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CATEGORY: Susan/Chuck; Susan/Mark; other characters both old and new and current
RATING: PG-13 (some language)
DISCLAIMER: ER and its characters belong to NBC and Warner Brothers and a whole bunch of other people. No harm is intended.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Just an idea I had. The fact I just found out Season 2 is coming out soon on DVD makes me giddy and unable to sleep despite working 12 hours today. Eee! This is my first ER fanfic that I've actually sent out. Feedback is appreciated but not begged for. It's not in my character.
SUMMARY: A blow to the head sends Susan into a whole different time of her life.


"Susan, I need your help! MVA, three patients including the drunk driver and a child are coming in right now!"

It never failed. The words MVA in the same sentence with drunk driver could ring out several times a week and every time Susan Lewis's heart pounded. What happened? Was anyone hurt?

`Of course they're hurt if they are coming to the ER, Suz,' a voice nagged in the back of her head.

Choosing to ignore the obnoxious voice in the back of her head, Susan quickly followed Kerry Weaver, the source of the accident news, to the main trauma room as other doctors attended to the other victims.

"What do we have?" Susan asked above the noise the patient was making.

"33 year old Richard White, driver of the vehicle, intoxicated, has a severe gash in his head. He's being uncooperative," the EMT said.

"Get the fuck off of me!" White screamed, jerking his head away from Kerry, putting an emphasis on the EMT's words.

"Mr. White, we are only trying to make sure your head is okay," Susan said calmly, trying to put the agitated man at ease.

"Well, I'm fine! Tell this stupid bitch to get off of me," White said, jerking away from Kerry again, staining the front of her lab coat with blood in the process.

"Okay, get the restraints," Kerry ordered angrily.

"No! You put those fucking things on me and I'll kill you! All of you! Don't you dare come near me, faggot!" White screamed as Malik came forward with the restraints.

"Mr. White, we are only trying to help you," Susan said softly.

Suddenly, the man's thrashing stopped. Kerry looked confused as he stared at Susan. "You're beautiful," he whispered, reaching an arm toward her face. Susan nearly flinched but stopped when she realized that she was his calming force.

"Thank you," Susan said softly. "Can I look at your head?"

"Yes," White said softly, dropping his hand down.

"Okay," Susan said, sitting down on a stool and pulling on latex gloves. "Malik, get rid of the restraints. Haleh, I am going to need a suture kit for Mr. White," she ordered softly.

The two nodded and set off.

"What exactly happened, Mr. White?" Susan asked gently while probing his head.

"I was dumped. This morning. I decided to get drunk, but I guess I drank too much since I hit another car," White told her sadly. "I am so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Accidents happen, Mr. White. It's too late to do anything about this one now but the thing to do next is to make sure that this never happens again," Susan said gently.

"I know," White said. "Are… are the others okay?"

"I don't know, Mr. White. I've been here with you. I can send someone to check on them if you want." White nodded, and Susan glanced at Kerry. Without words, Kerry set to the other room. It amazed Susan at how well they seemed to be working together. Any other doctor may have been insulted or even jealous about how well the patient was adapting to Susan but Kerry simply saw everything as professional. It was strange to think about them as a good team considering how many times they had clashed before Susan went to Phoenix and even for a period of time after she had come back to Chicago.

"Okay, Mr. White. I need to stitch up your head," Susan said, using the same gentle tone with him, not wanting to startle him.

"Okay," White said, watching in a transfixed gaze as Susan threaded the needle.

"Is everything okay in here?" a male voice asked loudly, breaking the silence.

Carter. Susan made a motion for him to leave, but it was too late.

Immediately, White was on his guard. He jumped and screamed, "Get him away! He's here to hurt me!"

"Mr. White! Richard! No, it's okay, he's a doctor!" Susan pleaded frantically.

"No, he's here to hurt me and put me away and kill me!" White screamed.

"Get me some restraints!" Carter ordered after a second of being frozen to the spot in surprise of White's outburst.

"No! No! Don't do it! I'll kill you!" White screeched, flailing his arms.

"Carter, get out of here!" Susan ordered before turning to White and grabbing his arm. "Mr. White, you are going to hurt yourself!"

"He's going to hurt me worse!" White screamed, grabbing onto the front of Susan's lab coat with a surprisingly strong grip.

"It's okay, Mr. White! Nothing is going to happen to you, I promise!" Susan said pleadingly. His arm was torn away from her lab coat, ripping the material easily. Susan looked over, and said angrily said, "Carter! I told you to leave!"

"Well, you have an obviously troubled patient without restraints. I'm not leaving until the situation is calmed," Carter said defiantly.

"The situation was fine until you butted in!" Susan said heatedly.

"What, is there some contest going on as to who can help the most patients or something?" Carter asked angrily, letting go of White's arm momentarily. "I-"

His words were cut off when White wrenched his arm from Susan's tight grasp and grabbed Carter by the front of his lab coat. What he did next surprised everyone.

With inhuman strength and a tortured yell, White pulled Carter over the bed and threw him into Susan. Susan braced herself as Carter collided with her, sending her crashing to the floor.

The loud crack of Susan's head connecting with the hard floor sent the entire room into shock, except for White, who was curled up in the bed and sobbing.

Susan, however, was knocked out cold the second her head hit the ground.


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