A Poem For Carter

AUTHOR: Redhead1294654
EMAIL: Neela149@aol.com
SPOILERS: Only if you don't live in the US
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I love you Carter!!!!
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John Carter
John Carter came in as a medical student
He will leave as a man
He was so cute and young and innocent
I love him with all my heart
We can all relate to John
Although everyone calls him Carter
He was taught by Benton to be a surgeon
Although he felt the ER was his forte
He switched right when they were being filmed live, boy that was fun!
He had one student named Lucy Knight
We all loved her so much
He taught her like Benton taught him
Although now I'm sure he wishes he treated her better
Carter and Lucy were stabbed one Valentine's night
Lucy didn't make it
Carter missed her so dearly
And he felt guilty
He got addicted to pain killers
Deb came back before this
His old classmate who ran from the ER in fear
On her first day she hit him with the defibrillator paddles
Susan also came a while after he got stabbed
They started dating but that didn't go far
He went on and off with Abby
Although now it doesn't look too hopeful for them
Carter wanted Abby to marry him but chickened out in the end
But it doesn't really matter
Because Abby is afraid of commitment
Her family life didn't help much with her relationship with John
Then Carter's grandmother died
He loved her so much!
Abby's brother messed up her funeral
This is the end for them
Carter's brother Bobby died of leukemia when he was only eight
His parent's weren't good ones
They didn't even come visit him in the hospital when he was stabbed!
How could he love them?
But don't worry John, because I love you
I have heard you are going to Africa with Luka
Please be okay
The ER needs you
You are the only doctor who has been there through it all
And hopefully you will be there till it ends.

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