Nothing Could Ever Keep Him

AUTHOR: Sylvia
SPOILERS: This takes place right after "Next of Kin." After the sweetest Carby moment when Carter tells Abby that "He's not going anywhere."
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DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters, they belong to NBC and Warner Bros. I wish they were mine, but their not. I'll have to deal with it...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I got bored in between Religion class and Spanish class.
SUMMARY: Abby and Carter finally find each other where they should be.


She held on to him. Everything went wrong in her life. Except for him. He was her strength. Her rock. Her shield. He understood her without speaking, without words. He wiped away her tears, made her worries fly away. He was always there, forever. He made her smile. He gave her love, passion. He cared. He obsessed. He worried. He cried. She had never felt like this before. Never knew love to be like this. Never knew how many times you could tell someone you loved them by just looking into their eyes. Her mom, her brother, her problems. Everything disappeared when she was with him. Somehow he made everything right, without doing anything. He supported her. He stood by her side. Held her up when her world was falling apart. He glued back the pieces of her miserable life. She had said she didn't want to be fixed. But he had fixed everything with one kiss. One hand on her shoulder. Three words, " I love you." Nothing else mattered. Everything would be okay. She knew. He was stability. He was order. He was hers. Hers forever. If she only did it right. Didn't mess up. She looked into his eyes. They never lied. He loved her. He hurt if she hurt. He cried when she cried. He made her whole. Complete. Loved.


He held her tightly. After years of torture and pain, she was finally his. He wanted to make everything right. He had dreamed and wished for the day they would be together, and nothing ever disappointed him. He didn't try to fix her. He wouldn't. He would only stand by her side, give her the will to go on. Just being able to know that she was there for him, and he was there for her was enough. So many things had gone wrong in her life. He didn't want to be one of them. He wanted to be the one good thing. The one thing that went right. He was part of her now. No turning back. He lived through every one of her emotions. He couldn't be happy, unless she was. Nothing could ever stop him from caring. From loving her. More with every second they were together. Trying to make her happy. Trying to make her life easier. She wasn't a burden. Never. She was the most beautiful, sweet, gorgeous person on the earth. And he knew he would love her forever. His heart would break without her. He wiped away her tears, and kissed her. His words flowed like a song. "It's all going to be okay." He would make sure. He loved her.

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