Only You Can See Me

AUTHOR: Dreamgirl
SPOILERS: Based on Susan's inner feelings on Mark's death.
DISCLAIMER: No one is owned by me.
SUMMARY: Susan moves on with life after Mark dies just until she finds herself on the floor.

The ER completed their grieving period in the fall season just after their friend, Mark Greene died from a brain tumor. Elizabeth Corday, Mark's wife had just returned from her home in London, ready to work again in America at Cook County. The last time she was there, her husband was working in the ER, giving up on his treatments.

Elizabeth Corday found it hard to work in the ER again without Mark around but with the support of the ER staff and fellow surgeons, she managed to keep going and keep taking care of her one-year-old daughter, Ella. The surgeon finished her first surgery since she returned to America and was ready to take off from work and see her daughter. She felt it being so difficult going home from work without Mark around but she smiled to herself, saying, "I'm ok. Mark's gone but I'll be ok. At least I have Ella." Elizabeth surprised herself going to the first floor that she was brave and was smiling again. She was definitely ready to face the facts that her husband was gone and ready to go home!

Her face bolted up when she saw Susan Lewis in the ER. The thought that Mark's long time friend was there cheered her. Since Elizabeth returned, she and Susan were able to talk a little about Mark and to get to know each other. Susan shared with Elizabeth some old stories she had with Mark. It made Susan sad at first but then as a doctor, she had to keep working so Elizabeth wasn't the only one who was ready to get on with her life.

"Susan, what you doing tonight?" Elizabeth asked the blonde ER attending. Susan looked too occupied to look at Elizabeth as she kept charting for patients.

"Oh, I don't know. I think I might just sack out on the couch and watch some night soap operas. Maybe order in some pizza or Chinese," Susan said.

"Alone?" Elizabeth asked, leaning on the admit desk.

"Yes, alone. Do you want to join me?" Susan finally looked at the British surgeon.

"Oh, I couldn't. Ella's bedtime is when I get home and I need to finish up some paperwork that I'd like to take home with me."

"Oh, ok… well, the offer still stands if you want."

"Thanks, Susan. I'll call you sometimes maybe this weekend."

"Sure, no problem," Susan smiled.

Elizabeth stood by Susan for a moment then stepped away past the lounge. Then she stopped at her tracks. "Uh, Susan?"

Susan looked up at Elizabeth. "Yeah?"

Elizabeth moved back towards Susan. "I'm really glad that we're friends. It hasn't been an easy summer or an easy day but I'm glad that I came back to America and stayed at Country after… you know."

Susan nodded with a grin. "Yeah, me too. I'm glad to see you're doing well. It's been difficult but I think we're getting along well."

"Yeah, I guess so. So, I'll see you Monday?"

"Yep. Call me!"

"I will!" Elizabeth exclaimed down the hall stepping up the stairs. Susan smiled to herself when Michael Gallant came across her at the admit desk. Gallant put a chart in the chart rack with a sigh. Gallant was a medical student and looked up at Susan. He clicked on his pen repeatedly, still looking at Susan.

Susan rolled her eyes up at him suspiciously. "You need anything, Gallant?" she asked.

Gallant stopped clicking and jumped up at his glance at Susan. "Uh, no, nothing. I was just wondering what time you get off?" he asked.

"Now. Why?"

"Well, I was just wondering if you needed someone to walk with you to your apartment from the El. I think we live on the same line."

"In fact, I think we do. What time do you get off?"

"I got off five minutes ago."

"Oh, ok. Well, let me just finish this last chart, grab my stuff then we'll go."

"Great." Gallant turned from the admit desk then headed over to the lounge. He looked as if he was a little anxious to leave with Susan. After all, Susan was with Luka Kovac, a Croatian doctor at the time. Speaking of Dr. Kovac, he appeared next to Susan also putting away a chart. Susan heard a chuckle from his throat.

Susan rolled her eyes again at him. "What is it now?" Susan sighed.

"You have done a lot of cases with him last year, right?" Luka asked.

"Who, Gallant? Yeah, why?"

Luka shrugged. "Nothing. Just talking." Luka stepped away with a smile.

"What a minute, Luka. What are you talking about? Luka!" she called out but Luka was still walking away. Now Susan just had to try to figure it out. Then it came to her. Michael Gallant was a student and Susan was an attending. Sure, lots of med students have crushes on residents and attendings. Susan shrugged it off then signed her chart then turned into the lounge.

The mood was a little shaky at first when she laid eyes on Gallant. Gallant turned and smiled at Susan as he put on his coat. "Hey, Dr. Lewis. Oh, shoot. I've got to get something. Be right back."

Susan nodded. "Sure." Susan let Gallant pass her out of the lounge then Susan went to her locker. She started on her combination when she heard a familiar voice.

"Susan? Hey, Susan, it's me…" the male voice said.

Susan made a puzzling look then looked behind her. She saw Mark Greene standing behind her. "Mark?" she whispered. Mark was in his green scrubs.

Mark nodded. "Yeah, hi. How you doing?"

Susan looked at the lounge door. It was still closed. "Mark, how'd you get here? You're dead."

"Yeah, I know. I just wanted to come back and say hi. I've really missed you. Listen, you can't tell anyone that I'm here. Only you can see me."

Suddenly, Susan's mouth opened in shock. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. How could she be the only one who could see Mark? Was he a ghost? It didn't really matter to her. All she couldn't believe that she saw Mark after he died. Mark couldn't possibly be alive again.

The room went in a blur and it was spinning. Susan stared at Mark while Mark looked at her with a worried look on his face. "Susan? Susan, what's wrong?" he asked. Suddenly, she found herself dropping to the ground and out cold.

Elizabeth entered the lounge and found Susan lying on the ground. "Oh, my god!" she gasped. "Susan! I need some help here! Susan!" she yelled. Gallant and Kovac ran in after hearing Elizabeth's shouting.

"Oh, no, what happened?" Kovac asked.

Elizabeth pulled Susan up in her lap. "I don't know. She was just lying there," she said. She tried to wake Susan up by gently shaking her shoulder. Checked for a pulse. "Good pulse. What's wrong with Susan?"

"I think she just passed out. I'll get a gurney!" Luka said about to leave the lounge when he heard Susan moaning.

Elizabeth looked down at Susan then touched her head. "Susan. Are you all right?" she asked, concerned.

Gallant and Luka walked up in front of Elizabeth and Susan. "Susan? It's me, Luka. Open your eyes."

Susan slowly opened her eyes and looked at Luka. "Luka?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Are you ok?"

Before answering, Susan looked over behind Gallant where Mark was standing. Mark was no longer there. "Yeah, I'm ok. I guess I'm just tired," Susan replied, sitting up by Elizabeth.

"Listen, why don't I look you over and make sure you're ok before you go home?" Luka offered.

"Uh, no, no. I'm fine. I'm ok."

"Susan, you are not fine. You just fainted. You could have some kind of seizure later on, maybe you have low blood sugar or blood pressure. It could be anything."

"Luka, I'm fine. I just want to go home now."

Luka sighed and looked at Gallant. "Ok, Gallant, walk her to her apartment and make sure she's ok before you leave."

Gallant nodded. "Yeah, sure. I'll do that."


Susan looked at Gallant one more time then stood up slowly. Luka lifted Susan's arms up gently to help her up and make she didn't fall. He and Elizabeth looked at Susan and Gallant as they walked out of the lounge, concerned about Susan's fainting.

Elizabeth looked at Luka. "You think she'll be ok?" she asked, unsure.

Luka wasn't even sure, either. He just hoped for the best and nodded. "I hope so. Gallant's with her and will walk her home before he leaves."

Almost ten minutes later, Gallant and Susan walked up to Susan's apartment building. Gallant had the temptation to hold Susan's lower back as they climbed up the staircase to be sure Susan didn't fall. He fought the temptation and looked away from Susan's back with a quiet sigh. Susan looked at Gallant as they stopped in front of the doors. Gallant looked back and didn't even give a hint that he was going to leave so Susan decided to let Gallant in the apartment so he can be sure she is fine as Luka told him to. Susan was in love with Luka. She listened to him, trusted him, and allowed Gallant to make sure Susan was home safely.

Susan took out her keys and unlocked the apartment door. Gallant reached over behind Susan to hold the door open for them as they stepped into the building. The building was quiet except for few people passing by. It was late at night so most tenants were already asleep. Susan never even thought of saying a word to Gallant. Her mind was so occupied on what she saw in the lounge. Gallant, on the other hand, had wanted to say things to Susan but couldn't think of anything. It was hard for him to speak out to women that he had interest in, fearing that he would be rejected.

Once they reached Susan's apartment, Susan was able to take her mind of Mark Greene for a second, turn to Gallant, and smile. She had the feeling Luka might've been right about Gallant. Neither one of them had the nerve to bring it up.

Susan looked at Gallant with a sigh. "Well, thanks for walking me up here, Gallant," she said.

"No problem," Gallant nodded with a shy grin. "Are you sure you don't want me to come in and make sure you're ok? Maybe I can help you on the couch and you can sit there and watch television. Or I can start up some coffee or tea for you or just walk you to your bedroom and make sure you get to bed ok." Gallant's heart almost stopped. Ok, wrong choice of words. A medical student entering a bedroom with an attending or… someone like his teacher, mentor or supervisor? Sounds pretty bad. Gallant looked completely embarrassed! He looked away behind Susan, not wanting to look at her. He couldn't believe what he said. It was just something he blurted out about the bedroom.

Susan chuckled nervously. "Um, no. No, that's ok, Gallant, thank you. I'll be fine."

It took a few minutes for Gallant to pull himself together and look back at Susan. Her beautiful wide smile made him feel better. "Ok… well, you know the ER's open 24 hours so if you need something or if you're feeling worst, call the ER. I'll see you in the morning?" Gallant asked.

Susan nodded with a smile. "Yeah, sure, Gallant. I'll see you in the morning."

Gallant stood for a quick second then nodded. "Ok. Good night."

"Good night."

Gallant turned over towards the stairs and went down, without even looking back at Susan. He heard Susan opening her door then when he reached down to the bottom of the stairs, he looked up at Susan. She was heading in the apartment and Gallant didn't move until she closed the door. He sighed, exited the apartment building, and went on home.

Before Susan went onto bed, she sat on her bed just when she saw Mark again sitting next to her. This time, he was wearing his black pants, gray t-shirt and a white flannel shirt over it. She looked up and jumped up, startled. "Mark! You scared me," he told her.

"Sorry… I just wanted to be sure you were ok," Mark said.

"Mark, this is really weird. What's going on here?"

"You really miss me, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. We all do."

"That's why I'm here. I'm here because you wanted me to be here."

"I'm not the only one who wish you were alive."

"I know. Not long before John Carter walked in, you were sitting in the lounge crying about me. You sat there and you were praying. You prayed that I would be ok upstairs."


"Heaven. You wanted me to be ok and you wished that I was here but you knew I was in a better place. You're right, Susan. I am in a better place. I like it in Heaven but I know you miss me so much so I'm here. You all miss me but I'm here because… I still love you very much."

"Does Elizabeth see you, too?"


"Are you going to let her see you?"

Mark laughed, sitting closer to Susan. "Susan, I'm not here. I'm not just a ghost that everyone talks about. You can see me because this is your hallucination. You are hallucinating that you see me here. Elizabeth's not hallucinating so she can't see me."

Susan looked longer at Mark for a minute, trying to grasp what was going on. This was all getting weirder. Weirder than it was when she saw him in the lounge at the hospital. "I see," she finally answered.

"Do you?"

"No, not really," she admitted.

Mark nodded. "I didn't think so. It's hard to understand. You don't have to understand. By the way, I came back because I saw you faint. How are you feeling?"

"Uh… I'm ok now. Everyone thinks something is wrong with me but it's all because I was seeing you."

"Remember, you can't tell anyone you saw me."

"Why not?"

"Because everyone will think you're crazy."

"I am crazy. You just said I'm hallucinating."

"You are. Listen, what I'm trying to say is I don't want to make anything worst. If everyone knows that you saw me, they'll go crazy and wish they could all hallucinate and disturb their work. Especially in trauma. Besides, you might get in trouble with Kerry since she's never in a mood for jokes even though this is not a joke."

"Yeah, good point about Kerry."

Mark grinned then the phone rang. Susan looked over at the phone as it kept ringing. "Are you going to answer it?" Mark asked.

Susan glanced back at Mark. "Right. Sorry. I thought it was another part of the hallucination," she explained. She sighed and reached over to answer the phone by the bed. "Hello? Hi, Elizabeth… yeah… yeah, I'm fine… uh, nothing, just getting ready for bed… uh, hold on a minute, Elizabeth," she said, then looked over at Mark.

"You want to say hi to Elizabeth?" she asked him.

Mark gave her a strange look.

Susan just realized he couldn't. "Sorry. Stupid of me." She put the receiver back on her ear. "Ok, sorry about that, Elizabeth… yeah, Gallant just left… um, I don't know maybe next time, I'm supposed to pull a double shift tomorrow… yeah, sure… ok… I'll talk to you later… bye." Susan hung up the phone and sighed.

"How's Elizabeth doing?" Mark asked.

"She's fine. She just put Ella down for bed."

"Hmm, you'll be going to bed soon. You look tired. Maybe a good night's sleep will clear out your hallucination."

Susan looked at Mark sadly. "But Mark, I don't want you to go away."

Mark raised an eyebrow. "Careful what you wish for. I may just come back."

"Good. I want you to come back."


"Mark, please…" Susan whimpered, tears forming in her eyes. "I love you."

Mark smiled at her. "I love you, too. After that lockdown you had at the hospital, I know it wasn't easy for you to move on but you need to. Having me back here again will just make things worst."

Tears were rolling down her face. "Are you saying I might never see you again?"

"That's your choice, Susan. It's your hallucination. Your fantasy. No matter what, I can't be brought back here physically. I'm dead, remember?"

Susan nodded. "Yeah, I remember. I just wish you could hold me."

"I could put my arms around you but you won't feel anything. You can't just tell your subjects of hallucinations or fantasies what to do and expect to feel something. I'm not physically here."

Susan couldn't help herself as she bent over in her lap, crying, her hands burying her face. Mark raised his "spiritual" hand and put it on Susan's back. Susan didn't feel anything. "Oh, Susan, now, don't cry," he soothed. "I wish I didn't have to leave either but I can really feel that if you do keep seeing me around, you will just feel worst than you're already feeling. It's best that you try to learn how to move on."

It took a few minutes for Susan to pull herself together. "I guess so… if I wanted a man to hold me, I guess I'd have to get Luka to do that for me. He's been so sweet and would be a great guy to go out with."

"You and Luka are going out???" Mark shouted.

Susan looked at Mark, startled. "Well, not exactly. We have been seeing each other some. I thought you knew everything watching us from upstairs."

"Yes, I know but you haven't gone out on a date with him yet. I can see what's happening but I can't read your minds or know how you feel about him unless you say it out loud."

"Oh… sorry. I didn't know that. I mean, we like each other though we haven't really showed it much yet."

"Well, you better hurry up. First, I thought you were going out with Gallant and seeing him a lot because of what I've been seeing the last few days between you two since the lockdown. Then I remembered it couldn't be because he's a medical student."

Susan's eyes widened. "What???" she shrieked, jumping off the bed. "Michael Gallant???? Me and med student Michael Gallant????" she continued to yell.

Mark looked at Susan with surprise. "I can see this fantasy is getting to you already," he said under his breath and taking off his glasses, rubbing his eyes. "Susan, I was just talking about based on what I saw. I know it can't be but I know how Gallant feels about you. He was pretty delighted to walk you home tonight. I thought you knew."

Susan sighed, sitting back on the bed. "Well… I knew there was something odd about him but I didn't know that's what it was. Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Oh… well, what am I going to do?"

Mark rolled his eyes. "He's a med student. You're an attending. I think you know. Listen, you might be flattered but he knows you can't date him. It's just a harmless crush. That's all. Just move on."

"Yeah, ok, you're right."

"Of course, I'm right. Listen, just get on to bed now. It's late and you're pulling a double shift starting tomorrow."

"Don't remind me," Susan groaned.

Mark laughed and started getting off the bed. "Ok. Good night, Susan."

Susan stood up and pulled up the covers. "Good night. So, will I see you again?"

Mark had no idea how to answer that. "We'll see." Susan stared at Mark with the covers in her hands. Mark grinned then suddenly started to fade out of the room.

The next morning, Susan opened her eyes wearily in bed. The sun was completely out but fortunately, Susan was on a little on until 10:00 so she wasn't running late. Because of seeing Mark the night before, she forgot to set up her alarm clock. She looked around the room to see if there was any sign of Mark. He wasn't around. Susan fell sad. She wanted to see him again but he hasn't appeared.

Susan pulled off the covers and started to get ready for work. She was ready right on time and headed over to her door, opening it. "Oh, crap!" she said under her breath. She had forgotten her keys. Every morning, Susan always hurried to be ready but was slower this time. She reached over to grab her keys from the kitchen table. Running over to the door, she stopped in her tracks, hearing the same male voice again.

"Good morning, Susan," Mark said, standing near her door with a grin. She couldn't believe it. He was back.

Gallant appeared at Susan's apartment and was surprised to see Susan there with the door opened. He nearly missed her, knowing she was just on her way out. "Hi, Dr. Lewis," he smiled.

Susan didn't notice Gallant and still stood in shock. Her body dropped again. "Whoa! Dr. Lewis!" Gallant exclaimed, reaching his arms out to catch Susan before she could hit the floor. He let out a sigh. "Man, good thing I came here," he said to himself as he started dragging Susan's limp body over to her couch.

Few minutes later, everything was coming back to Susan. She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she felt was a cold, damp cloth on her forehead as a gentle hand laid it there. Susan looked up, moaning, laying eyes on Gallant.

Gallant looked at Susan with concern. "Dr. Lewis? Are you ok?" he asked softly.

It took a few minutes for everything to turn back into focus. Susan glanced up at Gallant. "Gallant, you are a sweet gentleman," she moaned. Apparently, she still wasn't feeling herself. There was Susan still dazed on the couch. Gallant looked surprised at what Susan just said. Not normally something she would say to him. Maybe Gallant was dreaming, too. Life is weird.

Gallant forced a grin. "Um… thank you," he responded.

Susan managed to look at him with a puzzled look. "Gallant? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"You fainted again. I was here because I wanted to know if you wanted someone to walk with you to the hospital. Obviously, I may have to call in sick for you on your phone if you want me to."

Susan shook her head. "No… don't."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I'll be fine. Just help me get up and walk me to the hospital."

Gallant sighed. He wasn't in the mood for arguing back. Susan removed the cloth from her head and sat up. Gallant reached out his hand as Susan looked at it then up at his face. Maybe Mark Greene was right. She sighed then took his hand as Gallant pulled her up and walked her out of the apartment, closing and locking the door behind them.

Susan and Gallant walked to the hospital from the El then went through the ambulance bay to the ER just when Gallant saw Luka at the admit area. Susan immediately turned to the lounge to put her stuff away. Gallant took one last look at Susan as she entered the lounge then went up to the admit desk.

"Hey, Gallant, Dr. Lewis get home ok last night?" Luka asked.

Gallant nodded and sighed. "Yeah, she got home fine. Uh… she passed out again this morning."

Luka looked up at Gallant with concern. "This morning? Were you at her apartment?"

"Yes, I wanted to come over and make sure she got to the hospital just fine."

"Gallant, I appreciate that. I think you've done all you can for now. I'll go talk to Dr. Lewis."

Gallant looked a little hurt when Luka turned to the lounge. Done all he could? Gallant wished he could do more for Susan. Kerry Weaver, Chief of Emergency Medicine walked up to Gallant. "Gallant? You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Gallant answered.

"I couldn't help but overhear. I heard Susan fainted last night and now she did it again this morning?"

"Yeah, in her apartment."

Kerry glanced over at the lounge then decided to follow Luka in the lounge.

Later on, Kerry had Susan sitting in curtain one while holding a penlight in front of Susan's eyes.

"Kerry, I'm fine," Susan said.

"You are not fine. You don't usually faint and this tells us something is wrong. Follow my fingers with your eyes."

Susan sighed and surrendered, following Kerry's command. Kerry stopped then pulled out a pen with a nurse, Abby Lockhart, standing next to her. The doctor seemed satisfied Susan was fine unless she did further testing.

"Ok, Susan, I'm going to order some blood work and a CT. Hopefully, we'll find something there."

"Look, Kerry, I'm sure it's nothing. It's just a lot of stress," Susan said.

Kerry nodded. "Yeah, I can understand that. We've known Mark for a long time and now… he's gone. It's probably stress but I want to rule out everything just to be sure."

Susan sighed then laid back onto the bed while Kerry and Abby exited the curtain. Luka stuck his head after they left. "Hey, is it safe to come in?" he asked.

"Yeah, come in," Susan said.

"What did Kerry say?"

"She wants to do a CT and some blood work. I'm sure it's nothing. It's probably just stress."

Luka nodded, sitting on the bed, taking Susan's hand into his. "I hope it's nothing. I think we've all been through a lot of stress lately. We just made it through the summer, you know?"

Suddenly, they heard a nurse calling for Luka. "Dr. Kovac! Got a gunshot rolling in right now," nurse Chuny yelled.

"Get Carter or Pratt," Luka told her.

Chuny shook her head. "Pratt's with a patient and Carter's up in the laboratory. You're the only attending right here." Luka sighed, bowing his head down.]

Susan nodded. "You go ahead, Luka. I'll be ok," she told him.

Luka lifted himself off the bed. "Ok, I'll check back with you later, ok?" He stood up to kiss Susan on the head then he also left the curtain, leaving Susan alone.

Susan sighed, looking up at the ceiling then looked back down when she saw Mark Greene appear again by her bed.

"Mark! You're back!" Susan said.

Mark put a finger over his lips. "Shh, no one can see me, remember? I'm back because I've been thinking. You really need to get some help on that hallucinating. I can't keep on appearing in front of you all the time."

"Why not?"

"You need to get on with your life."

"I am getting on with my life."

"Oh, really? Then why am I here again? Listen, it's really busy up there too. They need doctors up in Heaven, too, you know."

"But there are plenty of doctors who died out there. Carter's med student, Lucy, Dennis Gant. All of them."

Mark nodded. "They're so young, Susan. They need me. Lucy's still trying to learn and God needs me back up there to help her. Dennis, too. Oh, it's so beautiful up there. I saw my parents, too."

"What's it like up there?"

"It's all white and cloudy. All your troubles are gone. No pain or diseases. The best part is I still get to see you even when I'm dead."

"But Mark, no one can see you but me."

Mark nodded sympathetically. "I know. They learned to move on. Elizabeth has a hard time, too but she moved on. She came back here from London. That took great courage. It's time for you to move on, too. I'm dead and they don't see me because they have learned how to move on. You're not moving on much by seeing me."

"I didn't see you all summer. Why is that? Why is this happening right now?"

"Because you and Elizabeth have been good friends and deep down inside, you didn't want me dead and not only that, you just want to see me back here no matter what. This is why this is happening. Look, Susan, I do love you. I always have. I know you love me, too. If it makes you feel any better, I do think that we all hallucinate for a reason. Not just because we miss someone. It's because once we wake up, we will have a smile on our faces and be glad we're the survivors and be alive to worship and remember those we once loved."

Susan was confused. What was he talking about? "It's time to go, Susan," Mark said sadly.

"Wait… you're leaving?"

"I have to. You need to get on with your life. Your friends are waiting for you."

Friends? Why are friends waiting for her? Susan felt tears in her eyes but closed them tightly before Kerry could return back to the curtain.

"Ok, Susan, are you ready? Radiology's ready for you," she said. Following with Kerry were more doctors. Abby and Luka reached over for Susan's bed railings and raised them up. Kerry reached the back end of the bed as Abby and Luka started pulling Susan's bed forward. Carter came in with a smile along with Dr. Jing-Mei Chen. They grabbed the also grabbing the bed and pulling.

Susan looked a little frightened. "Susan? Are you alright?" Luka asked.

Susan didn't answer. Two more people walked in. Her good friend and the guy who had a crush on Susan. Elizabeth Corday and Michael Gallant followed along. A surgeon, Dr. Robert Romano's voice shouted, "Ok, come on, let's get her to radiology!" He was always trying to get people moving on. Romano disappeared away from Susan's bed. All doctors were looking at Susan, pulling her down the hall of the ER. She had to wonder why she was surrounded by many doctors.

It felt like a wind passing through Susan's body. Pure, white space appeared before her. She gasped. It couldn't be Heaven! She only hallucinated. It couldn't have killed her.


Susan can hear a woman's voice saying her name. The woman repeated Susan's name but this time, her voice echoed. Susan's eyes were closed. She felt her body being pulled forward then real lights from the ceiling was seen. Susan felt so exhausted but kept her eyes mostly closed till she felt herself stop being moved few minutes later.

A firm bump was felt on the bed she was laying on. Apparently, the bed bumped onto a wall. "Gentle, Luka," the woman continued.

Susan moaned then a cool hand touched Susan's forehead. Her eyes opened slowly. There they were. All of her friends. Everyone surrounded Susan in her private bed. Susan was dressed in a hospital gown with an I.V. on her hand and a pulse ox on her fingertip. Her friends were all in white lab coats and one woman, Elizabeth Corday was in her scrubs and O.R. gown and cap. Abby stood by Carter in her nurse scrubs.

Susan looked up at them then Luka smiled at her. "Well, look who's finally awake," he announced. "How are you feeling, Susan?"

"What happened?" Susan asked.

"You took a pretty hard fall, Susan," Carter said gently. "You were on that balcony just four floors from the ambulance bay here at this hospital having a cup of coffee when you leaned over the railing. Damn railing broke and you fell over. Hit your head really hard and fractured your spinal cord. Pretty soon, Gallant found you and you've been in a coma for two days. You just came back from radiology, that's all."

"You were lucky, Susan," Kerry told her. "No brain damage and your spinal cord can heal before you know it. You're not paralyzed but you'll have to be in a wheelchair for a while. We took very good care of you. Gallant's one of our best med students."

Gallant! Susan looked up at Gallant who was standing next to Elizabeth. "Gallant, you took care of me?" Susan asked.

"Not completely but I looked after you a lot. Dr. Carter and Dr. Weaver were your doctors. I'm just a med student," Gallant shrugged. Susan watched Gallant's face. He didn't look or act anything like he did in Susan's dream during her coma.

"Thanks, Gallant. By the way, you've never been to my apartment before, have you?"

Gallant looked at Susan for a while then cleared his throat. "No… I don't think it'd be right for me to come."

"Did you think of me?"

"Yes, I did. However, not in a way you might be thinking. Why do you ask?"

Susan shook her head and smiled. "Just asking."

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