Mark Greene

AUTHOR: Redhead1294654
SPOILERS: None that I know of (unless youre not in the US)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I love you Mark. Please send feedback about this and my other works
SUMMARY: A poem about my beloved Mark

Mark Greene
Mark Greene was a wonderful man
He was tall, balding, and sweet.
His signature scrubs were green
He meant the world to me and others
Cancer in his brain struck him so young
But not before he asked Elizabeth to be his wife
Elizabeth got pregnant before their wedding
And although it rained and not many people came
He showed up right before it started and it was the best wedding I ever saw
Then it came time for their child to be born
Ella was her name
Mark's other daughter came to live with them
She was very troubled
Ella got hold of Rachel's ecstasy
Ella nearly died and Elizabeth blamed Mark for this
A while before this Susan came back
Then right after Ella got sick Mark did too
His brain tumor had come back
But he hid this from Elizabeth
When she found out she rushed back home
And they became a family again for a short amount of time
Then Mark and Rachel went to Hawaii
And Elizabeth and Ella soon followed
Then they wrote letters for everyone
But one morning Elizabeth discovered Mark had died in his sleep
I cried with the rest of the world
So did the ER when The Letter came
Mark is in a better place now
With Lucy, Dennis, and everyone else
Hopefully he is watching over the ER
But he would be happy to know
Because of his death he saved a woman's life
So good bye Mark we will never forget you!

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