The Party

AUTHOR: WeaverWhore
CATEGORY: KW/KL, (AL, CH, DM, JC, LKo, PB, EC, & MG as supporting cast)
RATING: hmm. PG-13 most likely. Possibly R...there's alot of subtext and talk of sex or arrousal...
SPOILERS: This completely ignores most of the series, except for the fact that Kim likes Kerry :) The rest is my own playing with the characters.
DISCLAIMER: ER belongs to WB, NBC, TNT, whatever. If you have an issue with two consulting adult women being in love and getting together, run away. Run away. Run screaming into the hills.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I played. I ignored the actual 'way things happened' and played. Deal.
This shows women together. Deal :)
This is my first ER Fanfic that wasn't just f/f slash for my own purposes. Feedback is welcomed. I used to do alot of Babylon5 and Xena fanfic, but now I don't have time, and I'm obsessed with Kerry, hence the name: WeaverWhore :)
SUMMARY: The ER Staff Stays at Kerry's…and makes some discoveries….

*Damn Romano, and Damn me for listening to him!* Kerry thought for the thousandth time. Contrary to popular opinion, Kerry liked parties. But she didn't like ER staff parties or any work related party. She liked very much to keep her private life private and far away from her professional life. But when Romano had suggested she have a get together for the ER staff at her house, something had possessed her to say yes.


So now she had Carter, Green, Benton, Abby, Carol, Corday, Malucci, and Kovac running around her apartment. Prattling on and on. The only thing that made it bearable was that Kim had agreed to come. Kim hadn't been thrilled, but Kerry had begged. "I can't stand partieswell, not with co-workers. If I have to do this, please come. Give me someone to talk to." But they hadn't been doing much talking. Kerry could sense Kim's discomfort, and Kerry had to admit she was not the most comfortable person either.


Kerry sat in the kitchen pretending to be defrosting hor's douvres. She was listening to the radio, attempting to relax. Maybe she should just get plastered, everyone else was. She sighed as the radio began a screaming beep. "Damnit. Don't tell me this is broken." She was about to turn off the radio when the computerized voice took over. "This is a message from the National Emergency Broadcasting System. The snowstorm in Chicago has made all travel out of doors impossible. Hail up to 3 inches across makes travel on foot dangerous. People are advised to stay inside until further notice. This is in affect until 6AM tomorrow." Kerry picked up a phone to see if she was needed in the ER. Romano's voice grated on her ears. "No Weaver, we're staffed enough for this. Besides, I'd hate to ruin the party. Having a good time?"


Kerry ground her teeth. "Of course, we're all having a great time. But call us if we're needed." She hung up and sighed.


"Uhm, everyone, if I could have your attention?" The buzz of conversation did not lessen. Kerry stabbed at the floor with her cane. "I SAID SHUT UP!" The pin didn't dare drop, it knew it would be heard, and it knew Kerry would eviscerate it. "Thank you. There's a national weather service warning. We're not supposed to go outside. I called the ER, we're not needed, but they'll call us if we are. In the mean time, you'll all stay here. I have a spare room upstairs, a mini-apartment downstairsGood luck. If you all could help me close the shutters on my windows, there's supposedly a lot of hail." People groaned, nodded and began helping Kerry close up her house for the storm.


Kerry collapsed on a coach and looked about morosely. Damn. Now she wouldn't be rid of them till morning. Kim sat down beside her. "It'll be great. Just like a slumber party."

Kerry grimaced. "I always hated those. They never went well."

Kim smiled, her hand on Kerry's knee. "Well, there's a first for everything."

Kerry swallowed and ignored the hand, or at least did her best to. "Indeed. Sadly, if I kill Malucci, there won't be many more firsts for my ER Career."

Kim laughed.


People had selected their rooms and now Kerry was preparing a little mid-night snack. Even drunk out of their minds, her ER Staff was being moderately polite. "Get out of there! That's my room and it's off limits." A drunk Green sheepishly left Kerry's bed room, followed by an even more sheepish Corday. Kerry tried very hard not to flip at them. She succeeded barely.

"Hey, Kerry,"

"That's Doctor Weaver, Malucci!"

"Yeah, whatever. What's Bound about?"

Without thinking Kerry casually replied. "Two lesbians steal over 2 million from the mob. Same producers as the Matrix." Suddenly she blinked. Bound? Shit. They were in her video closet. "Get away from my video collection!" She snapped.

She heard Carter come to her defense, sort of, "Look, she's serious about her privacy. Be glad she doesn't lock us all in her basement."

Kerry joined the laughter at that remark.


Malucci, Benton, and Kim stood in front of Kerry's video collection. "Oooh, I love High Art." Kim purred. Remembering a particularly eventful viewing with an ex.

Dave blinked. "You know this stuff?"

"Yeah. They're great films. Don't know much about her anime collection. I never figured Kerry for an anime girl."

Dave laughed. "Sailor moon, oooh, these are the ones with those two hot lesbian scouts. And this Escaflowne series is the one where the two chicks get it on."

Peter gave Malucci a withering glare. "Is that all you ever think about?"

Dave shook her head. "Nah, I also like the straight ones."

Kim threw her hands up in exasperation and stormed off.

Dave looked at Benton. "Heyya don't think these are *all* lesbian videos?"

Peter shook his head in disbelief and wandered away.

Corday wandered over. "What's so fascinating? I thought Kerry asked you to get away from there?"

Dave sighed. "But I never figured the chief for anime!"

Perplexed, Corday looked at the collection. Her eyebrows leaped to the top of her forehead. "Oh my."

"What?!" Dave asked eagerly.

"I never would have thought Kerry was into Lesbian Porno" She left the area before things got any weirder.


Kerry smiled, she sat with Corday, Luka, and Kim chatting amiably. Maybe this wouldn't be such a fiasco. Of course, the phone rang. "Damn, that must be Romano, begging for help."

She started to get up, but Abby standing by the phone was faster. "Hello?"

Abby paused for a moment. "May I ask who's calling?" She looked up. "Kerry, it's someone named Atlanta"

Kerry leapt up. "Carter, tell them rule number two in my house."

Carter obliged. "Kerry always answers the phone."

Kerry spoke quietly, but Abby stayed in range. "I'm sorry, hun." "No. No it's not like that all." "That's Abby Lockhart. I've told you about her." "I'm just having a little get-together for the ER." "Yes, that's why you weren't invited" ."No! I'm sorry, Don't say that." "I'm sorry, we'll discuss this later. " "I'm sorr-" Kerry sighed and hung up.

Abby looked concerned. "You ok?"

Kerry nodded. "Yeah, just got hung up on."

"Who was it?"

"A friend." She sat back down beside Kim. "Damn, I hate that. When people completely misconstrue a situation to make it fit whatever they want it to be." She sighed and Kim put a comforting hand on Kerry's knee, well, actually slightly higher up than her knee. Kerry blinked as she felt the contact. *God Kim, don't do that. I've had too much to drink.* She forced a smile. "Kim, hun. Could you move your hand?" She tried to say it quietly enough so that no one else would hear, she succeeded.

Kim sat primly, trying not to cross her eyes in frustration. Was Kerry a tease? Or just completely unaware of how she was leaning forward to give Kim such a nice view? Of how she kept touching Kim?

Kerry carried on with the conversation, mentally rejoicing that no one present knew that her ears only turned this bright scarlet color when she was cross eyed with arousal.


Malucci crowed. "Ooh! Would you look at that. Kim just put the moves on the Chief. And got Shut out!"

Abby fought not to slap him. "Grow up."


"Chief, can I use your phone? This storm is gonna make me miss my AA meeting tonight."

Kerry nodded. "Phone numbers for the hospital are inside the cabinet by the phone."

Carter wandered over and opened the cabinet. He scanned the list for the appropriate number, and saw a few others. 'Badlands.' 'Family Outing,' 'BDUs' He paused. *What the hell are these?* 'Atlanta,' 'Sara,' 'Maya,' and 'Marcie and Susan.' He sighed. *Stop snooping. He called in.


Kerry stood. "I'm tired. See you all in the morning." She caned quietly into her bedroom.

Kim watched her leave. Carol grinned. "You like her don't you?"

Kim sighed expressively. "I love her." She paused. "And she knows it."

"Are you two?"

Kim laughed. "I wish. No, She's oh-so politely rebuffed me on more than one occasion."

Carol arched an eyebrow. "She wasrather forward with you, though?"

Kim nodded. "I don't even think she realizes it. She sees me in this best friend roll. Straight women do that a lot. The lesbian in love with them becomes a best friend, and they unwittingly torture them." She smiled lopsidedly.

Carol squeezed Kim's hand sympathetically, then drew her hand back. "I Didn't mean to"

Kim sighed. "I know. I know. Relax."

As everyone headed for bed, Kim went into the kitchen to make a snack. Looking for a bowl she came across the cabinet with Kerry's list of phone numbers in it. Her eyes narrowed at some of the numbers.


Kerry left her bedroom slowly and relaxed. Her house wasn't a total mess. She was up before them all, as always. She saw Kim sleeping on the couch and grimaced. She returned with a blanket and covered her. "Too damn cold for that." She set about cleaning up.

Kim walked into the kitchen and smiled as she watched Kerry puttering about. "I've been the Badlands a few times. One of the better lesbian clubs in Chicago. One of the lesser known ones. It's practically invite only."

Kerry tensed.

"Why didn't you tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"Kerry, you've got a collection of lesbian videos that beats the hell out of mine, you've got numbers for gay clubs in your cabinets, a woman called her last night upset when someone other than you answered the phone, and you spent all of last night flirting with me."

Kerry bristled. "I was not flirting with you!"

"Oh, so you don't deny the rest."

"So I like lesbian videos. That's true of most guys in America. So women call my house? I'm not allowed to have female friends?" Kerry slammed a cabinet.

"Why are you fighting so hard to hide it?" Kim asked.

"I am not hiding anything! I just resent having my home invaded and sifted through like I'm some sort of puzzle."

Kim sighed. "But you are, and you work very hard to keep it that way!"

Kerry began working on breakfast.

"People are going to figure it out. You can't keep your friends out forever."

Kerry laughed. "I'm not keeping friends out of my life. Just my coworkers."

"And the two aren't compatible?"

"No, they aren't." She said crisply as she began beating some eggs.

Kim blinked. "What about me?"

Kerry sighed. "Kim. If things were differentBut you're a co-worker. And I need to keep those two aspects separate. My personal life is personal and my professional life is my professional life. And never the two shall meet." She sighed. "Kim. You're a beautiful woman. I told you I was flattered, but"

Kim took a single step across the room and kissed Kerry, holding her head so she could back away. After a moment of resistance, Kerry let herself enjoy the moment, returning Kim's kiss passionately, her free hand on Kim's waist. Kim ran her hands through Kerry's hair. Melding herself to the petite Chief of Emergency Medicine. "Damn, I've wanted to do this."

Kerry smiled into the kiss. "I've wanted you since I first saw you. I cursed that I met you in the ER and not at a bar."

Kim ran her hand over Kerry's breasts"Kerry, what about your bedroom?"

Kerry shook her head and started to protest, but to no avail. Kim had her.


Carter blinked and looked about.

Abby blinked at Kovac.

Corday and Green looked confused and Carol and Benton shared the confusion. "What as that?" Abby asked.

Carter shook his head. "Sounded like Kerry"

"Could she be hurt?"

Another scream came, and Benton's eyes bulged. "No, it, umm, doesn't sound like it." They sat in silence. "Must be one hell of a dream.

Corday sighed. "Damnit, this isn't fair to Kim, I'm gonna go make sure she's not just sitting there listening" She got up, but Kim wasn't on the coach, she looked in the kitchen and saw the beginnings of breakfast. "Oh." She walked back downstairs where the gang had gathered.

"Well, what's going on?"

"Kerry's fine. Kim's fine. Everything's ok."

Then they heard a higher pitched scream. Malucci grinned. "I knew the Chief was a lesbo!"

The gang narrowed their eyes. Malucci began to edge away.

Many pillows hit Malucci.

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