Maybe One Day

AUTHOR: Sylvia
SPOILERS: Who knows?
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DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters, they belong to NBC and Warner Bros. I wish they were mine, but their not. I'll have to deal with it...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sorta short. But interesting.
SUMMARY: Luka wakes up from a bad nightmare, to realize, it's not a nightmare.

~*~ Maybe One Day ~*~

The dream haunted him. The dream where he woke up and she wasn't there. It drove him crazy. Then he realized, it was real. Nothing ever felt right, nothing ever made him happy. He was miserable. It wasn't the fact that she wasn't with him. It was that Carter was with her. If Luka couldn't have her, no one deserved her, especially Carter. He ruined everything. They had been happy, until Carter forced Abby to break up, yet he did wish they had decided to talk everything out. It was too late now. He would be alone. He couldn't love again. He dozed off a bit, awaiting the next day of his worthless life. Maybe Carol was right, maybe he would find someone to love him for he was. Maybe, maybe one day.

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