Not Like This

CATEGORY: Susan/Chuck, Luka/Sam, Kerry, Abby
RATING: R (language, violence)
SPOILERS: Secrets and Lies, Season 10
DISCLAIMER: ER and its character's belong to NBC and Warner Brothers and a whole bunch of other people. No harm is intended.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Congrats to Sherry Stringfield on her pregnancy! Here's my take on what the season finale should be. Enjoy! As usual, feedback is appreciated but not begged for. It's not in my character.
SUMMARY: The happiness of pregnancy is tarnished when a hostage situation threatens the ER.

She lay on the couch, a long strand of blonde hair resting against her forehead. It had obviously strayed away from the loose ponytail gathered at the nape of her neck. He seriously hated to disturb her. She looked so peaceful, her white lab coat covering her chest and stomach. Still, the rounded stomach of Susan Lewis was easy to see. The eight and a half month pregnant doctor was stretched on the couch, her head resting against a pillow, one knee bent up, her flat, black shoes kicked off, resting on the floor. One hand was resting, almost as a sign of protection, on her stomach, the other flung out into the open air, her graceful fingers curled slightly. Remembering the reason he was there, Luka Kovac tore his eyes away from the woman and cleared his throat softly.

"Susan," he said in a low voice, not wanting to scare her out of her slumber.

"Mmm?" she inquired, the agitation evident in her mumbled response at being waken.

"Susan, you need to get up," Luka said gently, shaking her shoulder slightly, praying that she wasn't moody when she woke up and wouldn't hit him.

"Says who?" she asked sleepily, nonetheless forcing her eyes open.

"Sorry, but Weaver told me to get you. We're picking up pace out there and we need you," Luka said apologetically. "I told her we could handle it, but-"

"No big deal, Luka," Susan said, stifling a yawn as she struggled to sit up. She was surprised when Luka grabbed her hand, helping her into a sitting position. "Thanks," she said. "It's getting harder and harder to stand up."

"No problem," Luka said. "I remember my wife slept a lot as well." Susan looked at him, somewhat apprehensive about him talking about his family. She remembered his reaction about talking about when he lost his virginity on his wedding night when they were forced to attend that sexual harassment course. The tears were evident that night, and the last thing Susan needed was to see him cry. Her emotions were already out of whack. Seeing the look on her face, he said, "It's okay, though. Good memories."

"Yeah," Susan replied, still unsure of the conversation, sighing as she picked up her shoe.

"I've got it," Luka said softly, taking the show from her hands. Before Susan could protest, Luka knelt down and slid the shoe on her foot, tying the laces.

"My feet are so swollen," Susan complained lightly. Luka ducked his head, hiding his amusement, instead concentrating on tying the shoe and picking up the other one, rather than pointing out that he knew she was full of it, that Susan enjoyed every bit of carrying a child. He had seen it with his wife. Despite the pain, there was something incredible about carrying a baby. It made the pain worth it.

"That isn't too tight, is it?" Luka asked, breaking himself away from his thoughts.

"No, it's perfect. You've had practice, obviously," Susan replied, softly, her tone joking. "You ready to face the zoo?"

"Always," Luka replied. He extended his hand to help her up, which Susan gratefully accepted.

She smiled as she stood, the stiffness in her back subsiding slightly at the movement. "Oh, she's kicking again," Susan said excitedly. The baby was responding to the fact that her mother moved. She placed a hand over her stomach, a look of amazement coming over her face. Susan was used to the kicking by now, but it never failed to excite her each time. Luka grinned, a wide smile that showed how happy he was for her. Seeing the look on his face, Susan asked, "Do you want to touch?"

Surprised at her sudden question, Luka nodded. He placed his hand on her stomach, feeling the smooth curvature for a few moments before resting his hand at the center of her stomach, waiting a minute. Sure enough, he felt a kick against his hand. Unconsciously, he smiled again, the dreamy and wistful look on his face evident.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Susan asked, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. Whether it was the joy of becoming a mother or just wacky hormones, she wasn't sure, but being pregnant was sure causing Susan's hormones to act crazy. Even the littlest things made her cry. She couldn't help but think of poor Abby, who had experienced her emotional outburst first hand. When they went clothes shopping, Susan had seen a tiny pair of sneakers and burst into tears. Still, Abby was great, talking to her, reminding her it was completely normal.

"Yeah," Luka agreed. They stood in silence for a minute, not wanting to break the peaceful silence that fell upon them.

The door opened, and Chuck entered the room. "Hey, Suz, Luka," he said in greeting when he saw the two. The two looked at him from their position in the center of the room. Luka gestured him over with his free hand. "Is she kicking again?" asked Chuck, a wide smile spreading over his face.

"Yeah," Susan said.

Luka removed his hand, somewhat reluctantly, and allowed Susan's husband to rub her stomach gently. "How's my little baby love?" Chuck cooed, bending down to kiss Susan's stomach.

Seeing the somewhat amused look on Luka's face, Susan explained, "I think Chuck's more excited than I am. The nursery was completed four months ago."

"Yeah, well, I want our little girl to be proud of her Papa," Chuck said, rubbing his nose against her stomach before straightening up. He stood next to Susan, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closely to him, as if to protect her from anything potentially harmful.

"Do you have a name picked out yet?" Luka asked as they headed to the door.

"Lilian. Lilian Michele," Susan answered, not paying attention as she covered the hand resting on her hip and giving it a small squeeze.

"Wow, that's a beautiful name," Luka said truthfully as he opened the door.

"Thanks," Susan replied as she walked through the door, only to stop abruptly, Chuck nearly running into her back at the sudden stop in action.

"Susan, baby?" Chuck asked, confused as to why she stopped so suddenly. His heart nearly caught at what he saw. "Shit," he murmured, the expletive loud against the deafening silence.

A crazed man stood in front of the admit desk, clutching an obviously scared yet still pissed off Kerry Weaver to his chest, holding a gun firmly pressed to her temple. Her crutch lay on the floor, unnoticed by the gunman. Abby Lockhart, Sam Taggart, and Greg Pratt all stood behind the counter, the fear obvious on their faces.

The gunman's wild eyes swung over to the Susan, Luka, and Chuck. They stood motionless, shocked at the scene, but still he yelled, "Don't move! Don't move or I'll blow her fucking brains out!"

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