Out of the Closet

AUTHOR: Koistin
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SPOILERS: Only what i want to happen (by the way, carter and abby are together)
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SUMMARY: Dave has a big secret, that Abby finds out. Just who is Dave's lover.....?


Dave glanced around nervously as he talked quietly into his cell phone. There was no need to, as he was working the graveyard shift, and as far as he knew, he was the only one awake. Haleh, and Mark had claimed the two trauma rooms to snooze in, Weaver was up in the Psyche ward having a midnight snack, (or a 3am snack, as the case may be) with her friend, Dr. Kim Legaspi, and Carter was "napping" with Abby in Exam 1. *Yeah. Right. Whatever. Napping, my ass.* Dave thought. He was alone in Exam 4.

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning. Do you want me to make breakfast when I get in? Oh right, Ok, as long as you have time to make it before work, I don't mind. Cook away!" Dave said cheerfully. "See you then. I love you too! Bye" Dave disconnected the call, and turned off his cell phone. He wasn't supposed to be using his phone in the hospital, anyway. Sgt. Weaver would have his head on a stick if she found out he'd been using it. Just as he was putting his phone in his trouser pocket, he remembered that he'd forgotten to mention where he'd put the frying pan the day before. He'd moved it into another cupboard, because sometimes it was hard to shut the cupboard door because of its large handle. *Oh well,* he thought. *I'll just rest my eyes for a minute, before I phone home again...*


"Dave! Wake up! It's 6:30!" Abby called, as she stuck her head through the door of Exam 4. "Dave!" she tried again. "DAVE! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW!" Weaver yelled from behind Abby.

"What? What?" Dave mumbled, jumping off the bed, and rubbing his eyes.

"I'm awake Chief, I swear. So what happening?" He added, stumbling through the doorway.

"Phone call, line 1" Weaver said. "And don't call me Chief." She ordered, whacking him with her crutch. " I prefer Goddess".


I must have been evil in a past life,* thought Abby, as she cleaned in Exam 3. *Or Weaver,* she giggled to herself. She swept her damp cloth over the telephone hanging on the wall, accidentally knocking the receiver slightly off the hook. Without noticing, she went on cleaning, scrubbing at a stubborn mark next to the 'SPEAKER PHONE' button. When she pressed too hard on the side of the button, the system activated, and the voice if Dave, and that of his friend filled the room. Abby was just reaching for the phone to disconnect, when Dave's friend spoke.

"You haven't told any of you friends about us, have you? 'Cause if you had, you wouldn't be whispering." They asked.

"No, I haven't, but I'm not ready to. I want to keep you all to myself," Dave answered.

"Save me the crap. You're ashamed of me, admit it. In fact, don't talk to me right now. And make your own breakfast!" Dave's partner hung up. Dave slowly hung up the receiver and walked out of the closet, where he'd taken the call in privacy. He'd started off by saying where the frying pan was, and ended up having a fight with the person he loved. All in one short phone call.

In Exam 3, Abby disconnected the call, and sat on a gurney. She recognised the voice on the other end of the line. It was that of Dave's roommate, PAUL. But it couldn't be, could it? Dr. David 'Call Me Dave' Malucci wasn't gay, was he?..........

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