might be pregnant." 

Lydia, Chuni and Haleh's jaws dropped. 

"Do you know for sure?"  asked Lydia. 

"No.  I...well I skipped my period last month, but I'm sure it's nothing."  Abby said.  "Besides, we're not ready for children yet."  Abby nervously ran a hand through her messy hair.  She turned and faced her locker so the other nurses wouldn't see her tears. 

"Come on."  Haleh said in a motherly voice as she put a hand on her shoulder.  "How about we get you set up in the suture room with Dr. Finch and see if you really are pregnant." 

"Thanks you guys."  Abby said wiping her eyes. 


Meanwhile, Elizabeth sat in OB with Mark, twitching her fingers nervously. 

"Calm down Elizabeth."  Mark said.  "Dr. Coburn said she was busy and would have the test ready for us a soon as possible." 

"I can't help being nervous."  Elizabeth said, now tapping her feet on the floor.  "What if the fertility drugs didn't work?" 

"Dr. Coburn said there was a 65% chance we'd get pregnant."  Mark said, putting his hands on Elizabeth's knees.  "Now stop moving!" 

At that moment, Dr. Coburn entered the waiting room where Mark and Elizabeth sat. 

"Well?"  Mark and Elizabeth said together. 

"Positive."  smiled Dr. Coburn.  "You're going to have a baby!" 

Elizabeth hugged Mark.  "We're finally going to have a family!" 

Back down in the ER, Kerry Weaver hobbled about the admit area with a stern look on her face. 

"What's wrong Dr. Weaver?"  asked Carter, who was checking his labs. 

"I just found out that Dr. Corday is pregnant."  Kerry said. 

"So?  What's so bad about that?"  Carter said.  "I heard Mark and her were trying for a long time." 

"That means we'll be short on surgeons for a while."  Kerry explained. 

"And pediatricians."  Cleo walked up.  "I'm going to have twins next summer Dr. Weaver!" 

Kerry's face turned pale.  However, Carter walked up to Cleo to congratulate her.  "Congrats Dr. Finch!" 

"Thank you Carter.  It's nice to know some people appreciate this joyous occasion."  Cleo said while glaring at Kerry. 

Kerry ignored her and pulled down the patient board.  "Wh-why-is Abby a patient in the suture room?  Is she hurt?"

"No."  Abby said.  "I'm pregnant!"  She showed Dr. Weaver the sonogram photo. 

"Is that-" Kerry asked.

"Yup."  Abby said triumphantly crossing her arms.  "Twins." 

Cleo and Abby hugged.  The nurses and Carter clapped for them.  Kerry was the only one who wasn't clapping. 

"Well, I must say that is this definitely a remarkable coincidence.  Two of my employees having twins, but do you realize how much of a problem this is going to be for the ER staff?"  Kerry asked.  "Do you realize that I will have to make the nurses work more overtime?  Do you realize that I will have to ask the other doctors to constantly be on call during your absence?  Do you not-"

"Oh can it Kerry!"  said Cleo.


"Luka, are you home?"  asked Abby as she walked into the hotel room. 

"I'm home."  Luka said, walking out to greet her.  He kissed her.  "I missed you today.  Where were you all day?  Hiding from me?"

Abby laughed.  "No.  I actually have some good news for you.  You like kids right?"   

"Yeah why?"

"Well look."  Abby showed Luka the sonogram photo.  "What do you see?" 

Luka smiled.  "I see...I see my two children!"  He turned to Abby.  "And here I see their mother." 

"You're not upset?"  Abby asked. 

"No of course not!"  Luka said.  "This is wonderful!"  He and Abby kissed. 


The next day, Kerry was sitting in the lounge with Mark discussing the news they had just heard. 

"Why are you so worried?"  asked Mark.  "The nurses have agreed to work more overtime and take Abby's shifts if they have to, and I talked to the other doctors and they agreed to put in more time if they have to also.  Luka, Peter, and I will still be here even if our significant others are at home playing mommy." 

"But we will be in over our heads on busy days!"  Kerry said. 

"Do you not have a soul?  I can't believe you're so upset about a couple of people having babies!"  Mark said throwing his hands up in the air. 

"I'm not upset at all.  I'm looking at this from an administrative sense."  Kerry said calmly as she folded her hands together. 

Mark was upset.  "I sure hope you go sterile and never have babies!" 

"I hope your kid does drugs and smokes and rebels!"  Kerry retorted. 

"Kids Kerry."  Elizabeth is having twins."  Mark said before leaving the lounge.  He nearly ran into Jing-Mei, as she was entering the room. 

"Am I...interrupting something?"  Jing-Mei asked. 

"No, no of course not Dr. Chen."  Kerry said.  "We've just got a small problem.  Elizabeth, Abby and Cleo are all pregnant.  With twins.  Can you believe it?" 

Jing-Mei gasped.  "Wow.  What a coincidence.  I guess they're not alone." 

"What is that supposed to mean?"  Kerry asked. 

"Oh...I came in here to tell you I'm having a set of twins too."  Jing-Mei said quietly. 

"Not you too!"  Kerry stormed out of the lounge. 

End Of Chapter Two

Labor Pains
By Carrie L Verkman
Chapter Three

Elizabeth, Abby, Cleo and now Jing-Mei, were six months into their remarkable pregnancies.  Everyone was shocked that the four women were having twins.  Despite the miraculous event, the ER continued to operate as usual, with some interesting events of course surrounding the expectant mothers.


"How did you manage this cut?"  asked Jing-Mei, as she began to suture a young man's arm. 

"Well it's kind of an embarrassing story."  the man said. 

"It's okay."  said Jing-Mei, adjusting the suture tray beside her due to her bulging belly.  "I'm sure I've heard worse." 

"Well I was climbing up my girlfriend's fire escape."  explained the young man.  "I was carrying roses in one hand and trying to climb with the other.  It was our anniversary and I wanted to surprise her on her veranda." 

Jing-Mei started to cry.  She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. 

"Are you okay?"  asked the man. 

"Yes I'm okay!"  Jing-Mei said through her sobs.  "Stupid hormones." 

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry or feel bad." 

"No, that's just the most romantic thing I have ever heard in my entire life!"  Jing-Mei sobbed louder.

Abby was sitting at the admit desk, quietly reading a baby magazine when Dr. Dave came up to her. 

"Can I help you?"  she asked, annoyed. 

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?"  Dave said.  "You know, I may be a resident, but there's always room for learning more.  And since I'm a guy, well I don't know about babies and such."

"Oh okay."  Abby said.  "What do you want to know?"  She smiled at the fact that someone was finally taking notice of her OB training.

"Is it true you can have sex up until the third trimester?"  Dave asked.  "Cause aren't women supposed to be extra hormonal and-"

Abby gave him a mean look.

"Well I just meant...I didn't...I gotta go!"  Dave ran off. 

Abby sighed and went back to her magazine.  "I hope you never have kids Dave Malucci."


Elizabeth Corday waddled around the ER with a tired look on her face.  She walked into the lounge and threw her tired body onto the couch. 

"Can I get you something Dr. Corday?"  asked Carter. 

"No.  Unless you know how to induce labor!"  she said groaning. 

"I heard that sex can sometimes cause labor to begin."  Dr. Carter said with a chuckle.  "But I think that's an old wives tale." 

Elizabeth didn't need to hear anymore.  "Oh who the hell bloody cares?"  Elizabeth ran up and kissed Carter.  Mark walked in. 

"Elizabeth!"  Mark said with a shocked look.  "Carter?" 

"Sorry Mark, but Carter said that sex induces labor and I'm tired of walking around like this!  Look at me!"  She pointed at her large belly. 

"Still you shouldn't have kissed Carter!"  Mark said. 

Carter, who was trying slip out of the lounge unnoticed, couldn't get away that easily. 

"Hey, I'm not done with you!"  Mark grabbed his arm.  "I hate seeing Elizabeth in agony.  But you didn't have to kiss her!" 

"She kissed me first!"  Carter said. 

"Is that true?"  Mark said, glaring at Elizabeth, who nodded guiltily. 

"I think I'm getting a headache."  Mark left the lounge. 


Peter sat in the surgeon's lounge doing his chart reviews when Dr. Romano came in. 

"Hey Peter."  he said brightly.  "Have the rug rats arrived at the Benton-Finch house yet?"

Peter groaned.  He hadn't been feeling so well since he heard Cleo was pregnant.  He himself had even been having sympathy morning sickness.  "No Dr. Romano, our twins haven't arrived yet."

"You know, I just realized something."  Dr. Romano said, pouring himself some coffee.  "With Cleo, Abby, Jing-Mei, and Lizzie pregnant, that's like.8 babies around here." 

Peter groaned again and grabbed his stomach as he ran to the bathroom.  Dr. Romano chuckled. 

End Of Chapter Three

Labor Pains
By Carrie L Verkman
Chapter Four

Author's Note: I decided to do little in-jokes with the names of the babies.  Peter and Cleo have two boys named after the real names of the actors playing them.  And Abby and Luka have two girls who are named for a past character and that actress' real name.   

The next three months passed quickly and before everyone knew it, it was summer in Chicago.  A record-breaking summer as a matter of fact.  The Windy City had been experiencing the highest temperatures it had ever seen.  Meteorologists had to advise people to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen if they had to leave their houses.  The ER had become a very unpleasant place since the dramatic rise in temperature. 

Kerry sighed as she watched the TV in the ER. 

"...And so the temperature continues to rise as we reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit by noon.  My advice is to stay somewhere cool and don't leave your house unless it's an emergency."  said the weatherman. 

Kerry groaned and wiped her forehead with a hankie.  "Oh shut up."  she moaned at the TV.  "Frank!  Have you called maintenance about the air conditioning?!"

Frank groaned.  "Seven times Dr. Weaver!  I called maintenance seven times and they have been saying the same thing, they are working on it!" 

"Don't get snippy at me!"  Kerry said.  "I have patients who are sweating so bad they are practically wetting the bed!" 

Just then a very pregnant Abby came up to Dr. Weaver.  Her hair was pulled in a messy ponytail and her scrub top was soaked with sweat.  She looked as if she was going to cry.  "D-Dr. Weaver, we are all out of saline to keep patients hydrated." 

"Well call the pharmacy."  she said, trying not to yell. 

"I did, and they are backed up!"  Abby wiped her forehead, and felt tears stinging in her eyes.  "This is no place for a pregnant woman.  I think my babies are getting sunburned or something.  They haven't stopped moving all day!" 

Kerry looked at Abby.  She was a wreck.  "Go home.  Stay cool." 

"But..." Abby started. 

"Too hot to explain."  Kerry said.  "Go home."

Abby did as she was told.  She cursed as she walked out into the sweltering heat, and put on a pair of sunglasses. 


Cleo finch sat at home with fans blowing all over her.  Her body was sprawled out all over her living room couch.  Peter had been tending to her every need even though he too was exhausted from the heat. 

"Here's some more water Cleo."  Peter said, handing her a glass. 

"No."  she pushed the water away. 

"But come on, it's so hot out there!"  Peter begged.  He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.  "You need to keep fluids in your body." 

"Yeah, well I just keep peeing them out.  Your babies are using my bladder as a trampoline."  Cleo struggled to get up.  Peter helped her. 

"Oh!"  Cleo cried out in pain.  She grabbed her stomach.  "I think I felt a contraction!" 

"Are you sure?"  Peter asked. 

"No I'm calling out in pain for fun!"  Cleo snapped.  "I just looove having labor pains!" 

"Okay, okay, okay."  Peter said.  "Let's get to the hospital."

"Right, cause we don't spend enough time there already."  Cleo said, biting her lip through the pain.


When Cleo and Peter entered the ER, they felt the heat swell around them as the walked towards the elevator.  Dr. Carter, who was wearing scrubs, waved to them.  "Good luck Dr. Finch and Dr. Benton!"

"It isn't any cooler in here!"  complained Cleo. 

"I know.  The A/C is broken."  explained Carter. 

"What?"  Cleo shouted.  "I'm going to another hospital!"  She tried to get up, but another contraction took over and shook her body. 

"Come on.  Let's get you up to OB before you pop right here in the ER."  Peter said escorting Cleo into the elevator.


Abby found Luka in her apartment putting ice cubes down his shirt.  She laughed at the childish sight. 

"Are you hot?"  she asked. 

"Not anymore."  Luka said, twitching as the cold ice touched his skin.  "Oh Abby, you look awful." 

"So hot..." she mumbled.  I don' wanna go back to the ER." 

"How about some ice?"  Luka rubbed a cube on her face. 

"No."  Abby said.  "I'm just going to get my own water."  At that point, Abby's water broke. 

"Oh my god!"  she said.  "Luka it's time!" 

"We have to go the hospital!"  Luka said, excitedly. 

"No!"  Abby begged.  "There's no air conditioning there!  It's like the fiery pits of hell!" 

"You are in labor."  Luka picked up Abby and carried her out of the apartment. 

"How do you do that?"  asked Abby, surprised at Luka's ability to lift her weight. 

"Oh I've had some practice."  Luka said. 

"But I'm carrying twins!" 

"What did I just say?"


Cleo screamed as another contraction hit her.  She grabbed Peter's hand, but hers slipped away from all the sweat on it.  Peter wiped a damp towel over her forehead. 

"I can't do this!"  Cleo moaned.  "It's too hot." 

"Here, I'll dampen your towel some more."  Peter said, dunking the towel in a bowl of water. 

"It's not going to help since it dries right away!"  Cleo waved a hand, which resulted in the bowl of water splashing all over Peter. 

"Cleo, enough with the water!"  said Dr. Coburn.  "I need you to push." 

Cleo nodded and began to push as instructed.  Peter held onto her shoulders. 

"Come on Cleo!  That's it!"  said Dr. Coburn.  "Oh I can see the head of your first baby!" 

Peter smiled.  "Come on Cleo, do it for our baby!" 

Cleo pushed hard and soon she heard her first baby cry.  "It's a boy!"  announced Dr. Coburn. 

Cleo sighed.  "Are we done now?" 

"No."  Peter said.  "We've got another baby remember?" 

"This is all your fault you know!"  Cleo yelled as she tried to push.  "!" 

After some more pushing, Dr. Coburn delivered another baby boy. 

"Congratulations Dr. Finch.  You have two healthy baby boys!"  she said smiling. 

Cleo reached out to her sons.  "Oh Peter, they look just like you!"  Cleo began to cry tears of joy. 

Peter smiled and kissed Cleo.  "You did great mom.  What should we name them?" 

"How about Michael and Eriq?"  she asked.


Dr. Coburn looked at her pager.  "Oh I have to go.  Looks like Abby Lockhart is in labor too!"


" I want the drugs!  Just give me the goddamn drugs!"  Abby writhed in pain with each contraction.  Luka stood there helplessly. 

"Just breathe Abby."  he said soothingly.  "Breathe...breathe..."

"I know how to breathe Luka!  Give me the drugs!  Knock me out!"  Abby grabbed Luka's hand, crushing it. 

"Ow!  That hurts!"  Luka said. 

Dr. Coburn came in.  "Well Abby how are we doing?"

"Oh, just lovely!"  Abby said sarcastically.  "Where is the guy with the epidural?" 

"He's...oh Abby, you're at ten centimeters."  Dr. Coburn said.  "We've got to start pushing." 

"No!  Luka do something!"  Abby said. 

Luka just stood there.  "How about a natural childbirth?" 

"I hate you Luka Kovac!  I hate you!"  Abby said. 

"We'll have time for insults later.  Push Abby!" 

Abby cried out in pain as she pushed.  Soon before she knew it, she heard two little girls crying out for their mother. 

"Oh Luka, look."  Abby said.  "Look at how beautiful they are." 

"I know.  They are as beautiful as you."  Luka said. 

"I love you Luka Kovac!  I love you so much!"  Abby reached out to Luka and kissed him.  "What should we name our daughters?" 

Luka looked at one baby girl and picked her up.  "Let's call this one Anna." 

"I like it.  And we'll call this one Maria."  Abby said rocking her baby. 

End Of Chapter Four  

Labor Pains
By Carrie L Verkman
Chapter Five

Author's Note:  This is the last chapter of the story!  Thanks to those for reading it and thanks to Jennyfur for sending it to me, I had a lot of fun writing it!  And I did the same thing with the names again, little in-jokes. 

With four babies down, there were four more to go from Elizabeth and Jing-Mei.  They were cranky because of the intense Chicago heat and from the fact that they wanted to be done with pregnancy.  Kerry Weaver wanted them to be done too, since she was short staffed, but Mark reassured her that nothing would go wrong.  Or so he thought.


Mark rushed Elizabeth into the hospital with the speed of a racecar driver.  Elizabeth hung onto the wheelchair for dear life as he raced to the elevator. 

"Mark slow down!  My contractions are only 6 minutes apart."  Elizabeth grabbed her belly.  "Okay, maybe 5." 

"But you're having twins and we don't want any complications!"  With that remark, Mark didn't see where he was going and walked into a IV pole, tripping and hitting his head on the edge of a gurney. 

"Mark!"  Elizabeth cried.  Dr. Malucci had seen what happened and walked over to Mark to help him up. 

"Thanks Dave."  Mark said. 

"Oh man, you're bleeding pretty badly."  Dave said, inspecting his forehead.  "You'll definitely need stitches." 

"Stitches can wait."  Mark said.  "I've got to get Elizabeth up to OB." 

"Dr. Greene, I'll have you sutured up in no time!"  Dave said. 

Mark looked at Elizabeth.  She smiled weakly as perspiration began to show on her forehead.  "I'll be fine.  I can get Haleh to bring me up to OB." 

Haleh wheeled her away and Dave took Mark into the suture room.  "Man, this is awful.  Of course something has to go wrong right when Elizabeth is in labor!" 

"Well, look at it this way.  You'll have a funny story to tell your kids."  Dave said smiling.  Mark smiled and relaxed a little.  He looked around and saw Elizabeth being wheeled into the trauma room next to his. 

"What's going on?"  Mark asked. 

"I don't know I'll find out."  Dave left the suture room and talked to Dr. Carter who was in with Haleh and Elizabeth.  She looked mad and began to call out for Mark. 

"What happened?"  Mark said, as he saw Dave coming back in. 

"I guess Dr. Corday started crowning in the elevator.  Looks like you guys are going to be neighbors!"  Dave sat down and started to suture Mark's head. 

"Elizabeth!  I'm right here!"  Mark called out. 

"Mark!  Can you come in here?"  asked Elizabeth. 

"I'm kinda tied up right now!"  Mark shouted back.  Dave laughed hysterically.  "Just breathe and keep pushing!" 

Mark could hear Elizabeth scream as each contraction hit her.  Mark asked Dave to open the door so he could hear everything more clearly. 

"Come on Elizabeth, you can do this!"  Mark said.  He smiled as he heard a baby's cry. 

"You have a little girl!"  shouted Dr. Carter. 

"YES!"  said Mark. 

"Do we have to keep shouting!?"  asked Elizabeth. 

"Come on Elizabeth!"  said Dr. Carter.  "One down, one to go!" 

"But I just had a baby."  she whined.  Elizabeth took a deep breath and pushed. 

"Mark!"  shouted Carter into the next room.  "You have a baby boy!" 

"What does he look like?!"  Mark yelled, who was still being sutured. 

"He looks like you!"  Carter yelled. 

"Stop shouting in front of my babies!"  Elizabeth said. 

Later, after it was much quieter, Mark and Elizabeth were finally together with their new children.  They decided to name them Ella and Anthony. 


Jing-Mei was the only one left to have her twins.  She was definitely tired.  The horrible heat was making it worse. 

"Frank, I think I'm going to melt."  Jing-Mei said as she fanned herself. 

"This is nothing!"  Frank said.  "This is cool compared to the heat in the Sahara when I rode across it on camels." 

Jing-Mei was annoyed.  "I think I'll have Dr. Carter be my Lamaze coach." 

"Oh I'm sorry baby."  Frank said. 

"Speaking of baby, I think my water just broke!"  Jing-Mei said. 

"Finally!"  Frank kissed her. 

After some time, Jing-Mei delivered a baby boy and a girl.  She cradled her new son and daughter as Frank made phone calls to their friends and family. 

"Allo?  Pierre?"  Frank said.  "C'est Frank.  Moi, ca va bien parce que je suis un nouveau pere.  Mais oui!  Un fils et un femme.  Ils sont tres mignons!  Ils'appelle Lucy et Noah."

"Frank, I didn't know you spoke French!"  Jing-Mei said. 

"Oh yeah."  Frank said, as he hung up the phone.  "I lived there for a while when I was teaching kids English." 

"Wow!"  Jing-Mei, still attracted to this amazing man who could do it all.  "You're going to be a great father!" 


With 8 kids being born to the ER women, a lot of things changed in the ER. 

Cleo and Peter got married and moved with Reese, Michael, and Eriq to Indianapolis where Peter worked as a pediatric surgeon and Cleo worked in a small private office.  At the end of the day, she would play mommy to her three little boys and they lived happily ever after.

Abby and Luka ended up moving in together to raise their daughters.  They bought a nice house near the hospital.  Luka got a good deal on it since the previous owner abandoned it and went to Seattle.

Mark and Elizabeth raised Ella and Anthony together until Mark's brain tumor came back.  The family traveled to Hawaii and no one in the ER has heard from them since. 

Jing-Mei and Frank split up about a year after Lucy and Noah were born.  Jing-Mei moved in with her mom so she could help her raise her kids.  They lived a happy life, while Frank decided to climb Mount Everest. 

The End!

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