Let Me Fall After Her

Chapter 2 "Friends reconciled"

Abby silently paced outside the ER, finishing her morning cigarette and trying to build up the nerve to go in and talk to Carter. Ever since their last conversation, she'd been going mad over his illogical behavior.

Stop it.


Don't talk to me about Luka. I'm not your girlfriend and I really shouldn't even be with you here now.

Why not?

Because I don't want to wish bad things for you and Luka and I don't want to sit on the sidelines waiting for you two to break up and I don't want to be your friend. Might be convenient for you but it's not doing much for me.

What are you, what are you talking about?

She could still remember the look in his eyes as he got up and left her. I don't want to be your friend. God, why did this have to become so complicated? Why did he have to like her so much? What was there to like? Because they had so much in common? Because she's a hopeless case that he can help? She crushed her cigarette with the heel of her foot. She wasn't hopeless. Far from. She was doing so much better. So why did he have to do this to her? She needed him as a friend.

She stopped her pacing, biting her lower lip. He wanted more than just a casual friendship. And all she ever did was bitch to him about Luka. Who did want to hear that? But she had no one else to talk to. He understood her, way more than any other person did. And he would listen to anything she had to say. Not about Luka, though, which took up about ninety percent of her problems.

No. After all that she'd been through, she wasn't about to throw their friendship away. They could work something out. She hurried inside, hoping that maybe he was on a break.

"Randi, where's Dr. Carter?" she questioned the clerk.

"How the hell am I supposed to know where he is?" Randi didn't even look up. "Check the floor."

Abby raised an eyebrow. "Okay," she mouthed and picked a hallway to search. She hadn't seen his name on the board so she wasn't even sure where to look first. She passed by the storage room and stopped. A familiar white lab coat struck her eye. Sure enough, it was Carter, looking through a pile of boxes on a shelf.

Abby inched in slowly and cleared her throat. "Hey Carter."

He looked over, momentarily surprised then looked back at what he was doing. "Abby."

"Can we talk?"

"About Luka?" A smile curled the side of his mouth. He looked at her again, his dark eyes playful. "I'm joking."

"Okay, Carter. I'll never talk about him again."

"No, you can. It's just… I'm an asshole." He put his stuff down and leaned against the shelf.

Her eyes perked up. "Well, we all know that."

"Are we still friends?"

"It was your idea not to be."

"I told you I'm an asshole. I was just tired."

"I understand. Really. No one wants to sit around listening to my pathetic problems."

"I do." He looked sincerely at her. "Besides, you're my best friend. I'll help you out in anything."

"Thank you, Carter. That means a lot to me."

"So you want to get something to eat later? I heard Luka's gone for the weekend."

"Yah, he's at a conference in St. Paul."

"You don't sound too sad." He smiled briefly as she sighed.

"It's almost a relief he's gone."

"I'll tell you what. I'll finish this case and we'll go get some ice cream."

"Sounds great." A person prodded her shoulder and she moved aside, letting Dave Malucci in.

"Dave," Carter acknowledged him as he began gathering his supplies once again.

"Hey Abby. Carter, Dr. Romano and Weaver are looking for you."

"Dr. Romano finally decided to grace us with his presence?" Carter joked. "What does Weaver want?"

"I don't know. There's this real hot babe in the lounge waiting to talk to you."

"I didn't know you thought of Dr. Weaver like that?" Abby quipped.

"I'm not talking about Weaver, I'm talking about this really hot blond chick. She's in the lounge and they both want to see you."

Carter's eyes grew curious. "Who is she?"

Dave raised his hands up. "I'm not at liberty to say. Chief says it's a surprise and if I tell you, she'll make me do scut work for a week."

"She'll probably already make you do that, Dave." Abby moved towards the door. "I'll come by later, Carter."

He nodded to her as she left. His mind whirled with questions. "Tell Weaver I'll be in there soon. I have to get this case to Romano."

"Wait, wait." Dave stopped him from leaving. "Dr. Weaver wants you in there now."

"Dave, I never knew you one to be so urgent."

"Carter, she's hot. Okay? The woman is hot, and she wants to see you. I wouldn't pass that up."

Carter shook his head as he walked out. "I'm pretty sure she's not here to date me."

"I wouldn't doubt it, my friend," Dave said as he followed him. Carter looked back as he laid his stuff on the admit desk.

"Do you want something, Dave?" he asked, making his way towards the lounge door.

"Yah, I'm just as curious as you are to see who she is," Dave replied with eager eyes. Carter laughed.

"I'm also sure she's not going to date you, either." Carter pushed the door to the lounge open with Dave a step behind.

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