The Party

CATEGORY: KW/MG/ s4 cast
RATING: PG maybe PG-13
SPOILERS: safe if you have seen season 4
DISCLAIMER: none of the characters are mine, very unfortunate!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: this fic takes place at the annual staff semi-formal. It is a somewhat re- modified version of some of the scenes in “Gut Reaction”
SUMMARY: Mark and Kerry share a few moments

(Part 1)

An absolutely beautiful redheaded woman just walked into the semi- formal staff party at John Carter’s mansion. Mark is staring straight at her. She is wearing a periwinkle strapless dress. As Mark tries to figure out who she is he notices the crutch. This absolutely breathtaking woman is Dr. Kerry Weaver. Mark is completely taken away by the different was she looks and dresses compared to when she is at work. A few moments later he hears the familiar voice of Doug Ross saying “looks like somebody else besides me likes the chief” “Shut up Doug” said Mark as he broke he concentrated stare.

An hour later the party was getting dull and John decided to try something the staff would not suspect. He came onto the speaker and asked everyone to get into a big circle. A slow love song starts playing as he calls Mark and Susan to the center to start it off. He says, “Find yourselves a partner and dance away”. Mark pauses to find the periwinkle dresses woman. She is standing by the wall, trying to avoid attention. Mark walks over to her and asks her to dance. She shyly accepts and leans her crutch against the wall. Kerry limps as Mark leads the two into the center of the crowded circle. The two slowly danced around the floor. Susan had chosen Carter to dance with and them along with a few other scattered couples were dancing. The ever-interesting couple of Dave and Carol were included in that crowd. Carter and Susan couldn’t help on comment on how cute Mark and Kerry looked together.

Mark eventually gained the courage to tell Kerry she looked beautiful. She took that as a flirtatious comment and said “Thank you” while kissing Mark on the cheek. Susan couldn’t help but let out a small “Awww”. Mark asked Kerry if she would like to go to dinner after the party was over. Seeing as she was rather hungry and kind- of liked Mark said yes.

(Part 2)

After the party was over Kerry and Mark headed off to the Mexican restaurant the agreed upon. It was a quiet night and both were rather lonely. Mark, rather unsurely, reaches down to grab Kerry’s hand, and Kerry, in the same manor, accepts. The two walk the rest of the way hand in hand. The food was perfect for the occasion and Kerry had ordered a martini that the two shared.

Afterwards, Mark walked hand- in- hand with Kerry back to her apartment. Kerry turned around only to notice a grin on Mark’s face. “What?” she said. “Nothing” mark said as he kissed Kerry. Kerry accepted the kiss until mark broke it off. “Good night Dr. Weaver”. “Call me Kerry and Goodnight Mark” she replied. Kerry hurriedly fumbled around in her purse for her keys and at last let herself into her apartment. Just as the door shuts Kerry hears the familiar beeping of her alarm clock as she wakes up.

She later finds herself walking through the emergency room doors of Cook County General Hospital. She stops at the front desk and greets Jerry. She then stares down the hallway, only to see the man from her dreams, Dr. Mark Greene, walking down the hallway.

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