Family Reunion

SPOILERS: my season 6 finale, but I wrote it right after "Be Patient" so, try to picture that....
SUMMARY: Season 6 finale, MY way of Doug coming back and such...

Outside ER in the chilly but mild weather. Abby and Carter are walking to work after meeting off the subway. Both stop at the expresso cart to get coffee.

Abby: I had a lot of fun last night, Carter.

Carter: Me too.

Abby: I've always loved jazz.

Carter: Yeah, that club's been there a while - since I moved here anyway. So, is your divorce finally over?

Abby: Yes, finally. God, that marriage was such a waste.

Carter: So what was he doing with your money, exactly?

Abby: He'd just - just use our cash for alcohol or stocks until we couldn't pay the rent. It was a nightmare - but it could've been worse. At least I didn't have kids to break the news to.

Carter: Yeah, sorry about that.

Abby: (smiles) It's over.

Carter: (sighs) So, today's the day you become an emergency room nurse.

Abby: Yeah - this is what I was cut out for - nursing. I hope the residents don't give me a hard time. (teasing)

Carter: (puts arm around her shoulder) Don't worry - a doctor can't do anything without a nurse.

Abby: I agree. I'll miss OB, though. You wouldn't understand the look on people's faces.

Carter: You get some emergency deliveries here - but those don't turn out so well 90 percent of the time.

Abby: I know. But at least it will be more interesting - how much screaming from mother and baby can you take?

Carter: Not much. (stops, they are in front of door).

Abby: Well, we have to act like we barely know each other now.

Carter: (grins) Not quite. (kisses her quickly). When are you off?

Abby: there's no telling.

Carter: I'll stick around if you have to stay.

Abby: Same here. (hugs him) Bye.



Chuny: Jerry! How was Hawaii?

Jerry: Great, warmer than here.

Malik: Isn't everywhere warmer than Chicago.

Connie: (hugs Jerry) We missed you!

Yosh: We couldn't even throw you a surprise birthday.

Jerry: Sorry to have missed that (sarcastic). What did I miss?

Chuny: Well, be nice to Carter for a while - he's still a little down.

Jerry: Why?

Luka: (checking board) Kerry? Am I in charge of the board this shift? Where's Mark?

Kerry: He's in at 8. Guess you got the job. Jerry! Hi! Great to have your shining face at the desk again.

Jerry: I missed you, Dr. Weaver.

Kerry: Good to hear that. Now get to work.

Chuny: Kerry, Jerry needs to know about Carter and Lucy.

Kerry: (looks up at Jerry) You missed some things, Jerry, that I think you should be slightly aware of.

Jerry: What happened to Carter and Lucy - did they break up or something, what?

Kerry: (pauses) Don't mention it to Carter, but just be sensitive. See Curtain 2 - see the caution tape?

Jerry: (looks) Yeah…what's that doing there…(trails off)

Kerry: Jerry, Carter and Lucy got stabbed in February by a schizophrenic patient. Lucy - Lucy died, and Carter's nearly recovered. (limps away)

(Jerry is speechless. Phone rings, he slowly picks it up. Carol saunters in with her twins, she goes up to the front desk and waves to Jerry. Jerry finishes his quick call and hangs up. )

Jerry: Carol (hugs her) How are the twins?

Carol: Kate's got a cold or something and I want to have her checked out - are they any open areas?

Jerry: As far as I know Curtain 4 is open - I just got here.

Carol: Thanks.



(Dave and Deb are talking at their lockers.)

Deb: Dave, for the last time, I hate football.

Dave: Come on - it's the Bears versus the Packers.

Deb: I'd make you miserable.

Dave: No you wouldn't!

Deb: I don't even follow football.

Dave: so?

Deb: Go with your friends - it doesn't hurt my feelings. (exits)

Abby and Carter enter and go to their lockers.

Dave: Hey Abby, Carter. (exits)

Carter: What's eating him?

Abby: Your med student friend Deb, I'm guessing.

(they are at their lockers putting on their scrubs and smock coat. Carter winces and rubs his back.)

Abby: How's your back?

Carter: Kinda aching - I'll take something later.

Abby: I'd give you another nurse's massage but I'm late as is. Later - for sure, k?

Carter: (nods, taking out two Tylenol) I'll be looking forward to that.


Mark, waken up just as his alarm clock is ringing as he is in bed.

Mark: (answers it) Hello? ….. (pauses, brow creases) Yes, yes I accept. (leans back on pillow.) Hey, - long time no see….. How's Seattle?…..What?….When?….Today?



Carol in Curtain 4

(Carol is pressing a stethoscope on Kate's chest. Haleh is playing with Tess. Kate starts to cry.)

Carol: Sh…I know it's cold, honey, but you're so sick…shhh…(she listens to her back and her breathing) Haleh, do you think it's bronchitis?

Haleh: Oh, I hope not, dear - but that is the worst it could be.

Carol: Pneumonia?

Haleh: Stop worrying - she's healthy in every other way. She's a healthy baby (to Tess) Like you are, you sweetheart (puckers)

Carol: (sighs, rubs forehead, sits heavily on the girney)

(Haleh puts Tess back in her carrier and sits beside Carol, comforting her with an arm around the shoulder)

Haleh: Honey, you're so brave, you know that, right? You're so strong and so loving to your babies.

Carol: Thanks, but, where am I going with my life? It's so lonely at night - so much work…I didn't think it'd be like this - I never dreamed I would turn out like this. Doug didn't fly to Chicago when I told him about the twins…did I want him to? I'm running out of money…The twins need their father - I need him…

Haleh: You still love him, don't you?

Carol: Never stopped loving him, I'm sure of that.

Haleh: I'm sure he still loves you.

Carol: What if he doesn't…

Haleh: I couldn't imagine it any other way - Carol, we all hate to see you worry - if you need anyone the entire staff loves you so we're here to help…(Kate coughs and cries)

Carol: (gathers herself) Let me get a doctor to sign off this antibiotic prescription. (she gets up and opens the door. Dr. Kovach walks by.)

Carol: Luka, will you sign off a prescription for antibiotics?

Luka: (comes over, takes chart) Should I see a patient?

Carol: No, it's for my Kate.

Luka: Oh (signs chart) is everything all right?

Carol: She has a little bronchitis, I think.

Luka: Call me over if you need anything else signed off - get well Kate! (he calls towards her)

Carol: Thanks, Luka.


Dr. Maluchi in Curtain 2

(a teenage girl is sitting on the girney)

Dave: What seems to be the problem?

Girl: Well, it's kinda personal.

Dave: (confidentially) I'm your doctor - trust me. It's important for me to know.

Girl: I mean…Well, I got my period last week…

Dave: And?

Girl: I still have it.

Dave: Well (a little uneasy) How…heavy…is it?

Girl: um…

Dave: Are you using…super or regular or light pads or what?

Girl: Super -

Dave: How often do you change it - every 2 hours?

Girl: Yeah.

Dave: And this has been going on for how long?

Girl: 8 days…

Dave: Ok, Yosh, can I get a hemocrit CBC, please?

Yosh: sure, comin' right up.


Carter and Abby and patient in Exam room 6

Long-haired Man: I've got this pain in my butt, doc, kinda like there's pressure.

(Abby is standing to the side, checking blood pressure)

Abby: BP 140 over 100

Carter: Any fever? Chills? Coughing?

Man: Nope.

Carter: When is the last time you had bowel movements?

Man: I don't know, I don't keep track of these things!

Carter: would you say days, weeks?

Man: Last Saturday I remember, I guess.

Carter: Have you considered Laxatives?

Man: nope -

Carter: Do you pass gas, would you say, every day, every other day?

Man: I don't know -

Carter: Alright, x-ray and acute abdominal series, and we'll return, Mr. Cunningham. (exits)

Abby: All right, ready for some tests?


Exam room where Carol and twins are in.

Carol: (checking watch) Damn, I'm on - Haleh, when are you on?

Haleh: I've got an hour.

Carol: Could you look after them for me? That would be such a huge help!

Haleh: Sure, Carol, I love them like they're mine!

Carol: You're so sweet, thanks. (exits)


Mark Greene in Locker room, talking on his cell phone

Mark: All right, I'll tell her, (slams locker shut) but I should find a good time - it's rather emotional, you know. Yeah, ok, see you then. (hangs up, puts phone in pocket)

Elizabeth: Who was that?

Mark: Oh Hi, (kisses her) It's actually remarkable who that was.

Elizabeth: Really?

Mark: It was Doug.

Elizabeth: Doug Ross?

Mark: Yep.

Elizabeth: My God! Did you tell Carol?

Mark: Not yet. She seems in over her head anyway. Jerry said one of her babies is sick and Haleh said she's bummed.

Elizabeth: I'm sure she'd appreciate the good news.

Mark: I'm busy right now, anyway. I have to tell her gently. She's probably a little angry at Doug, resentful, maybe, I don't know. I'm not up yet.

Elizabeth: Neither am I and I have to do a hemorrhage. I'll make Ramono do all the work.

Mark: You sure that's safe to trust him with the scalpel?

Elizabeth: I ask myself that everyday. (smiles, then leaves)

(Mark leaves)


(Mark, Carol, Chuny, Carter, and Peter outside running to ambulance. Girney pulls out and they all wheel bloody patient in to Trauma 1, with Carol performing CPR while on the girney)

Paramedic: Waterworks employee, was carrying glass case of water on his shoulder when it shattered, BP 80, ALOC, severe lacs.

Carter: 1,2, 3 --

(patient lifted onto girney)

Carol: Chuny, get me 4 units of O neg stat and 2 liters of normal saline…

Mark: Suction!

Carter: forceps! (debrides the area, trying to remove the glass) Damn, he's bleeding everywhere.

Mark: Ok - bag him Peter.

Carol: Heart rate dropping - 50 beats per minute…

Carter: We're losing him…

Mark: Alright - intubate (Mark carefully intubates the patient)

Carter: Paddles - Charge to 50 - clear!

(patient bounces in response to paddles)

Peter: Suction!

Carter: Charge to 60 - Clear!


Carter: 75 - Clear!

(EKG monitor detects close to normal heart rate)

Carol: Heart rate up to 60, BP 100 over 70 and rising.

Mark: (takes tube out and puts ambu-bag on) Carter, continue to debride.

Carter: k.

Mark: (exits, takes off gloves and throws them on floor)



Carter walking down hall to Mr. Cunningham, Abby catches up with him

Abby: Hey, how's your day going?

Carter: Ok, actually.

Abby: Is that Mr. Cunningham's x-ray?

Carter: Yup (laughs)

Abby: What's so funny?

Carter: You'll see…

Abby: Carter?

Carter: You'll see…

Abby: Should we order magnesium sulfate?

Carter: That's not the problem…

(Enter exam room)

Carter: Mr. Cunningham, your tests are back. Cunningham: What's wrong, doc?

Carter: Mr. Cunningham, do you like Coke?

Cunningham: well, yeah.

Carter: Are you aware, Mr. Cunningham, (holds x-ray to light) that there is a classic coca-cola bottle stuck in your anus?

Cunningham: (squints at x-ray) Well, yes. Abby: What?

Cunningham: I had to put it somewhere, didn't I?


Surgery with Ramono and Lizzie

Ramono: What this doofus really needs is a liposuction.

Corday: Robert!

Ramono: I'm sorry if I offended you Lizzie, but the operation would do more good to him than he'll ever realize.

Corday: You've got no heart Robert. (she laughs)

Ramono: (looks at Corday) You know, Lizzie, I'm wondering if you're doing anything Friday night.

Corday: Yes, I'm going to a movie with someone.

Ramono: I didn't know you were seeing someone.

Corday: How could you? For the first time in your life you didn't pry into anyone's business for a certain period of time - until now, of course.

Ramono: Don't forget to sew up that laceration.

Corday: I've got it.

Ramono: Well, is it someone in this hospital?

Corday: As a matter of fact it is.

Ramono: This ER?

Corday: If you must ask yes.

Ramono: Who?

Corday: Shut up! I'd slap you across the face if I wasn't holding a scalpel in my bloody hand.

Ramono: I can't imagine who - I need to know if it's me, because it just may be and I just don't know it.

Corday: In your dreams, Robert. Here, you finish, I'm sick of talking to you over this fat man. (laughs as she exits)


Abby and Carter walking from Exam room

Carter: Ah…I needed that.

Abby: I didn't. Guess who has to give him the rectal foreign body magnetism extraction?

Carter: Welcome to the weird world - the guy meant to stash it up there, poor, crazy old man. Anyway, I'll see you later. (they part their ways)

(Abby sighs)


Woman (in her late forties) walks up to front desk where Carol is looking through some papers

Woman: Excuse me.

Carol: Is there a problem?

Woman: (smiling lovingly) This may sound silly, but I just moved here from New Orleans and I haven't the faintest idea where a decent grocery store is. (clenching grocery store list with shaking hands, may have some sort of muscular disease)

Carol: (grins) Well, down Fork Street, you can make a right at Oak Tree, then your third left on Central, and then an immediate right on Cook County Street, then follow the shops on the right - it's there. Pretty good savings, lots of stuff. Or you can take the subway to Central, but it's longer to walk from there, and easier to lose your way, so just stroll - it's not too far.

Woman: (genuinely thankful) Thank you so much, bless you! I'll have a better day for your generosity - I hope you have a wonderful day too!

Carol: Thank you! (amused)

(Woman exits)


Dave Maluchi returning to girl

Dave: Tests are back.

Girl: What is it?

Dave: The results show that you have anemia.

Girl: What's that?

Dave: Well, it's when you have incredibly low hemocrit - your period never ends - your body just keeps releasing more blood. You may bleed to death if it isn't treated.

Girl: (looks down at her lap, then up at Dave, concerned) Why?

Dave: Genetics, mostly.

Girl: Will it happen again? I feel dizzy sometimes - I nearly collapse.

Dave: Really? Well, let's stop talking and get this dealt with. You have family we can call?

Girl: (looks off into space) Yeah…


Abby making rounds. She comes to a comatose man and checks his vitals. She pulls up his shirt and notices a scar over his abdomen.

Abby: Mark?

Mark: Yes?

Abby: Did this patient have an appendectomy?

Mark: That was my patient - no, he had brain damage. Why?

Abby: Come see this scar…

(Mark sees it)

Mark: You sure it wasn't there before?

Abby: Looks only hours old, really.

Mark: I'll go check it out.


Carol checks on her babies

Carol: Haleh, thank you! (picks up Kate and strokes Tess.)

Haleh: No problem, they're adorable.

Yosh: May I hold one?

Jerry: Stupid, it's my turn.


Carol: (smiles) Baby-sit anytime, guys. (inspects Kate) How are you feeling? (Kate coughs, bawls) Oh sweetie…Carter!

Carter: (walking by) Yes?

Carol: Could you please sign for more antibiotics for Kate? I think the last ones passed through her system. She has a bad cold or bronchitis - she's coughing up some mucus…

Carter: Sure - as long as I get to hold her. (smiles)

Carol: (brightens) Ok, but she's sick.

(places Kate in Carter's arms. Carter seems to glow a little more and becomes a little happier, as one feels when holding new life)

Carter: She's so cheerful.

Carol: thanks (beaming)

Carter: (gives Kate to Yosh, signs for antibiotics)

Kerry: All right back to work everyone. (sees twins) Are they ok?

Carol: Kate's just a little sick.

Kerry: They're cute, Carol.

Carol: Thanks.

Abby: It's my break, Carol, I'll watch them.

Carol: You delivered them, after all.

Abby: (smiles and takes Kate)

Mark: Critical Trauma coming everyone - Carol, Peter, Elizabeth, Abby - we need you now.

(Paramedics burst in with woman who had talked to Carol with the grocery list. She is still clenching the list in her hand, which trembles even though she is unconscious. This is the first thing Carol sees and her eyes grow wide for a second)

Carol: What happened?

Paramedic #2: Woman hit by bus head on. Multiple injuries - broken ribs, dislocated shoulder - ALOC, collapsed lung, possible broken neck, BP 75/10.

Carol: 20 cc O neg..

Mark: Ultrasound, Lydia…

Peter: Intubating…

Abby: Ultrasound shows blood in left lung…

Peter: Damn…

Mark: Non-responsive -

Carol: She's not going to make it to surgery, is she?

Elizabeth: Sternum saw! (pours lydacane over breastbone, saws through, opens chest)

Mark: Charge to 50…Clear! (boom!) No response, Charge to 60… Clear! No response, Charge to 80, Clear!

Peter: Internal compressions…(does so)

Mark: Charge to 90, Clear!

Elizabeth: (sighs)

Carol: Is there anything else…

Mark: One more - internal compressions, charge to 100, clear! No response…

Carol: (sadly) asystole…

Mark: Sets paddles down, glances at clock. Time of Death: 11:08. (walks away, puts garments on floor, exits, other doctors do the same, only Carol and Lydia are left. Lydia turns off the machines while Carol stares at the woman. If only she had taken the subway…)


Mark and Abby are talking to Kerry and Anspaugh

Mark: He had no symptoms of appendicitis…

Anspaugh: Where is he?

Abby: Curtain 2…

Anspaugh: We'll get back to you on this.


(Jerry answers the ringing phone.)

Jerry: Petey, it's for you.

Peter: Thanks. Hello?…Carla? Yeah, I know her. Yes, I am the father…What? When? (face lights up) Of course, yes, tomorrow, all right, where is he sleeping tonight? He's deaf, you know that right? Okay (he smiles brightly) Okay, Thanks so much, bye.

Cleo: What's that about Reese?

Peter: (extremely jovial) Carla told some adopting agency she is on the brink of depression -- Reese is mine, he's living with me!

Cleo: That's not good for Carla, is it?

Peter: I know, but she'll be able to get back on her feet at least. I think she had some bitterness for Reese, I don't know. (hugs Cleo) I'm going to be with Reese all the time. (he is so happy!)

Cleo: I'm so happy for you - you look a lot like Reese. You two are clones, I swear.

Peter: (nods) Yeah (he remembers that he never performed the DNA test to see if he was Reese's father)


(Carol has just finished sewing up the woman. She takes the shopping list and throws it away. Sadly, she shifts the woman over to fit her into the body bag, but suddenly, because of an air bubble or leftover food contents in her stomach, the dead woman vomits all over Carol's scrubs. Carol screams and bursts outside, catching her breath. Lydia walks by)

Lydia: What's wrong? What happened? (she looks at the vomit on Carol's scrubs.)

Carol: N-nothing. Lydia, could you finish in there? I'll tell you later.

Lydia: Ok…?? (exits into Trauma 2)

Carol: (breathes out)


Abby, Mark, Kerry, and Anspaugh and a mysterious resident talking in the hall

Anspaugh: We inspected the comatose man in Curtain 2 and he had no signs of a surgical procedure.

Abby: Excuse me? I saw the incision line with my own eyes?

Resident: Well, we didn't see it, so…

Mark: I saw it too - it's basic medical knowledge to see that he had an appendectomy as recently as today.

Kerry: Mark, maybe you thought you saw it…

Abby: What are you trying to pull?

Anspaugh: Ok, I'm not going to lie to you - some residents needed practice…

Abby: Practice? On a human being?

Mark: I never knew this about you, Don…How could you do such a thing?

Kerry: (shocked) I didn't think you'd have the audacity, Don, to allow this to happen.

Anspaugh: He is a comatose man and we have a shortage of doctors on hand…

Abby: We have a shortage of nurses, that's what we have…

Kerry: Abby, don't start anything…

Mark: Wait, wait - if the man comes out of his coma, he'll never know he doesn't have an appendix?

Anspaugh: That's right. If he does come out of his coma - the appendix is useless, I hope you are all aware of that…

Abby: Yes but a human being isn't a lab rat.

Mark: I still can't believe this.

Kerry: Don, he still will have a scar probably for the rest of his life - that wasn't thinking very well, was it?

Anspaugh: He may not live for very long…

Abby: You don't know that it's…

Mark: You exposed him to the dangers of surgery for no reason?

Anspaugh: What dangers does he not have in a coma?

Abby: What oath did you take?

Anspaugh: Ms. Lockhart, would you stop it?

Mark: She's right, Don. (walks away, then turns) You know, I hate to bring this up, but that schizophrenic patient of Lucy's actually had reason to worry about his internal organs, which is a frightening aspect of this ER, isn't it? (exits)

Abby: I'm glad I'm not a doctor working for you. (exits)

Kerry: (speechless) I can't very well stand for this either. (exits)


Front door - focus on feet and pan up to face - Doug Ross comes through the doors a little anxiously. He breathes out as well and walks up to the front desk to Jerry, who is one the phone.

Doug: Jerry…

Jerry: (hangs up phone, doesn't look up, is scribbling the message on a piece of paper) What is the problem sir? (looks up) Doug! You're back! (shakes his hand) How's Seattle? Football team isn't doing so well, is it?

Doug: Nope, don't like to remember that. How's the old ER?

Jerry: Same as usual. How's your…

Doug: Pediatric clinic - it's a little slow getting up. Competition's shutting down though, some problem with asbestos…Anyway, I'd like to see Carol.

Jerry: Oh yes, Congrats Dad…she's, uh, I don't know where she is…You could ask Mark…I don't know do you want me to help you?

Doug: No, I'll look around, I know you're flooded as it is. Nice talkin'!

Jerry: Have fun!

(Doug ambles around, remembering his last job. He spots Kerry talking to Anspaugh, and figures he should steer clear from them. They probably still feel bitter. He ducks into the lounge, where he finds Carter by the sink taking some Aspirin)

Doug: Hey, Carter!

Carter: (almost spits out pills) Dr. Ross! Haven't seen you for ages! How's life?

Doug: Pretty good. Kinda lonely, really, I miss this place, this crowded, sticky lounge. How are you?

Carter: Well, not my best, I would say…

Doug: Why would you say that?

Carter: It's personal, you can get Weav- I mean Carol to explain it.

Doug: Oh, ok, well, feel better whatever the problem is. Do you know where Carol is?

Carter: No, she was just cleaning up after a trauma, but I don't know.

Doug: K, don't worry about it. (exits)

(Doug moves on. He doesn't see Kerry, but she rounds a corner and runs smack into him. She is taken aback for a second, then takes off her glasses and sighs)

Kerry: Hello, Doug.

Doug: Hello, Kerry. I'm not here looking for a job, don't worry.

Kerry: Doug, let's forget about that.

Doug: I was hoping you would.

Kerry: It's good to see you again, Doug, it hasn't been the same.

Doug: Was it better?

Kerry: No - forget it will ya? It's in the past.

Doug: I was a jerk to you, Kerry, I'm so sorry. I left Carol here - she was pregnant! Then I didn't have the money to come back and -

Kerry: Let's just find Mark, come on.

(they run into Peter along the way)

Peter: Doug! Visiting?

Doug: Yeah. How's it going?

Peter: Great! How 'bout yourself?

Doug: Good - I'm home, I guess.

Peter: Well, see ya later.

Doug: You too.

(they continue)

Kerry: See, you're not such a bad guy, everyone's missing you.

Haleh: Doug! My Lord (she hugs him) We all missed you!

Chuny: Doug! (hugs him too) I'm so glad you're here - what a day…How's Seattle?

Doug: It rains but isn't as cold as here. I went to the space needle!

Chuny: Great! I had my first date in that thing.

Doug: Kind of expensive, huh?

Chuny: Yeah, rich guy. Well, how's life treatin' ya?

Doug: I missed County General and its staff. (smiles)

Chuny: Always the charmer.

Haleh: Boy, you gotta see Carol - she's so down - she needs you!

Doug: That's why I'm here.

Chuny: You got some cute baby girls, Doug - good job!

Doug: (teasing) get outta here!

(continues. Kerry stops in an Exam Room to fetch Mark. Mark appears.)

Mark: Doug - I couldn't get a hold of Carol - we have so much to talk about - about the birth of your twins, everyone's lives…

Doug: I missed a lot - we gotta catch up. I only know that names of my children, Kate and Tess… (sad)

Mark: (starts walking with him) You're here, that's what counts.

Doug: Yeah, a little late, though.

Mark: Come on, let's find Carol.

Doug: So, what happened to Carter? I'm curious…

Mark: You saw him, then?

Doug: Yeah, he said something was wrong but he couldn't tell me.

Mark: There was a sziczophrenic patient of Lucy's - Lucy Knight, remember her?

Doug: Yeah - she was the little spunky one, right?

Mark: Yeah, well, the patient stabbed her in the neck, and stabbed Carter in the back.

Doug: My God -

Mark: Lucy didn't make it - Carter's pretty down about it. That's normal of course, we all try to give him space…anyway, I'm crowding your mind now, we've got to find Carol.

(Elizabeth approaches them and embraces Doug)

Elizabeth: Doug! You're here! We missed you!

Doug: I missed you, too.

Elizabeth: Have you seen Carol?

Doug: No, but I'm dying to.

Elizabeth: She'll be so happy to see you. Mark, did you tell her?

Mark: Didn't get around to it. (kisses Lizzie) I'll see you later…

Elizabeth: All right, Good luck Doug. (smiles, walks away)

Doug: God I miss her…

Mark: Almost there.

(they are nearly there when Abby approaches Mark)

Abby: Mark, the comatose lab rat's wife is here…

Mark: Oh, great, Doug, she's behind that curtain - I'll be right back.

(Abby and Mark leave, and Doug is alone. He approaches the curtain and hears soft humming from Carol. He peeks through the curtain and watches her breast-feeding Tess, singing softly some lullabye. He is overcome with how much he actually has missed, and feels remorse for leaving Carol all alone. [Doug/Carol music] Carol finishes with Tess and buttons her shirt. Doug slips through the curtain but Carol doesn't notice - she is tending to Kate, stroking her gently. Doug carefully places him arm around her shoulder and Carol turns around to see Doug - she jumps a bit.)

Carol: Doug…

Doug: (rubs her back) Carol, I'm so sorry…

Carol: I didn't know you were coming, I -

Doug: (kisses her) I should have come earlier - I missed you every day…

Carol: (kisses back, embraces him) I need you -

Doug: I know…(glances at babies) You are a wonderful mother…

Carol: Thank you.

Doug: They're so beautiful. May I?

Carol: Yes.

Doug: (picks up Tess, who yawns) Aw, Carol…

Carol: (picking up Kate) That's Tess, and this is Kate. Kate's sick with something - I don't know what…

Doug: We'll take care of her, then.

Carol: (burps Kate, sets her down) Do you mean you're staying then? (clears her throat)

Doug: (setting down Tess, embracing Carol) Carol, I want to marry you. Carol: (crying) Doug…

Doug: Will you marry me, Carol? (takes out small box from pocket)

Carol: (takes box, doesn't even have to open it, but she is thankful, of course) Yes, forever…

(They kiss, and the curtain is pulled back by a smiling Mark to reveal the entire staff standing there, eavesdropping. They start to cheer and some weep)

Chuny: They're together again!

Doug: I'm not going to leave you or the girls ever again, we're a family now.

Carol: (laughs while she cries, she's so happy, kisses him again)

[Doug/Carol music]


Abby is massaging Carter's back at his apartment.

Carter: You have good hands…

Abby: Thanks. Years of helping mothers in the recovery room.

Carter: It's helping…

Abby: Good. You feel better, Carter?

Carter: Yeah.

Abby: I mean mentally.

Carter: Yes, every day I guess.

Abby: It wasn't your fault, you know.

Carter: I know - it's just lingering.

Abby: It will go away.

Carter: What are they going to do with the killer?

Abby: I don't know. It's such a sad story - for everyone involved. The guy's life was doomed to begin with - that disease affects more people than just him.

Carter: I noticed.

Abby: I'm going to change the bandage.

Carter: Thanks.

Abby: (takes the tape off very quickly, massages around the area gently) God, I still can't get that huge knife out of my memory. I'm never going to be used to the ER.

Carter: You saw it?

Abby: Yes. God, Carter, I wouldn't have made it.

Carter: (pauses) Thank you, Abby.

Abby: For what?

Carter: Being there - understanding - helping…

Abby: No problem, it's my job. (puts new bandage on, massages again with liniment)

Carter: Do you have to go home tonight, Abby?

Abby: No. But, I'm not ready for that, Carter.

Carter: (nods)

Abby: I just got through a divorce and you just - well, I don't know, just lost, you know, just lost a loved one…

Carter: You think it's like that? No - Lucy was just a close friend.

Abby: I know, it's, I just want to give it time. (washes her hands, Carter sits up) Soon, Carter, I do love you…(sits next to him)

Carter: (kisses Abby) OK. See you tomorrow.

Abby: (hugs him) See you. (exits)

Carter: (lies back and sighs)


Mark driving Elizabeth home

Mark: My dad's hanging on - I can't believe I'm losing him too. What am I going to do on holidays? I don't really have any family left.

Elizabeth: Oh, Mark, you can visit my family.

Mark: Thanks Elizabeth, I might. I mean, one of these days my life will make more sense.

Elizabeth: You help people every day, Mark. Half of the people who come in to the ER wouldn't live without you.

Mark: Thank you, maybe I'll discover the cure for cancer or something.

Elizabeth: It doesn't matter. (kisses him) I love you anyway.

Mark: And I you, Lizzie. (sighs) Is Ramono still giving you a hard time?

Elizabeth: Yes, as a matter of fact. He's hitting on me again.

Mark: Did you tell him you're seeing someone?

Elizabeth: Yes, and he wanted to know who. I just said that he works in the ER.

Mark: That Ramono…Elizabeth, do you want to live together?

Elizabeth: I'll think about it - which apartment, though?

Mark: Mine if you'd -

Elizabeth: (laughs) I'm kidding. We don't have to live together, but if you feel lonely…

Mark: Just an idea.

Elizabeth: Maybe.


ER - front desk

Ramono: Kerry, go home.

Kerry: (yawns) Just have a few more things to do… (walks away)

Deb: Well, I'm off.

Ramono: (notices her) Heelllo - I don't believe we've met. (thrusts his hand out)

Deb: (shakes it) I'm one of the residents here - Call my Deb. What's your name?

Ramono: I'm Chief of the ER, Robert "Rocket" Ramono.

Deb: Wow, nice to meet you.

Ramono: Are you going anywhere tomorrow night?

Deb: (glances at Dave) No, I'm not.

(Dave's attention is sparked and he glares)

Ramono: Would you like to accompany me to dinner?

Deb: Sure, what's your number?

Ramono: Here…(writes on piece of paper)

Deb: Ok, I'll call.

Ramono: Cool - have a good night. (struts away)

Dave: (nudges Deb) What the heck? He's like fifty and you're thirty-something. He's a real jerk too.

Deb: Oh well. (walks away with a smile)


Carol's apartment, Doug and Carol are tending to the babies

Carol: Doug, you've played with Kate long enough.

Doug: Come on…(teasing, hands her to Carol) Carol: They're finally wanting to sleep - let's not miss this opportunity to catch 5 minutes of sleep ourselves.

Doug: Carol, it's not fair for you to always have to get up.

Carol: I'm breast-feeding, Doug.

Doug: Don't we have any formula? Carol: (yawns) Maybe I'll get some tomorrow.

Doug: I'll get it, come on. (picks Carol up)

Carol: (laughs) I can walk!

Doug: So?

(Doug places Carol on the bed. He gets in)

Doug: Carol, may we live in Seattle?

Carol: will I find work, Doug?

Doug: work at my clinic! It's near the hospital - I know some people there, they're reasonable.

Carol: I'll miss Chicago, Doug.

Doug: I know. We can visit anytime you want.

Carol: (pauses) Ok, Doug.

Doug: Thank you, I'll make sure you get a great job.

Carol: (kisses him) Good night.

Doug: I love you.

Carol: I love you too.

[Doug/Carol music, fade out, credits]


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