Once Upon A Long Time Ago

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CATEGORY: Sad romance. JC/SL
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm in a depressing romantic sort of mood right now, so this is why I'm writing a story about a sad romance. Also, the poetry used in this piece is my original work.
SUMMARY: What happens when the love of your life is lost...and so are you?


The Rose Dies Again
Left me there today
Tears flowing freely down my cheeks
Landing on a single rose
Killing it like my heart
The rose fell in my hand
And died
Just like I did when I saw him leave
The tears flow again
The rose dies again
My pain is back again
The rose dies again

She rested the pencil down on her notebook as she rolled on her side and cried some more. She had been crying for the past hour and a half. He was a lost love, and she was a lost soul. A lost soul searching for his love again. He belonged with her, and her with him. But he left her standing there, without a clue, without a soul, without a love. He gave no explanation for his departure, simply said he needed to move on, needed a new life. And he left her standing there.

Her tears stained the perfect white pillowcase as she laid down. The waves of her hair fell upon her shoulders as she cried more profusely to her pillowcase. Somehow, she needed him in her life, she needed his love, his guidance, his compassion. She needed him...

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too, John," she whispered back.

He pressed the rose into her hand and held it there for a while. This was the woman he loved, the one who he was going to be with forever. She ran her hands over the surface of the rose and felt that the thorns had been removed. She liked it that way. It reminded her of their love, smooth and perfect, clean and flawless.

"Susan," he said. "I love you."

This time she said nothing in reply. She leaned her head onto his chest as a tear escaped her eye. They were tears of love and pure joy, not tears of sadness and fear. She could only cry these tears when she was around John, becuase she loved and needed him almost as much as he loved and needed her.

The wind blew thorugh her hair as he held her tighter to protect her from the rainstorm that was happening right outside his porch. He held her in his arms and kissed her forehead. He held her so tight and never wanted to let go. Once upon a long time ago...

She knew it was coming, she could just sense the tension in the air when they were together. She still had the rose, though she wished it had thorns because they would remind her of the pain and suffering she was going for. She should've known right from the start that Abby was going to interfere, but she didn't know how serious John was about her. John loved her, more than he had ever loved Susan. Just thinking about how it happened made Susan want to break down and cry...

"Hi John," she said when she saw him.

"We have to talk," he said in all seriousness.

"What's wrong?" she asked. A million thoughts rushed through her mind. What if somebody was hurt or ill? What if somebody close to him had died? Although breaking up as at the bottom of her thoughts, she knew it was always a possibility.

Not exactly at the best time, Abby walked into the lounge to get a cup of coffee. Susan looked over and saw the sparkling diamond ring on Abby's left hand.

"Oh, congratulations Abby. I didn't know you were engaged. Who's the guy?"

"Susan that's what I wanted to talk about," John said. "Abby and I are getting married."

"But I thought you loved me," Susan said.

"I did," John said. "But that was once upon a long time ago..."

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