Leave Your Key

AUTHOR: Sylvia
EMAIL: ellaspyrka@yahoo.com
RATING: PG. <Language>
SPOILERS: Kisangani then maybe Season 10
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DISCLAIMER: You people know the drill... These are not my characters, they are NBC, Warner Bros.... yadda yadda yadda...I just borrow and return...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Was Driver's Ed originally a form of torture???? I was dying of boredom and started to write. I don't care about the speed limit in school zones!!!! Anyways here is a short fic about, well Carter and Abby... Don't kill me for it... Oh yeah... Abby , this one's for ya!!! Thank you so much for the picture!! He's soooo cute!!! Yeah Noah too... LOL Thank you!!!!!!! :-)
SUMMARY: Carter returns from the Congo...

He finally realized how short life really was. The gun to his head, the Mai-Mai, the soldier praying, begging for his life. All wonderful examples. Carter was sure of only one thing: he would never waste another second of his life again. The whole way home, the three hour plane ride to Kanshasa, the other twelve hours on the actual plane back to Chicago, he only thought of her. He loved her. He didn't want to fix her, he just wanted to hold her in his arms forever, and never let her go. As he walked up the stairs, his whole body was wet from the rain. He searched for his keys, he didn't think he would need them for a while. They were at the bottom of his bag. He slid it in and the door squeaked open. It was quite clear, since the night was dead silent. He walked in, looked at the familiar sofa, flowers, desk, all her choosing. He dropped his bags on the floor by the door. They weighed about 100 pounds each to him.

He continued straight into the apartment, his footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. He walked the familiar steps to her, rather, their bedroom. From the doorway he could slightly see the rise and fall of the dark flowered comforter. He walked near her bed, his heart filled with pain for what he had done to her. He brushed the strands of hair covering her face away. He kissed her sleeping figure. She was the best thing that ever happened to him. He looked at her peaceful, resting face and sat down, the bed shifting under his added weight. He began to cry. He wasn't strong willed enough to say in Kisangani and help those children. He felt like his mother, running away from the truth. People died, while he lived in a mansion, millions beyond millions in his bank account. He couldn't stop a child from dying because he didn't get a ten dollar shot.

He lifted himself off the bed, leaving Abby's sleeping form alone. He peeled off his clothes. Sweat covered every molecule of his body. He hopped into the shower, first allowing the cold water to cool his body, then the steamed water to relax his tense muscles. Soon enough, it seemed to him, he could barely keep his eyes open. He leapt out of the shower, and dried his hair and body with Abby's towel. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of getting into bed with Abby, his Abby. He pulled on some sweatpants and a T-shirt and headed into the kitchen for a glass of water before he went to sleep. He poured a glass and popped down on the sofa for a second.

Soon enough, he had fallen into a light sleep, the sudden light woke him up. "Carter? What are you doing here?" He automatically walked over to her and embraced her. Her body remained stiff and cold. He let her go and looked at her face. She seemed emotionally dead. "Carter. What are you doing here?" Her voice was more stern. He didn't understand why she would even ask that. "Abby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You deserve much better than me. But I love you. I love you and can't live a moment without you. Please, Abby, forgive me." He was ready to cry. She looked at him. Her eyes seemed to burn right through him. "Damn right you should be sorry." She turned around quickly, her bare feet slapping the ground as she walked towards her bedroom. "Leave your key on the table. Your stuff is by the door."

She reached her door, and finally turned around. "Carter, I'm glad you returned in one piece." She then quickly turned back into her room. Carter heard the lock click. He stood in the apartment, looking at her door. What did he expect her to do? Come running back into his arms?Why he thought? Why???

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