The Morning After

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: *At last* as Etta James would drawl.
I could flip this over and go over *how* exactly I got (actually, how *they* got) from point A to point B, their ever continual existential angsting over whether or not to just let their fears about everything go and act on all those repressed feelings, go over who kissed whom first, why, how, when, where. All the good juicy bits. Instead? I deliver unto you a couple o'minutes in The Morning After. <g>

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SUMMARY: 'Tis the morning after the proverbial night before.

When I woke up the first fingers of light were beginning to creep through the curtains. John was lying face-down asleep next to me, his arm wrapped around my waist. I lay there for a moment trying to think, but it wasn't any good. There was too much going on in my head and I really needed to pee.

I wriggled out of bed and hunted around for some clothes. I might have had sex with him but I wasn't willing to strut around bare-ass naked. I found John's tee shirt and pulled it on before scurrying to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands I looked up at myself in the mirror. My face stared back. Same old Abby. Same old poofy morning hair. Same old brown eyes. Same old slightly too pouty mouth. Nothing had changed, and yet everything had.

Yawning, I crept back into bed and John gave a sigh as he pulled me up against him, my back pressed against his chest.

"What are you wearing?" he complained sleepily.

"Your tee shirt," I sighed, as he softly kissed my neck.

"Mmm. You aren't gonna get dressed?"

I grinned, taking the hand he had resting on my waist and winding his fingers through mine. "No. I intend to go into work just like this. Just prance around Chicago in only your tee shirt."

I could feel him smile around my shoulder. His voice was sultry, his breath hot on my neck, "Are you teasing me?"

I grinned, pressing a kiss into the palm of his hand. "You bet."

I turned around so that I was facing him. We smiled easily at each other, enjoying the moment.

"I missed you," he murmured finally.

I smiled, still winding and unwinding his fingers through mine. "Hmm? I only went to the bathroom."

He shook his head. "No. Before."

I nodded slowly and leant in to plant a soft kiss on his lips. He sighed, drawing me tight up against him, allowing my tongue to gently play with his upper lip before slipping it teasingly inside his mouth.

That was my undoing. I let out a soft moan as he left a trail of nibbly butterfly kisses around the corners of my mouth, leading down across my neck.

"Mmm. Me too."

Another pause, our fingers and legs still entwined, our eyes locked in a shared smile. I yawned again, drawing away from him slowly, stretching, and then moving to a sitting position next to him.

He continued to look up at me lazily, a hand playing with the hem of a little number I like to call His Tee Shirt.

"C'mon. Up," I teased, gently patting his thigh with a hand.

He grinned again, running a hand through his unruly morning hair and then easing himself up slowly next to me. "Race you to the coffee machine?"

I eyed him for a moment and then feigned a yawn. "I think I'm probably too tired..."

He nodded with understanding, flopping back against the bed sheets. Seeing my opening, I jumped up and began at a run, laughing as he tackled me out of the room, resorting to having to carry me cavemen style on his back the rest of the way there.


"And here we are in heaven, for you are mine at la-ast... "
- Etta James


I'm also considering writing up a "The Night Before," a prequel to this if you will <g>, if you're interested please dial 0800 for more, or 911 to report me. It's your call. <vbg>

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