Once Twice Three Times

AUTHOR: Ritaann
EMAIL: er_aussie @hotmail.com
RATING: G. for everyone. There is nothing 'bad' in this fic.
DISCLAIMER: I'd love to say that Deb and John are my characters but they aren't. They belong to Michel .C. and his associates(whoever they are). All other charaters also belong to Michel .C. Except for Deb's family and her families friends.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This came to me in the early hours in the morning. I have always wanted to write a Deb/Carter fic, but I guess I haven't had the right storyline. (well one that I would use). I'm trying a bit of humor, but I'm not a very funny person. If this fic is not at all funny - let me know and I'll see what I can do.
SUMMARY: A tale of two friends, a story of lust, love and betryal. A Difficult decision comes upon Deb, and she realizes that her future has already been decided. Will she risk the best friendship she's ever had for the man she truely loves, or shall she choose to be the perfect daughter? There's no turning back now, or is there...


"John uh, can I ask you a favour?" Aww man, I hate asking him for something. But it's my only chance at getting a date for my parents dinner.

"Sure, ask away!" He said, turning round to face Deb.

"Can you come to my parent's dinner party their hosting for my grandfather?" asked Deb in a rush, scared that she would worm her way out of it at the last minute.

'Is she asking me out?' said Carter to himelf "Are you asking me out?" He asked verbaly

"Well, sort of.."

"Sort of?"

"Well, my parent's are holding a dinner party for my grandfather and my three brothers all have wives, but I have to have a date according to my mother."Explained Deb.

"Will there be chopsticks?" He asked jokingly. However, Deb didn't notice.

"John, I..."

"Will there be chille?" Deb suddenly realised that John was joking and began to laugh.

"John is it a yes or a no?" asked Deb as looked pleadingly into John's eyes. God they were gorgeous.

"What did you just say?" Did she just say - 'God they were gorgeous' ? What was gorgeous?

"Nothing, nothing so, are you coming?" Oh. My. God. Did he notice that my cheeks were burning?

"Yep, so. What time do I pick you up?" wonder what she'll wear tonight she'll look beautiful in just about... Did I just think that?

"6:00 is good."

"Ok, 6:00 it is. I'd better go, before Weaver has an MI. See ya round."

"Yeah. See ya!" She said, giving Carter a little wave before turning back to the coffee machine.

"YES!" she hissed, pumping her right fist into the air before grabing her cup and walking out the other exit as if nothing had happened.


"What did ya do?" asked Dave as he rubbed a patients name off the board.

"Do what?"answered John, not knowing what the hell Dave was talking about

"You know, to the hot asian chick of the ER."

"She has a name , Dave and it's Jing-mei"

"So why don't you call her Jing-mei?"

"Cause. Now, what do you want to know?" John didn't want to tell Dave that he though that not only was 'Deb' easier than 'Jing-mei , but it was also kinda cute and suited her personality perfectly.

"So, what did you do to *Jing-mei*?"

"Well, if you mean saying 'yes' to her invatation to her parent's dinner party..."

"She asked you out?" asked Dave, a little too loud.

"Any louder?" hissed back Carter, looking round at all the faces who were curiously looking at the pair.

"Yes. But were're going as friends, if that means anything to you." said Carter, before grabbing a vacent chart and leaving for exam 4.

"She could have asked me!" yelled Dave to Carter's back. But before Carter entered the exam room, he turned round and yelled back.

"She wouldn't be so stupid."

"What's that supposed to mean?" said Dave, turning to Randi who was typing into the computer, chewing away at her gum, snaping at it once in a whille.

"Figure it out for your own self" she said before grabbing the ringing phone and yelling,

"No, this is *not* the Yen sook resteraunt. No, we do not offer specials on the sesame balls. And I you want plastic chopsticks and more sauce, you've come to the wrong place!"and with that, she slammed the phone down and muttered under her breath,

"Bastard. one more ring and I'll get Dr. Chen to yell at him in chinese. See if that will break his balls..."

With that, Dave smile and decided to that a talk to 'Chen' and see if he could get a few things out of her.


"What do you want Dave?" she asked, annoyed that he would always come for 'something' when she was busy.

"Nothing... just what did ya do to Carter?"

"What *did* I do to him?" 'maybe he isn't such a bastard after all' Deb thought to herself before turning around.

"Well, if you mean that cheezy grin on his face and the wistle.."

"He's whistling?" 'Carter only ever whistled when he was very happy'

"um hum"

"So what do I have to do with it?" She asked, hoping that the party had something to do with it.

"Nothing - can you speak Chinese?"

"Dave, what do I have to do with Carter's whistle?" She ordered Dave, hands on her hips.

"Do you speak Chinese?"

"Yes, I do. Now what about John?"

"You *do*!" said Dave, eye's wide and naughty grin on his face. But Deb's eye's were almost slicing his head in half.

"Oh, um, yeah - he's really happy that you asked him out. As, as friends of course."

"Sure, Dave." said Deb, turning back to her work, a secret smile on her lips.

"Yeah - it's true!"

"Ah huh. Now you better get out of here before I start yelling at you."

"In Chinese?"asked Dave,

"YES Dave - now GO!"

"Ok, ok, ok, I'm going!" 'better get going before she starts' he thought as he backed out of the room.

"MALLUCCI - watch where your going!" came a familar voice over a large crash.

"Yeah, uh, sorry cheif - i'll fix it!"

'Some things never change.' thought Deb as she went back to the inventory.


Carter knocked on the door, hoping that He wasn't too early.

"Coming!" and half a minute later Deb appeared, almost ready.


"Oh! your early, um just give me a sec ok?"

"Sure." Said Carer as he looked around at the nicely furnished apartment while Deb got ready.


"Damn!" wispered Deb into her speaker phone.

"What?" came Abby's voice from the phone.

"He's HERE!"

"Who's here? Carter?" asked Abby trying desperately to understand.

"Yes! he's in my lounge room. "So."

"SO?" whispered back Deb as she put on her lipstick and added a little blush. "He's 20 minutes early!"

"That means he likes you." said Abby, not surprised at all.

"Likes me? We're friends - do you I need to spell that out to you?"


John looked around Deb's apartment. The walls were a nice creamy colour and the ceiling was white.

It wasn't too big, but not small either. There was a huge bookshelf filled with books and a comft sofa seemed to be the focus of the room.

There was no TV, but it seemed that it was not necessary. He heard muffled whispers coming from the closed door that Deb had disapeared behind and wondered what was going on in there.

Finally deciding to read one of the many medical magazines that she had on her coffie table, Carter sat down on the sofa and tried to concentrate on a very interesting article on 'Organ Transplants' by a Dr Elizabeth Corday - wait, was that who I thought it was?

Suddenly, before Carter could contemplate on whether that was Dr Corday or not, Deb apeared. 'Wow! she looked wonderful'

"Hey, you ready?" she asked as she reached for her handbag, smoothing out the black dress that she wore. 'and I thought he looked good in *scrubs*?"

"Yep. You look great - you sure there won't be chopstiks?" asked Carter getting another laugh out of her. 'I *love* it when she laughs, her whole face shines' thought Carter as they left the apartment.

"Thanks and *yes* John, I'm sure."


"This it?" asked Carter as they rounded the large mansion. It wasn't as well known as the Carter Family Mansion but it was just as big.

"Yep, this is it."

Carter began to look nervous as he saw a group of Chinese men by the front door. All in suits and accompanied by a group of women.

"You have nothing to worry about. Those are my brothers and their wives."

"Will everyone be asian?"

"No, my father has plenty of American associates invited so you won't be the odd one out. Just be yourself."

Carter mentally counted the men that were in a group. There were 3.

"I thought you had 4 brothers."

"Well, I do. But my favourite and most reliable brother isn't well." Deb said sadly.


"He has cancer. Cureable - but a long recovery."

"Oh, and I better tell you -if you see anything red on your plate - don't eat it" said Deb trying to change the subject.

"Why? chille?" asked Carter, looking at Deb as the entered the parking garage.

"Um, yeah." immediatly after Deb mentioned 'something red' Carter began to look nervous.

"John, have you had some bad experiances with chille?"

"You could say that."

"John, you have nothing to worry about - trust me." said Deb, trying to convince Carter but failing miserably because she couldn't stop laughing.


"Well, here we go." sighed Deb as they came up to the large doors of the mansion.

They passed the group of Deb's brothers silently. As soon as they saw Deb and John come up to the house, they stoped talking and stared.

Deb nugged Carter softly in the ribs,

"Don't say anything" she wispered.


Passing the group, Carter could feel their eyes boring a hole through the back of his head and realised why Deb didn't want to socialise.

They didn't approve.

"That went well." said John as they entered the large foyer.

"Oh yeah, very."

The room was paved with a pale pink marble, large pot plants adorned the border and an english butler dressed in a black suit greeted them.

"Hello, Miss Chen. Nice of you to come. Who is your date?" He asked, taking their coats.

"Oh, this is John Carter. He's a doctor from County"

"Pleasure to meet you sir.

"Likewise" said John as the two shook hands.

"Your parents are waiting for you in the ballroom."

"Thank you, Jade." thanked Deb as she lead Carter down a hallway into a large room, also marble with large green plants surrounding the room.

The guests were mostly Asian, however a few Americans dotted the room.

"Come on," said Deb leading him to a group of people in the middle of the room.

John felt strangely out of place as the whle group were speking some sought of Chinese language. Lord knows which one.

"Ma. I'd like you to meet my friend John Carter, he works at County General."

"Oh, hello. Jing-mei is always talking about you." at hearing that , Deb began to turn a deep sade of crimson.

Carter never saw Deb get *this* red before and was amused.

"Nice to meet you Mrs Chen." said Carter shaking her hand.

Suddenly, everyone in the room was silent and a large motor outside the house could be heard.

A man that Carter thought to be Deb's father walked out of the crowd and towards the double doors, just in time to greet the elderly man that had entered.

"Papa. Welcome to our home!" he said before going into a whole lot of chinese.

Deb's Grandfather was short. He had a long white beard and wore a black suite with white stripes.

Her brothers had now entered the room and Mr Chen led his father over to them.

"Pa, this is our three sons, lui, lei and shai." He said introducing each.

Then Deb's Grandfather finally spoke.

"Where is Jing -mei?"

At hearing that, Deb's father lead him to where Deb and John were standing.

"And this is our daughter, Jing-mei"

Her Grandfather spoke rapid Chinese and to Carters surprise, she answered just as well.

"Yes, Grandfather. This is John Carter, He is a doctor."

Grandfather just nodded so John nodded back before Deb's faher took him to meet some of his other associates.

"That was good." wispered Deb.

"He likes you"

"How do you know?" asked Carter, astounded that she knew something in just meeting the guy.

"He didn't ask my father's qustions. He approves."

"Oh. I get it... I guess."




Ok, everyone tell me what you think! email me at er_aussie @hotmail.com I need to know if you like it. Remember, there is a LOT more to come - this story is just begining, there is a lot to get through so stick around peoples.

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