The Scene in the Window

AUTHOR: Sylvia
RATING: G <Wow, I know..>
SPOILERS: Maybe S-9 or S-10
ARCHIVE: Please please email me!
DISCLAIMER: You people know the drill... These are not my characters, they are NBC, Warner Bros... yadda yadda yadda...I just borrow and return...
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Umm what can I say, I couldn't sleep so I was watching the thunder, lighting, and rain through my window. That's where this story comes from.
SUMMARY: Abby watches a scene in the window...

She starred out the window. It had been raining for days. The sky had grown dark and just stayed that way. She heard the pitter-patter of the rain on the ledge outside her apartment. It began to annoy her. She opened her eyes back up. In the dim lamplight she could still see the reflection of her apartment on the glass. Unwashed dishes, clothes scattered everywhere, the bottle on the table. The bottle she had bought last night on her way home from work. The bottle she vowed she would never touch again, just laid there. Unopened. Just like the emotions that had been circulating in her mind for days. Were we falling apart? Was this the end? Why did I have to mess everything up? All the different things she could have said and done to him. She should have been there. Like all the other times he was there for her. She felt the tears begin to fall. She hated crying. It showed her at her weakest phase. But there was nothing else she could do. She could have stopped him. Told him she loved him.

But she didn't. She let him walk away. She hadn't seen him in almost a week, and barely a conversation was exchanged. Now, three days later, he was gone. She wondered what had happened. What horrible things had she done to destroy this, the best thing in her life? Erik was one of them. He left the same day John did. She was alone. No one cared about what happened to Abby. She managed to ruin everyone else's lives. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, but didn't move from her place by the window. It felt so right. The weather suited her temperament.

She closed her eyes once more. She remembered the times they had shared earlier. The charity gala, when they popped Richard's tires. The trip to Oklahoma, where only he could pacify her. The ER during lockdown, where they had shared their first kiss. The week they had spent together, getting to know every part of each other's bodies. The thought that scared her the most was she couldn't live without him. She couldn't 'not' have him a part of her life. He was the reason she breathed. The reason she hadn't drank herself eight feet under yet. The thunder knocked her out of her world. She watched the lightening illuminate the city even more.

She heard a key turning in her door. Her heart began to jump. But somehow she couldn't bare to face him. Not tonight. But it was happening. She watched the scene unfold in the window. He walked in. A peaceful look on his face, hair wet from the rain. She saw him look at her, then quickly turn away towards the table. He walked over to the table, and picked up the bottle. She hadn't reached the point where she had decided to open it. He looked at it, and played with the plastic seal. He then reached down and picked up her pack of cigarettes. She saw him open it. Not even one was missing. It had taken all her strength to not pick up at least a cigarette, but she had done it.

As began to walk closer to her, his reflection grew darker to the point where it was barely visible. He stood near her for a few minutes. It felt as if the world had stopped, and air had quit coming into her lungs. She saw his hand reach up to her face, and wipe away the tears she hadn't realized had been falling. He began to move away from her, when she grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her. She wasn't going to let him go. Never. Finally his hands swept over her body, and held her in his arms. She began to cry. Directly in front of him. She didn't care anymore. This was Abby. She looked up into his eyes, the first time in weeks, and said the words she never thought she would have the ability to say. John, I love you... Don't leave... She felt his right hand let go of her body for a second, but immediately return. He held her like both their lives depended on it. She felt him grab her left hand, and just hold it. Seconds later, she felt a cold object being slid onto her finger. Words, two simple words, saved her life.. Never, Abby, never...

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