Little Nurse Lost

AUTHOR: Lou Lou Bell
CATEGORY: AL/Angst/Twilight Zone Crossover
RATING: PG (for "erie" moments. I don't know, but better safe than sorry! :)
DISCLAIMER: You know the deal...I don't own anything or anyone from The Twilight Zone or ER. :(
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I love the Twilight Zone!! This fanfic is a take off of the TZ eppy Little Girl Lost. This is my next episode of The ER Twilight Zone, even more so because it is equipped with the intro to the TZ and also Rod Serlings intro to the eppy and closing at the end.
SUMMARY: Hmmm...How to describe this one...Abby is lost "Somewhere" in the ER and Dave, Carter, Kerry, and Luka try to find her.

(Erie Twilight Zone Theme music)
(Rod Serling V.O)
You're traveling through another dimention, a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop...
The Twilight Zone!

It was a quiet day at County General, and most of the staff was sleeping. In the lounge lay Carter on the couch and Dave on the table. Luka and Abby walk in looking for a place to sleep.

Luka: Well Abby, I guess we could try the exam rooms.
Abby: Yeah, I got Exam 1, it has the more comfortable bed.
Luka: Fine, I will be a gentleman.
Abby: Thank you, see you when I wake.
(Luka goes toward exam 2 and Abby lays on the gurney in exam 1. Time passes and Carter wakes. He gets up and bangs the table waking Dave up.

Dave: Hey Carter what time is it? (Kerry walks in before Carter can answer.)
Kerry: It's time to see some patients Dr. Malucci! That is what time it is!
Dave: I can always count on you to let me know what is going on Chief
Kerry: That is what I am here for Malucci, now let's go! You too Carter. Where are Luka and Abby?
Dave: Try the exam rooms.
(Just as Dave uttered those words, Abby was heard calling from apparently nowhere.
Abby: Luka? Luka! Where are you?
Kerry, Dave, Carter: Abby?
Abby: Carter Dave Kerry? Is that you?
Dave: Where are you?
Abby: I don't know. I fell asleep in exam 1 and now it is all dark and I am not in there anymore. I don't know where I am nor how I got here.
Carter: Are you in one of the other rooms?
Abby: I don't think so.
Kerry: Are you in the hospital?
Abby: No, not in there either.
Dave: Well where the hell are you?
Abby: If I knew that Dave, don't you think I would just tell you?

(Camera cuts to Rod Serling)
Rod Serling: Missing: One frightened nurse. Name: Abby Lockhart.
Description: 30 years of age, average height and build, quite pretty.
Last seen in exam 1 going to take a shor nap between shifts. Last heard, "Ay there's the rub" as Hamlet put it. Abby Lockhart can be heard quite clearly, despite the fact that she can't be seen at all. Present location: Let's say for the moment, in the Twilight Zone!

(Luka walks in) Luka: What's going on?
Dave: Abby's missing
Luka: Missing, Dr. Dave?
Abby: Not exactly missing.
Luka: Well then come out.
Abby: I can't. I don't know where I am exactly.
Luka: What do you mean? You went into exam 1 to lie down, then...
Abby: Then I woke here. Except that I don't know where HERE is!
Kerry: What does it look like?
Abby: Well. It is black, kinda looks like the night sky, there are bright lights, and, well it is hard to explain.
Carter: Stay where you are, we'll go to exam 1 and try to find out what the hell is going on!
(Kerry, Dave, Carter, and Luka went to exam 1. They didn't find anything out of the ordinary until Dave went and pushed the gurney. He stepped where the gurney used to be and almost fell through the floor. Luka and Carter had to grab his arms.)
Dave: Whoa! Well I think we found where you went, but it doesn't make any sense. How could you just fall through the floor?
Kerry: What the...(she was clearly dumbfounded)
Luka: Back in the day, in the old country, I knew a man who might have been some help to us, as a matter of fact he is living in the Chicago area now the last I heard, and I think he owes me a favor. He is the best at dealing with circumstances like these
Dave: Circumstances like these? This happens often is Croatia?
Luka: Not often, but just enough that this man knows what he is talking about. I am gonna go call him.
(Luka leaves, and Kerry, Carter, Dave, and Abby talk meaningless chit chat till he returns.)
Luka: My friend says sit tight, he will be over in like 1/2 hour. And what ever you do Abby, DON'T MOVE!
Abby: Why not?
Luka: He didn't say, he just said not to move.
(1/2 hour later, Dr. Visinjic, renound Croatian parapsycologist arrives in County General)
Dr. Visinjic: Where can I find Luka Kovac?
Randi: Try Exam 1
Dr. Visinjic: Luka! (Speaks Croatian) Where is the protal?
Luka: Here it is. We measured it, it spans 5 feet by 3 feet.
(Dr. Visinjic measures the hole again, it only measures 4 1/4 feet by 2 1/2 feet now)
Dr. Visinjic: Just as I suspected, the portal is closing, we have to hurry.
Abby: Yes! Get me out of here!
Luka: What do we have to do?
Dr. Visinjic: You need a rope, a long one and someone who can carry her out.
Luka: I will go in and get her.
Dr. Visinjic: Good, now the rest of us will pull the both of you out. Now. who is the strongest?
Dave: (steps up, smiles widely and says a bit conceitedly) THAT would be ME!
(Everyone nods in agreement)
Dr. Visinjic: Ok, what is your name?
Dave: You can call me Dr. Dave.
Dr. Visinjic: Ok, Dr. Dave, I need you at the front of the rope and then everyone else lines up behind him, except for you. (He points to Kerry)
Kerry: (A bit offended, and slightly angry) My LEG is handicapped, NOT my arms Dr. Visinjic, with all due respect!
Dr. Visinjic: My apologies Dr...
Kerry: Weaver
Dr. Visinjic: Dr. Weaver, I'm sorry.
Luka: I got the rope, it is about 200 feet long.
Dr. Visinjic: Good, Let me measure the hole again. (it measures 3 1/2 by 2 feet now.) OK Luka, we are working in a tight time frame here. Tie the rope TIGHTLY around your waist and hold it as Dr. Dave lowers you into the abyss. Grab Abby as fast as you can, and tug the rope to let us know and we will pull you out.
Luka: I am ready Dave, lower me down!
(Dave lowers Luka as the others doctors feed him the rope, about 30 feet the rope stops and Luka calls) OK Dave! I am in. ABBY! ABBY! Where are you?
Abby: LUKA! I am here!
Luka: Abby! Follow my voice! Hurry! We don't have much time!
Abby: I see you, Luka I am coming!
Luka: She's coming get ready to pull us out Dave!
(Dave pulls the rope taut and Abby runs into Luka's arms.) Wrap your arms aroud me Abby
(She wraps her arms around Luka's neck and her legs around his waist.)
Luka: Dave! Give me some more rope to wrap around us! (Dave gives him more rope) OK! Pull us out!
(Dave gives a hard yank on the rope, followed by Carter, Kerry, and Dr. Visinjic, they pull Luka and Abby up quickly but cautiously. They are out in a matter of seconds. Dave then passes his hand over the floor where the portal had been, but the floor was solid once again. Dr. Visinjic: We got you out just in time! Another minute and you two would have been stuck...
Luka: Stuck where???

Rod Serling V.O: Where? The 4th demention, the 5th? Perhaps. They never found the answer, despite a battery of research physicists equipped with every device known to man, electronic or otherwise, no result was ever achieved, except for perhaps a little more respect for and uncertainty about The Twilight Zone.


This is my second fic, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to email me to tell me what you think! :)

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