On The Lake

AUTHOR: Ritaann
EMAIL: er_aussie@hotmail.com
CATEGORY: JC/another character
RATING: mature audiences (13) has some very disturbing sceens for some readers - BE WARNED!
ARCHIVE: sure just tell me where
AUTHORS NOTES: i hve written a few more fanfics but this is the first one that i think i can truly post on the internet. No one has read this before so please send feed back and also what you think should happen next, i'm a little lost !!
SUMMARY:Carter takes a walk on the lake and hears a very sad story from a complete stranger who happens to be female. A complicated relationship begins.

Kate sat on the bank of the lake. It had been her 4th day in America and already she was feeling like it was her home. However she noted in her mind, nothing is like Australia. But she knew she could never go back there. There was too much past, too many memories. At remembering this, she put her head into her arms and in a crouched position she began crying softly.

As Carter took a stroll along the lake he kept thinking about all that happened - Rehab, detox, stabbing, Lucy. He felt as though he owed every body that made him go through that, that ~That Place~ something. But he didn't know what. As he strolled along, thinking about the whole bad experiance that had somehow a good ending, he sighted a woman crouched on the bank, head tucked inwards rocking back and forth. She looked so sad - so lonely that it made hime forget about all his problems. Carter just stood there watching the wind play with her red hair,body wracked with sobs. His heart ached to help her and when he could no longer stand watching her, he walked over to her and on impulse crouched down and wrapped his arms around her.

Kate felt warm but boney arms around her. She didn't know who it was or why she or he was there but it felt strangely comforting. Carter felt her body begin to calm down. Slowly but surely her sobs subsided and her tears turned into soft wimpering.

"Th- th- thankyou" Kate said finally looking up at who was hugging her. "Your welcome" answered Carter.And as soon as he looked up, his breath got caught in his throat. It wasn't her lookes that made him gasp but her eyes. They were a blue, blue as the sea. Her skin pale as the sand. "I'll listen If you'd - If you dont mind" He said softly, almost wispering. Kate had never told anyone about what happened to her. The only person she had sought for comfort from her thoughts was best friend and phsyciatist, Donna.But Donna wasn't here. She was back in Australia. However, there was something about this man that made her want to tell him everything. Maybe it was his eyes or his voice she didn't know. After a few moments she began to tell her story.......

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