Music of the Knight

RATING: PG-13 (Language, sexual innuendo, mild violence)
SPOILERS: Season 6 after "Be Still My Heart" and "All in the Family"
DISCLAIMER: The ER characters are not mine, they are the property of Warner Bros., Michael Chrichton, etc.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of the medical knowledge in this fic can be attributed to "The Medicine of ER". The lyrics used are from the song "Music of the Knight" from the broadway musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
SUMMARY: Sequel to "A Knight to Remember"

"Night time sharpens,
Heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and
Wakes imagination
Silently the senses
Abandon their defenses..."

"Shit!" Romano flung the familiar glass down onto his kitchen floor. It shatterd and the tiny particles glistened in the dim light. The liquor was all gone, but her face and his pain was still their. Still staring him in the face, with that look that was all too commonly present in his conscious mind. He stumbled about trying desperately to find his wallet and keys. Despite the dizziness and the blurred visions of his lost love, he recovered both, leaving the glass on the floor with no concern to his dogs. They were not important right now. He had to block her from his mind. And it was getting harder and harder as each day passed.

In his drunken stupor, Romano still managed to get in his car, start the ignition and leave the safety of his home to buy more of the sweet liquids that would suppress his emotions. However, achieving his goal was not in the near future.


Dave Malucci was falling asleep. Fast. This was one of the dullest late shift he had ever been on. Usually there was at least one interesting case, but so far, all he had done was argue with Kerry about how he should spend more time studying or doing reasearch or something of that nature. Dave tried to explain how boring that would be, but she reminded him that it was important to always be learning. He like hands on learning. And boy, he certainly wasn't getting it tonight. Realizing that there were no patients to see, he decided to catch a quick nap before Kerry reamed him out again for wasting his time.

However, just as he was about to put away the books, Randi called out from behind the desk. "We've got motor vehicle accident coming in," Dave turned his attention, "some guy was drunk off his ass and hit a street sign. ETA 2 minutes."

"Alright! I got this one," he yelled out. Some of the nurses looked at him strangely, but he didn't care. he was ready for this one. Kerry was sleeping, and he could probably handle this. Moments later, the medics arrived.

"Male, late thirties, sustained possible injuries to the chest and abdomin. BP 80/40, resps 12"

As they brought him into trauma one, Dave proclaimed, "On my count, 1.. 2.. 3! Okay, let's get a CBC, Chem-7, BA, tox screen... Chuny, intubation tray!"

"Malucci! What's going on in here?!" Uh-oh, Kerry was mad. "Do we have an ID on this guy?"

"I don't know, check his wallet." Dave responded and he continued to work on the man. However, both heard a gasp come out of Haleh who had located the wallet.

"Omigod! It's Dr. Romano!"

"Slowly, gently,
Night unfurls it's splendor
Grasp it, sense it
Tremulous and tender
Turn your face away
From the garnish night of day
Turn your thoughts away
From cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night..."

Robert had no idea what had happened to him. He was in a strange dream. He was floating in a sea of white. He was calm, peaceful and relaxed, dressed sparklingly all in white, oozing toward some unknown destination. The, he saw her. The sweet, innocent, beautiful girl of his dreams. Lucy, his princess, his treasure. The object of his every desire. Her long white dress flowed behind her and her soft blonde hair billowed around her face as she approached him... closer... closer...

"Lucy!" He cried out. And there she was, in his arms. He held the dead girl's face in his hands. Looked deep into her eyes. Those lively eyes, so full of life just as her remembered him. The burned into his like he always imagined they would. He gently, carefully pressed his lips to hers. She responded to his desire as the kisses became deeper and heavier. He noticed how warm it was, her breath, her flesh. He wrapped her tightly in his arms and succumbed to the sweet bliss.


The calm quiet ER had become busy once again. Kerry, Dave and the staff continued to work on the injured Romano.

"Are the labs back yet?!" Kerry cried out. "And where the hell is Benton?"

"Tox screen back," replied a harried Carol. "Positive for alcohol. BA's over 6.0"

"My god, what did he do, try to drink himself to death?" Kerry asked.

"Looks like he found an easier way," replied Dave. It was a reflex, the comments. Even toward the chief of staff who they all disliked, no one responded well to Dave's humor.

"I want LFT's and get CT down here too" Kerry commanded. Just as she finished her demand, the monitors began to go off.

"He's in V-fib!" yelled Dave. "Start the atropine and epi! Get the paddles." C'mon Romano, don't do this, Kerry thought. "Charge to 200!... Clear!"

"Still in fib!"

"Charge to 300!... Clear!... Goddamnit, still in fib... " Kerry watched Dave's determination to save the pathetic man. Even she felt absolutely horrible. They couldn't just let another one of their own die. They couldn't.


"You alone can
Make my song take flight
Help me make
The music of the night..."

The kiss was interrupted. Something was pullin her away from him. Some force was pulling them apart. Romano couldn't let it happen. In fact, he wouldn't let it happen again. He stared into her frightened eyes. Those eyes that were all too familiar, when she had last looked at him. He was so scared to loose her again. So terribly frightened. He would be here with him forever, no matter what force would try to keep them apart.

He grasped her tighter, but she was spill separaing. He was losing her once more. He needed her so much. He wanted her in his arms with her pressed up against him. But now she was leaving him all over again. "NO!!!" his voice wailed, "Don't leave me again, Lucy! Please, don't leave me again!!" The scream echoed all the way through the white kindom of his mind before it faded to black.


Hours after the dramatic save of the chief of staff from a major car accident and severe alcohol poisoning, Kerry went up to see him in ICU. He had already been extubated after his surgery, but still lay their inert with tubes depositing liquids to and from his disheveled body.

From the looks of him, Kerry knew that he must have been drinking since he disappeared after Lucy's death. She knew that it was hard enough for her to stay off of the bottle, and she had to hide her own feeling of regret from John and everyone else at the hospital. But still, he was with her when she expired. Maybe he actually had feelings after all. At that moment, she thought she heard a sob escape. But it wasn't from her throat, it was from Romano's.

"Lucy?" he rasped. "Lucy, are you still there? Don't leave me Lucy. Please don't leave me!" He rocked his head and his eyes rolled open. He winced in pain and looked up at Kerry.

"Dr. Romano? Robert? Are you alright?" Omigod, he's awake, she thought. "Robert, do you know where you are? Do you know who I am?"

"Lucy, is that you?" he reaced out towards Kerry. She was frighted by this and didn't know how to react. He seemed to be in some sort of daze. She wondered if it was from the morphine.

"Robert, it's me, Kerry," she told him. Her voice shook as she watched his bewildered reactions. "You had too much to drink and got in a car accident. You had severe injuries to you abdomin and their may be a problem with your liver because of all of the alcohol you consumed. Peter Benton operated on you. We pumped the alcohol out of your stomach. But you have a long way to go unti you recover."

"Lucy?" he asked again.

"Robert, Lucy's dead."

"It's over now,
the music of the night."

Damn Kerry Weaver! Damn Dave Malucci and Carol Hathaway and everyone else for saving him, Romano thought. He could've died. He could've spent the rest of eternity with Lucy. But he was alive. And he was back in reality. Back in the world of life and death. He didn't know whether Kerry and discovered his secret. The whole hospital would probably find out eventually. But he had done nothing wrong. He had never touched her, although he had yearned to.

But "Rocket" Romano had returned. He no longer cared. His mind wis clear with only the slight intrusion of Lucy's taste on his lips. He had finally realized that he had to live. Had to get on with his life. He would see Lucy Knight again in death; one day, but not today. Now, his goal was clear. He had to live everyday just for her.

The End

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