More Damage is Done

SUMMARY: Set in the future, Ella is 16 and is getting into some trouble. Please read and send me your comments! thanks! Enjoy!

Chapter 1; Helpless

"Mom, MOM!" 16 year-old Ella yelled to her mother.

"Ella, hold on!" Elizabeth yelled back.

"Ella hold on," Ella mocked in a fake British accent. She felt like all her mother said was hold on. Could she ever just drop what she was doing and come to help her? Then Ella had an idea, one of the most dangerous but most effective ideas of all.

Ella waited until her mother was nowhere in sight. Then she went down to the medicine cabinet and took out the pills that her father used to take when he was sick. She took a glass of water and went up to her bathroom.

About a half hour later, Elizabeth noticed how quiet the house became. She'd decided that she'd better go see what Ella wanted. She hadn't had the chance to go up to her because she was so busy with her paperwork. Romano would have a fit if it wasn't completed and turned into him by tomorrow's shift.

"Ella?" Elizabeth called from the hallway and knocked on her door. " Ella, may I come in?" There was no response so she decided to knock again. "Ella, it's me, what is it that you needed help with? I am all ears." Still there was no response. Panic struck Elizabeth and she decided to ignore the privacy factor and walk into her room. " Ella? Ella, where are you?" She looked around her room but Ella wasn't in her room. Then, she took a deep breath and went into the bathroom. Elizabeth's heart fell to the pit of her stomach when she saw Ella, lying motionless on the bathroom floor, an empty pill canister by her side.

"ELLA!" She screamed. "Oh God," She quickly grabbed the phone by Ella's bed and called 911 as she began to assess her. " Pick up, damn it pick up!" She screamed, tears were running down her cheeks as she felt for a pulse. She found one but it was very weak.

"County General."

"Randy? Randy It's Elizabeth. I need you to send a…send a…" Elizabeth couldn't think of the right words. In fact, she couldn't think at all. " Send an ambulance to my house, it's Ella, she overdosed on some medication. She's got a pulse but it's barely there."

"Dr. Weaver!" Randy yelled.

"What is it?" Kerry asked.

"It's Dr. Corday, you need to send an ambulance to their house, Ella overdosed on medication." Randy said.

"Oh God, I'll hurry. Tell Elizabeth they'll be there as fast as they can."

Elizabeth hung up with Randy and began chest compressions. She didn't have any equipment at her house or she'd have done the procedure herself. Why, Ella, why'd you do this? Why?

The ambulance got to their house and quickly came up to the bathroom.

Elizabeth knew that the doctors at county were the best and they'd help Ella. She was confident but deep down inside, she was scared as hell. All she could do was cry, she felt helpless as she saw the paramedics carry her daughter on a backboard down the stairs and into their truck.

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